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Daily Inspirations



I do love dance music. I love Daft Punk. I mean, I was a child in the '80s, so bands like the Eurythmics and just so many great '80s bands were dance bands, but they had the whole soul thing happening, too.
~ Corin Tucker


We all present versions of ourselves. The person you are at work is not the same person you are at home. The face we present in our most intimate relationships is not the face we present to the world.
~ Val McDermid


In Israel, generally speaking, politics is much more familiar than any other place. We all know each other.
~ Ehud Barak


I'm happy because I won't have to train again, or travel or sit in team hotels.
~ Romario


My principal at RADA once told me, 'You'll know you're a professional when you don't feel like doing it but you have to do it.'
~ Jessica Raine