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8 Dogs That Are Perfect For First Time Pet Owners


A first-time dog owner makes it very exciting, but it can be a very confusing stage. Many types of dog breeds are available in the market. It is tough to choose which is best for you. They make a great family companion being quite playful but also love to cuddle. If you are an athlete and want your dog to run with you, choose an athletic dog. Firstly think about the ideal dog age. There is so much responsibility regarding the dog. Similarly, the dog has an essential need like humans. But some dogs need extra care than others. 


The boxer is related to the Bullion Beisser, which people used for hunting wild boar and stocking. Boxers originated from Germany and come in different types of coloring, including brindle, white, and fawn. White boxers are prone to be born deaf and have many skin issues. The median lifespan for a boxer is ten years. A boxer weighs from 50lbs to 70lbs and as tall as 53 cm to 63 cm. They are energetic, crazy, and faithful. 

Mixed Breed Dogs 

Don’t forget about the mixed-breed dogs. They also make a good companion. If you adopt these dogs, you help to reduce overpopulation in shelters. If you are confused about which breed is suitable for you, go to the rescue group and meet with all of the adorable mutts. The workers will help you in finding the best one according to your personality. They also need proper training, exercise, and grooming. 

Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds. They are the most cool-headed dogs out of the various dog breeds worldwide. They have a high pain tolerance and a super keen sense of smell. They love swimming in the river and retrieving things.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises looks like a bouncy cotton ball. This dog makes a great companion all around. These dogs are easy to train and adapt to any lifestyle quickly, but be sure to commit the regular groomer visits. There is a need to trim their curly coat and brush them regularly.

Labrador Retriever

It is one of the most appreciated and beloved breeds in the world. Labs are very devoted and become your lovely family dog. This breed is agile and elegant. Without exercise and inspiration, labs are bored. Its learning power is extreme, and they are eager to please and like to spend time with the family. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s appearance is like a puppy. Their appearance is small, but they are not tiny. They have a gentle demeanor, their energy level is moderate, and they need regular exercise to maintain health. Their grooming is essential; they need regular brushing to circumvent tangles in the hair. 

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier is a perfect dog for people who want a little lap dog, but you need to take care of their grooming needs. You need to trim their hair and brush them regularly. It has a medium energy level, and daily walks  are essential for their health. There is a need to take care of little dogs properly; otherwise, they can be stubborn and vocal. Yorkshire terriers will be your buddy for your whole life. 


This breed is available in three sizes: toy, miniature, or standard. It is a viral, talented dog breed and learns things very quickly. They need proper care to sustain their curly, continuously growing coat. It is a very energetic dog, but they need proper exercise and mental stimulation. They make amazing companions as they are very caring, loving, and easily trained.


Getting a dog is a huge responsibility, so it is important that you purchase a dog that fits your lifestyle and needs. As you read above, these are the top 8 recommended dog breeds for first-time owners. Before committing to a dog, make sure you have the proper time to care for it, exercise it, train it, and give it lots of love. 


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