Daily Inspirations



I think your behavior is different when you work on digital or film. It seems that... I feel most focused if I'm working on film.
~ Juan Antonio Bayona


I want to write, direct, produce, but in steps. I want to take steps. I don't want to just jump in because I sold a lot of records and just feel like I can jump into the movie world. Naw, I want to learn the movie world like I learned the music world.
~ Snoop Dogg


Only the artists interest me whose hearts beat in unison with the poignant misery of the world. If you have not felt that, you have not lived. Pity is essential.
~ Elizabeth Bibesco


I work with nature, although in completely new terms.
~ Bridget Riley


But a science is exact to the extent that its method measures up to and is adequate to its object.
~ Gabriel Marcel