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Top 6 Best Dog Life Jackets


Walking along the shore, sailing, and kayaking are activities we enjoy with our family, but what about our four-legged friends? Anyone who has pet dogs understands that dogs are generally enthusiastic swimmers and are usually fine around water, but this is not always the case. They eventually get worn out. If you’re out on a boat with your pet dog for the first time and your dog falls overboard or jumps off, it could take a while before rescue arrives, and if they’re too late, tragedy could take place unless you have proper safety gear.

The best life jacket for your dog does not have to be for emergencies or be far too costly. Even if you go for activities such as kayaking, with a life vest, your dog would be able to swim along with you.

Ruffwear Float Coat Canine Life Vest

Ruffwear float boats are available in six different sizes. So regardless of the breed of your pet dog, they would be able to fit in a Ruffwear Float Coat. Each life vest offers a plentiful 5 to 6-inch space for adjustment range. So, if you buy one for your pup, you would not have to buy a bigger size a few weeks after.

This vest is a perfect piece of gear with an innovative design. There is no chance of your dog wriggling its way out of it as it is a one-piece suit.

In contrast to cheap life jackets that are generally available for dogs, the quality construction and the stitching allow this life vest to last for years, explaining why its resale value is high.

In addition, there are no dangling buckles or straps that may dangerously snap. Instead of a belt or hook, a simple collar is permanently attached, which you can adjust.

The straps that you use to adjust the collar tuck away neatly into an attached pocket. The life vest is able to provide massive support without being bulky itself due to high-quality foam. The high-quality foam also lets your dog swim in a natural position, which helps minimize fatigue. 

Additional detail touches include a sturdy handle on the backside, and it is useful if you wish to haul your dog onto a boat, hold him, or let him pull your kayak. This life vest is available in variant colors of blue, orange, and red.

All color variants feature a reflective trim, which allows them to be easily visible in any kind of condition. Even the light blue color is easily visible, unlike other blue tones used in other life jackets. This life vest is perfect for your four-legged friend.

EzyDog Doggy Floatation Device (DFD)

The EzyDog life vest falls between Paws Aboard and Float Coat life vests in terms of both features and price. It is a well-designed one-piece that features an external adjustment harness. It uses quality material, making it comfortable for your dog. Its tough shells are Cordura and neoprene for adjustment straps. It is available in 5 size variants that cover a girth range between 19 – 48 inches. It isn’t recommended for little pups, but you would be able to find a size fit perfect for your friend. 

It is easily one of the best life vests available for dogs. Like the float coat, it features hi-vis reflective detailing and a sturdy back grab handle.

In contrast to cheaper alternatives available in the market, you will quickly realize that it contains more floatation material, which allows your pet to be in the water for a longer time without getting worn out. It is available in color variants of red and bright yellow, as well as camo green for hunting dogs.

Paws Aboard Neoprene Dog Life Jacket

At first glance, this life vest may look somewhat boxy, but that is far from the truth. Its foam panels are both flexible and soft, and it features a mid-range one-piece design.  

The belly and collar straps firmly fasten to both buckles and velcro for easy adjustment and security. A grab strap is also available on the back of the vest.

This life vest is particularly suited for dogs with larger chests. Suppose your dog is of a powerful breed, such as a bulldog or boxer. In that case, this life vest allows them to move around freely without restricting their movements while simultaneously being comfortable for them to move around in.

It is available in 8 color variants as well as six sizes. The color variants feature reflective trim, making it easier for you to find your dog if they get out of your sight when they are in the water. 

Vivaglory Sports Ripstop Dog Life Vest

This sport style life vest for dogs is available in three different size variants. It features an innovative design that includes fully adjustable comfort straps that are easy to connect around the chest, stomach, and neck to ensure that it fits perfectly on your dog.

 The company has explicitly designed it in a way that keeps your dog in a swimming posture without restricting their natural movements.

 In addition to that, this life vest is available in different varieties of fun, bright colors along with reflective trim, which provides superb visibility both outside and inside of the water while being fashionable simultaneously.

It is an extremely durable life vest that utilizes 600D oxford clothes, so you would not have to fret about your dog tearing the vest when they roam around.

You will also appreciate the superior buoyancy that this life vest provides as it makes sure that your pet dog remains afloat even in rough waters. The design also includes a sturdy rescue handle, which is excellent when you have to lift them out of a boat or pull them out of water.

The life vest is comfortable and roomy around the neck to accommodate a wide variety of activities such as boating, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, hunting, and paddleboarding.

Dog owners would find this life vest perfect for their dog as it is both adjustable and secure. It will be ideal to choose one size up if your dog is close to the maximum for one size to ensure a comfortable and pleasant fit.

Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket

Compared to many other alternatives, this life vest is a cheaper option but is almost just as safe, which is also why this is one of the bestselling dog life vests.

Although it isn’t a premium life vest such as Paws Aboard, it does come with a few extra straps. It can fit dogs of any size from the smallest Yorkie to a 90-pound labrador as it is available in five different size variants. It is perfectly suited for puppies and small dogs.

It is a high-quality product that features a great under chin front float that aids in keeping their head above water in rough conditions.

If premium life vests such as EzyDog and Ruffwear are out of your budget range, or if you have a small dog or pup, this life vest is a perfect choice for you.

Kurgo Surf N’ Turf Dog Life Jacket

This life jacket by Kurgo Surf is a multipurpose life jacket, and when you are not using it as a life jacket, you can convert it into a raincoat by removing the floatation liner. 

Its two transverse handles provide easy and quick extraction or control in the water, while its metal D-rings provide a firm leash connection.

It is available in red color with reflective trim so that you don’t have to worry about losing your dog with this jacket on them. The life vest lacks floating material in the belly area, so your dog has an easy time staying upright even if they are tired in a current.

It is available in five different size variations, the maximum girth is 45 inches, and the minimum girth is 14 inches. Kurgo provides a chart to find the perfect size for your four-legged companion quickly.

Kurgo also provides a lifetime warranty on their jackets, provided you bought them from an authorized retailer. Thanks to their versatility and comfortable fit, you would be able to enjoy outings with your four-legged friend.


Measuring your dog’s correct size for a life jacket is extremely simple, although sometimes it is easier said than done. Few manufacturers recommend measuring the neck, girth, and length, but if you stick to measuring your dog’s girth/chest, the measurements will turn out fine, almost perfect every time. Now you can take your dog to the water with peace of mind knowing that they will swim with ease and will be safe at all times.