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Dogs With The Strongest Bite


A dog has unmatched loyalty in its soul and skull-crushing strength between its jaws. Nature has gifted your friend with an inbuilt weapon for its survival and defense. Do you know how bite strength is measured? Which are the top ten dogs that have the most powerful bite?

How Do We Measure Bite Strength?

Bite strength is in terms of PSI or pounds per square inch. To measure this force accurately, a dog must bite the sensors with its full power. The measuring devices have edible substances tempting the dog to chew them. 

Studies indicate that dogs with large heads, big bodies, and broader jaws have more bite power. To analyze the strength, we have a few bite strengths for you to compare.

    • Human Beings – 120 to 140 PSI
    • Grey Wolf – 406 PSI
    • Lion – 650 PSI
    • Grizzly Bear – 1250 PSI
    • Nile Crocodile – 5000 PSI

This German dog, as its name suggests, hails from Leonberg. It has enormous size and power, yet this is a gentle and adorable dog to pet. Leonberger is playful, witty, and gets along comfortably with other pets. 

Even when Leonberger is docile, friendly, and gentle, never push them too much. They need love and care like all pets. This raw brute force is almost equal to the jaw force of a Grey Wolf. If you have a Leonberger, make sure to supervise children’s playtime with your canine friend.

Wolf Dog

Bite Strength 406 PSI

As the name suggests, this breed is an offspring of domestic dogs and wolves. Even though wolves are social by nature, these potential hybrids have feral qualities in them. At times due to their wild nature, handling wolf dogs can become unmanageable. 

Since these dogs have wolf characteristics, they have a pack mentality making them ideal as guard dogs in a group of the same species. They have a bite force equal to a Grey Wolf with 406 PSI.

Dogo Argentino

Bite Strength 500 PSI

This dog was bred in Argentina by shepherds and farmers specifically for hunting. It is a robust dog, strongly built, perfect as a guard dog, and a great hunter. Even when powerful, they are social and an excellent family dog to pet. As a pet parent, take care of its needs and give a little love in return.

It has a bite strength of 500 PSI, making it more potent than a Grey Wolf. Dogo Argentino has good reflexes and a robustly built body, making it one of the most admired hunting dogs.

Dogo Canario

Bite Strength 540 PSI

This dog comes from the Mastiff family and has a reputation as a war dog in ancient days. Canario dog is a native of the Canary Islands and therefore know as Dogo Canario. 

Dogo Canario is an aggressive dog not considered ideal for a family; it has strong built and powerful jaws. Canario is ideal for keeping as guard dogs since it is one of the most lethal dogs known to date. Due to their erratic behavior, they require a large area to play around for physical and mental stimulation. With a tremendous force of 540 PSI, it can easily rip open its opponent’s bones. Dogo Canario is undoubtedly a lethal companion.

English Mastiff

Bite Strength 556 PSI

English Mastiff is one of the ancient dog breeds known for more than 5000 years. They are brutal dogs’ progenies of Molossus, the ferocious ancient war dog. However, as pets, they are caring, loving, and docile enough to let your children play with them. 

Training an English Mastiff can be a real challenge since they require enormous space and patience to adjust to their mood and behavior. They also need a good diet, grooming, physical and mental exertion to keep in shape.

English Mastiff has an enormous bite strength of 556 PSI, just a little less than a Lion. Their jaws can easily crack through your bones and tear a chunk of flesh in a bite. 

Tosa Inu

Bite Strength 556 PSI

Tosa Inu is a hybrid dog of Great Dane, Mastiff, and Bulldog. This Japanese Dog is bred as a guard dog and needs social awareness if there are new faces around; they also need adequate training and socializing before inducting into a family. You must train them properly; these dogs are prone to aggression even towards their master.

Akin to Japanese tradition, these dogs are trustworthy, honest, and dignified. When they attack, they bite with a tremendous force of 556 PSI.

Dogue De Bordeaux

Bite Strength 556 PSI

This French-origin Mastiff is a homely Dog that fits well into the family. It is gentle and protective towards kids and its master. This Dog hails from Bordeaux and is therefore popularly known as French Mastiff or Mastiff of Bordeaux.

Dogue de Bordeaux has a huge built and robust body that claims to be the world’s most gigantic dog. It also has a dominant jaw packed with a force of 556 PSI.

Cane Corso

Bite Strength 700 PSI

Cane Corso is a powerful yet social Italian dog. It is known for its protective instinct towards its master and family. Be sure to get them home at a tender age and tame them to develop their social instincts. It will be advisable to control their movements when unfamiliar faces are around them.

Although these dogs are obedient and faithful, yet they require a lot of training and social grooming. With a power of 700 PSI between their jaws, they have more biting strength than a lion.


Bite Strength 730 PSI

Bandog is a mixed breed of Bulldog and Mastiff. They were bred as a watchdog to protect farms from wild animals. The instincts of this dog are protective and possessive about its master and family. 

Bandog is loyal and faithful, but it requires extensive control to socialize and develop emotional stability. 


Bite Strength 743 PSI

Our countdown winner is Kangal, a shepherd dog from Turkey; it is the most potent dog amongst the Mastiff. Farmers and shepherds primarily tame these dogs to protect their cattle from wild animals. 

With a bite force of 740 PSI, Kangal attains the most substantial bite amongst all dogs.  


As we conclude our top ten dogs countdown with the most powerful bite force globally, we have an honorable mention of these five dogs for their incredible bite force.

    • Akita Inu – 350 PSI
    • Rottweiler – 328 PSI
    • Siberian Huskie – 320 PSI
    • African Wild Dog – 317 PSI
    • Bulldog – 305 PSI