Why Your Dog Follows You Around The House


Is your dog a velcro dog or the dog that follows you everywhere? It may seem clingy, but this kind of behavior says a lot about your dog’s behavior. Although this feels very loving, you must understand this behavior has a purpose. As dog owners, you must understand this behavior of your four-legged family member. So here are some reasons why dogs follow their owners everywhere:

They Need Your Attention

The dog simply wants the attention of their human parents. They believe that following you everywhere would prompt you to reward them in some sort. If you knowingly or unknowingly reward them or pat them with appreciation, they would do this more often. Every dog owner would love this. However, excess of this activity can sometimes become clingy and dangerous.

They Want Companionship 

For your dog, you are his or her whole world. So you would always be their only center of affection. That is why dogs crave your attention. So whenever you are around, they don’t want to lose a single second of it. That is why they follow you in the house wherever you go because they need your companionship.

They May Be Afraid 

Dogs, just like humans, have their fear and insecurities. Some may be afraid of noise such as fireworks, thunder and lightning, and they are looking to you to feel insecure. As they see you as their parents, they come close to you to feel secure when they fear something. 


If your dog is only accompanied to being around you, he or she may feel uncomfortable around others. It can make them obsessive and cause some other issues too. So you must understand the problems and try to cure them the same. 

Must Be Bored 

If family members or the dog’s parents are working, then laying around the house all day long makes the dog bored. They only see you for a short period of time. So seeing you excites the dog as you are the only action it may get. So whenever it sees you, it always hops around you and never leaves you, even for a second.

They May Have Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the most common behavior disorders that domesticated dogs face. Around 17% of the dogs around the globe are said to be suffering from this anxiety. So the dogs who have this anxiety tend to follow their human parents or family members all around. They may even feel anxious and can panic if they don’t find you everywhere. This behavior develops in dogs with the owner whenever they leave or come to the house and make a great deal of drama about it.

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Canine cognitive dysfunction or (CCD) is a problem that mostly affects old canines. The dogs suffering from this often follow you around as they feel disorientation and sleep-wake cycle disturbances, and due to this, when they are around you, they feel comfortable.  


Having a dog is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. Dogs fill your life with so many loving memories and tales that you can relish yourself and share with others. So if your dog is following you always, think of this as a compliment. It shows the love and affection of your dog towards you and portrays that you take care of your dog wholeheartedly.