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Top 5 Indoor Pets For People That Live In Big Cities


Pets need spaces to roam around freely. They need a place to sniff, varmints to chase, but some can also adapt to living a lifestyle in urban areas. With city life comes many different challenges for both the pet and the owner. 

It would be best to choose the right breed according to the place to fit in the surroundings right away and adjust to all the hustle and bustle. We have got you some of the few and the best dog breeds perfect for city lives. Below are some of the main characteristics you should consider while buying a pet in the city area.

To remind you all, all dogs are unique, and they need proper care, individual attention, and they have different personalities and desires. 

Common Characteristics

Small Body Size

Some big and medium-sized dogs can adjust to city life well, but small-sized dogs are no less adapting to the urban lifestyle. Small dogs find their way easily in crowds, elevators, hallways, and they are also easy to carry in public transport as they take up less space. And they are easy to take care of rather than giant dogs.

Friendly Dispositions

Dogs are super friendly than other animals. Some breeds of dogs that are too cute to look at are often surrounded by people all the time. If you are more likely to pick a more friendly dog for people, choosing an amiable breed is the one for you.

Easy Trainable

If you think that your job is complete after bringing your pet home, you’re wrong because they need training. Training your dogs is essential if you live in cities. Therefore, avoid the breeds that are notorious and difficult to train. Provide your pet with good house training if you are living in an apartment. So try to avoid dogs who often are troublesome to train.

Best Breeds

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire is a little guard dog, and they are great to make you alert of break-ins, or even if anyone knocks at the door, they become alert. They are portable and can be carried anywhere, in stores and also while taking a trip. Make them exercise regularly, and you’re all good to go.


Pugs are another breed that does well in smaller apartments. They are happy to trot around. They have a small size, quiet personality, and they do not have high energy levels. They are pretty friendly, so they are fit for a city. Pugs are easily recognizable due to their adorable looks.

Shih Tzus

They are perfect dogs for city life. They have an easygoing attitude and are ideal for those who live in apartments. This breed is alert and active, and also their owners do not need to worry about long excursions.


They are larger breeds, and they are known as couch potatoes. They are high maintenance, so make sure someone in your family already knows how to train them. They would need a little help with city life, and once they get used to it, they are easygoing.

English Bulldogs

They like to sleep and therefore they are fit for city lives. They are one of the most expensive breeds to own, and they need proper care, so make sure that you are ready for all the challenges before adopting them. 


When thinking of adopting a dog, don’t think much about the breeds. If the dog has the right temperament and feels that they fit right in your family, that’s the right breed for you to adopt.


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