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Does Your Dog Like You?


Many people want to have pets simply because a pet can be someone you love and spoil and who loves you back unconditionally. However, there are many things that a dog does if he doesn’t like you. Some signs are much more apparent than others, while others are much more subtle. There may be dogs who have previous owners who abused them or kept them tied and locked for very long. Such dogs may take a lot of time to get used to you and be comfortable around you. So you should give them their time and space, and they will get better.

If They Refuse To Accept Treats From You

There might be a proper explanation for this. Your dog may be sick or just not hungry. But if your dog accepts food from other members of your family but refuses to accept anything from you, it might be because he is not very fond of you.  Dogs love when people give them food and treats, so if they do not accept anything from you, it might be a sign he doesn’t like you.

If Their Fur Is Standing Up

Usually, the fur on dogs stands up when they feel threatened, scared, uncomfortable, or angry. You might be able to see this in some dogs when they fight with other dogs. If they look like they may be about to pounce on you, then you should stay away for a while.

If They Bite Or They Growl At You

This is a more obvious way to tell if a dog doesn’t like you. Suppose he or she makes a low growling sound and shows their teeth. They may try to bite you aggressively. When they are young, some dogs may playfully bite you, but this is not very serious. When a dog is aggressive and bites you, they mean to cause harm, and you should be careful. However, this may be a rare situation.

If Your Dog Avoids Eye Contact And Ignores You

Many dogs might not want to fight you, so they will simply choose to ignore you. They may not listen to you when you call them, or they may simply walk away into another room. Even if you come close to it, the dog might walk away. 

The Dog’s Body May Stiffen When They See You

If the dog is scared or feels threatened, you may be able to see it in their body language as body language is a great way to know how someone is feeling. They may tense up when you get close to them, and they might stare at you. 

Your Dog May Be Close To Another Family Member

Your dog might play with all your family members, but as soon as you come, he may stiffen up or walk away. This is a sign he is not comfortable around you. 

Your Dog Hides When They See You

Your dog might be scared of you, and he might run away and hide under the bed or in a corner where he feels safe. 

He Barks At You Too Much

Not all barking is bad. Sometimes he may just want some food or water. He might want to play or go out of the house, so he might want to make you aware by barking. If your dog barks at you for no apparent reason and he does not seem happy, then it is likely that he does not like you very much.

How Can You Make Your Dog Like You?

Things might seem hard right now, but you can always do things to make your dog feel better and safer. After all, dogs love humans a lot too. If you give them a little time and space, they may get close to you with time. You should also understand that it will take him time to adjust if you just got a new dog. He might not respond to your calls or do what you tell him because he does not know. He will get better with a little time, and he will understand everything that you tell him. So you do not need to be alarmed if you have a new dog that is not very fond of you because that can change. 

You should avoid making sudden movements near the dog if he is already not fond of you. It would help if you focused on building a good relationship with your pet. Feed him, wash him, take him for a walk, spend some time playing with him—dogs like these kinds of things.


Do not be disheartened if your dog doesn’t like you. Just like people, even they take time to get used to others, and they might not trust you quickly. Just give your dog some time and be kind to your pet, and he or she will surely reciprocate your love. Just focus on building trust with your pet, and soon things will get better. Just like you, your pets might not instantly click with everyone, and it may take some time for them to get used to you. So take your time and try to win over its heart because your dog will love you unconditionally when you do. 


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