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What Fruits Should You Feed Your Dog?


Why feed your dog fruits? Fruits are very nutritious. They have many minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, and we can all benefit from having these fruits. However, when it comes to dogs, it is not the same. Certain foods can be harmful to dogs. If dogs eat the right fruits, they can have many benefits like better skin, better digestion, etc. 

Some Fruits That Dogs Can Eat


Apples are a great fruit that dogs can enjoy. Apples are sweet, and they also have vitamins A and C in them. Apples have lots of fiber too. You should be careful not to feed your dog apple seeds because apple seeds have cyanide, and these seeds can be harmful to dogs. When you wish to provide your dog apples, cut them into small pieces and remove the seeds before feeding the dog. 


Bananas are not harmful to dogs, and you can easily carry them around. Bananas have a lot of potassium, and they are perfect for us as humans and for dogs as well. Bananas are high in calories, so make sure that you do not feed your dog bananas too often. 


Blackberries are good sweet food that you can feed your dogs. Blackberries have lots of antioxidants, and an abundance of vitamins A and C. Make sure that your dog does not eat too many blueberries because they can get diarrhea because of that. Blackberries are low in calories, too, so you don’t have to worry about your dog getting fat after eating blackberries too often.


Blueberries are called a superfood by some people. This is because it has been shown to fight against cancer in some cases. Blueberries have a lot of phytonutrients and antioxidants as well. You can use blueberries to train your dog too. Every time your dog listens to you, you can feel the dog some blueberries. This can be a sweet snack that is healthy as well. 


Your dogs can eat cantaloupe melon but in moderate amounts. If your dog has diabetes, you cannot feed it cantaloupe melon because it will cause problems, and if your dog is constantly gaining weight, then this fruit is high in sugar, so it will not help cut fat from your dog. Canteloup is high in vitamins A, B, C, and this fruit can help in your digestion and make your immune system stronger. If you wish to feed your dog melon, remove all the seeds, cut the fruit into chunks, and feed them food. Keep the skin of the melon away from the dog because the skin can have a lot of bacteria. 


Cranberries are a fruit that all dogs might need to have. If you have a dog with any urinary tract problems, this fruit is good because cranberries act as a urinary disinfectant. Cranberries are acidic, and they are known for having vitamin C.


Coconut oil is a great anti-inflammatory, and it can treat skin allergies, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease. However, coconut meat can be harmful to dogs with delicate stomachs because medium-chain triglycerides might not be suitable for dogs. Coconut meat is high in calories, so if your dog is on a diet, avoid coconut.


Honeydew melon is a sweet fruit that all dogs can have unless they have diabetes. Honeydew is high in vitamins B and C, and it has potassium as well. Avoid giving this to your dog too often because it can lead to your dog getting diarrhea. Remove all the seeds, and then you can feed this fruit to your dog occasionally. 


Dogs can consume kiwi as it is healthy for them. Kiwi has fiber, potassium, and vitamin C in reasonable amounts. Kiwis also have carotenoids and flavonoids; some antioxidants have been shown to fight cancer. They also help in the repairing of cells and strengthening the immune system. Kiwis give you healthy skin, they aid in digestion, and they are delicious as well. 


Mangoes are a delicious fruit, and dogs will enjoy eating mangoes. Mangoes have potassium, minerals, vitamins, and carotenoids. You must remove the seed before you feed your dog any mangoes because the seed can interfere with your dog’s breathing as it contains cyanide. If your dog swallows the seed, then you might have to remove it surgically quickly.   


Some fruits are harmful to dogs, but you can still feed your dog fruits. You need not eradicate fruits from your dog’s diet because fruit is sweet and tasty, and your dog will enjoy the occasional fruits. Fruits are very nutritious for us, and even dogs can benefit from eating these fruits as they can get vitamins, minerals, and fiber by eating these fruits. 

You can use fruit to train your dog too. Every time your dog does something good or listens to you, you can use fruit as a treat. Be aware of those fruits that are high in calories because those fruits will make your dog put on weight. Adjust the fruits and the intervals of giving fruits to your dog.


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