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Best Dogs for Home Security


Home security is equal to the safety of all the family members in a house. Do you think you are as safe as you could be? A stunning fact is that over 2.5 million home robberies or burglaries occur every year, which equals one burglary taking place every 13 seconds. Thus it is evident that you need to improve the security of your home. 

It is when you could think of getting a well-trained guard dog. Getting a good guard dog is the best way of protecting your family from unwanted people. There are specific breeds of dogs born with instincts, thus enabling them to be good guard dogs. Such dogs are protective, have a great sense of loyalty to a family, are very vigilant, and respond to training. An ideal guard dog is generally large and intimidating and fearless. But these dogs should never be aggressive. 

Stong, large dogs could cause injury or even worse. Suppose you are thinking of getting a guard dog. In that case, the article below gives you an overview of the best dog breeds that act as good companions and protectors.


Akitas are known to be one of the most loyal breeds of dogs. Initially, they were bred to guard nobility and royalty in feudal Japan. Akitas are naturally distrustful towards strangers. Akitas are vigilant and keep a good watch over their families. They need almost little or no training to be guard dogs. Although they need obedience training, you could consider giving them guard dog training to sharpen their skills. As with all dogs’ breeds, you would need to provide proper socialization. 

They grow up to 24 to 28 inches and weigh between 70 to 130 pounds. They have a curled tail, a triangular head, and a thick double coat. Red, black, and fawn are the colors they come in.

Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is most familiar in the police force and military K-9 units. They are agile and intense and have an excellent capability to search and rescue. They are very responsive to training too. They should be properly socialized so that they don’t get uneasy or aggressive in new situations. A great daily exercise is a necessity for them. 

They grow up to 22 to 26 inches in height and weigh about 40 to 80 pounds. They have a muscular body and a shorter double coat. Mahogany, fawn, and red, including a black mask, are typically the colors of their coats. 


Originally, bullmastiffs were for gamekeepers to keep poachers off their game. Bullmastiffs are naturally brave and loyal and have a stern look. They also make excellent companions since they are naturally affectionate to their family. They do need structured training, though. 

They weigh about 100 to 130 pounds and grow up to a height of 24 to 27 inches. Their physical features include a small, wrinkled face. They are available in the colors brindle with a black mask, red and fawn.

Cane Corso

Pronounced as Kay-nay Kor-so, the Cane Corso is a dog breed from Italy. Back in the day, they used to hunt, work as war dogs, and guard dogs. They are built heavily, have a large size and a deep-toned bark. Thus, they look pretty intimidating. They are born with an instinct for guarding. You must train them to obey and sharpen their natural skills. 

They weigh 80 to 120 pounds and are 23-28 inches tall with muscular and large heads. They have a coarse coat having colors of fawn, gray, black. They may have a gray or black mask and small white patches.

German Shepherd

They look similar to the Belgian Malinois. They are another dog breed that is very favored by the military and the police force. They are incredibly loyal to their families. You must train them to hone their natural skills and socialize, so they are fearless and vigilant. 

The breed is healthy and has well-defined muscles. Their height is 22 to 26 inches, measured to the shoulder, and weigh about 60 to 100 pounds. Their double coat is of medium length and coarse in texture. 

Doberman Pinscher 

Though this breed has been thought of as aggressive since ancient times, they are docile, affectionate, and funny. They are vigilant when they sense danger and quite sociable otherwise. They need only structured training to sharpen their natural skills so that they become good guard dogs. 

They measure about two feet at their shoulder and weigh between 65 to 100 pounds. This dog has a muscled body and a deep chest with a sturdy and intimidating appearance. Their short, sleek coats come in colors like blue, red, fawn, and black.


They are known for their signature dreadlocks. Though these might fool you, the Komondor is vast and robust and perfect for guarding property and livestock. They are affectionate towards their family and suspicious of strangers. They need proper socialization and structured training. 

Their height of 26 to 28 inches and a weight of over 80 pounds define them. They have a large head, a muscular body, a white corded coat, and a deep chest.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

They initially used to hunt lions and big game. They have great instincts to protect and don’t need protection training. They do need obedience training, though. 

You can identify them as having a height of almost two feet at their shoulder and a weight of 70 to 85 pounds. They have an athletic body and a ridge down their back. Their short, smooth coats come in light colors of red wheaten.


This is one of the most ancient dog breeds going back to the Roman Empire. They are energetic and very defensive but are also affectionate to their family. They should be adequately trained and socialized, or they could become too aggressive.

Giant Schnauzer

They are big and look menacing. Its bite is fierce, and its brak is intimidating. These dogs are very energetic, so they need daily exercise. They remain very alert when they sense danger. They have a very thick coat, and their build is sturdy.


As you may already know, domesticated dogs are to protect and guard their owners against animals and unwanted people since ancient times. Though almost all dogs protect the home against strangers, some dogs are born with instincts to ward off intruders of many kinds. Fearless dogs are the best candidates for being guard dogs, but they must not be overly aggressive. You must train them correctly to guard, protect, and be good companions for your family.


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