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Safest Car Crates For Your Dogs


Dog’s love traveling on the open road as much as humans do. While we humans always remember to wear seatbelts before leaving our driveways, dogs don’t have a say in this matter.  

Many dog parents let dogs roam freely in their car, which can be a deadly mistake. Even those owners who use a dog crate for carriers designed for the vehicle will likely be disappointed to discover that most products are not crash-proof and won’t protect your dog in a dangerous situation.  

In this article, we will be covering the best dog crate for car travel. Go through to the details below on what makes a great safe and how certain products were tested as best of their breed. This article also covers essential information about harnesses. Harnesses are considered to be a better option for larger dogs.  

Why Does A Dog Need To Be Secured In The Car? 

Whether you consider using a dog crate or some other type of canine restraint while traveling in a car, your dog needs to be safe and secure while you are driving. Even if it might be fun to have your dog or puppy copilot, but the destruction caused by your dog can be very deadly and fatal for you both. It is not worth the risk. Many dog parents let their dog roam freely in the car, but it can be very unsafe for both pet and owner. In a harmful situation or accident, your dog can become projectile, bumping to the windshield, and will injure themselves, you, and other passengers. Unrestrained dogs are often the reason for distracted driving. Stephen King, a renowned author, got into a fatal car accident while the driver got distracted because of a misbehaving dog.  

This article will highlight the safest carriers and crates that have passed the CPS crate and carrier crashworthiness study. 

Sleepypod Carriers

The Sleepypod Mobile Bed for Pets is one of the safest, secure, and highly affordable pooch car crates that provide protection and security for your dog in situations of harmful accidents and events. It can fit a dog weighing 15lbs and is available smaller for dogs weighing 7lbs and less. This carrier is made out of durable, challenging, and with-grade luggage material. Many pet parents have reported some terrible experiences of getting into accidents, fortunately even when the car is entirely totaled. Still, their pooch walked out of the accident safe because of the security and protection granted by the Sleepypod carrier. Listed below are some of the essential details of this product: Easy mobility, a comfortable pet bed, and a car seat harness lets you travel anywhere safely with your dog. Made out of luggage material, great nylon on the outside, and ultra plush polyester on the inside. Contoured to contain dogs up to 15 pounds. No assembly is required.  

Gunner Kennel

Gunner Kennel is one of the kennels that have passed the safety and protection test for bigger dogs. It is a highly durable kennel that keeps your dog safe even on the roughest road. This Gunner intermediate kennel can fit a pup weighing up to 75 pounds, and Gunner Large can fit dogs weighing 110 pounds.  

Gunner Kennel is tough stuff as it is reported to withstand the force up to 4000 lbs easily. In a test conducted by Gunner Kennel, they shot it with 12-gauge shotguns, and surprisingly not a bullet went through.  The crate is made of double-walled extra-strong rotomolded plastic, with strength-rated rubber grip feet, dual locking feature, and connection straps. This kernel provides structural integrity, car security, and safety for larger dogs. The only drawback of this product is that they are pretty and attractive. The double-walled walls and doors do not provide any athletic appeal, but they guarantee safety.  

Pet Forma Ego Frame

Pet Forma Ego Frame is a durable carrier, elegant dog carrier highly suitable for small dogs and puppies. This product can fit small size dogs weighing 17lbs and large size dogs weighing 22lbs.  

The Pet Forma Ego Frame Carrier is reliable and excellent, but what makes this carrier stand out is its Latch ISOFIX Connection, which perfectly snaps into a stable position just like a child seat belt. In the CPS crash test, testers were highly impressed by the latch feature. In their test, we found out that this latch connection can provide more robust and great security than other carriers. Listed below are some of the essential features of this product: 

Stylish and versatile airline approved dog carriers 

The Ego Forma Frame system can transform a carrier into a reliable product. 

Claw-proof mesh doors and windows 

It can be attached to car seats with inbuilt straps. 

Gen7Commuter Carrier

The Gen7Commuter dog car Carrier, which Geb7Pets make, passed the CPS test in 2018, with a 5-star score. This carrier was given and tested with a dog’s weighing up to 20 pounds. It can fit a dog weighing 20 pounds.  This product was manufactured to utilize the cars’ existing and beneficial seatbelt mechanism and heavy-duty latch feature to keep the crate in a stable position in any harmful events or accidents. It is made out of industrial-grade stitching and ballistic nylon; it is built to hold and last its form to prevent harm.  

This Gen7Commuter product was also approved by the airline, making this a product that can efficiently perform double duty. It can also be folded flat, which makes it easy to carry and store. It is available in one size and two different colors: burgundy and black. 

Which is the best carrier for car rides? 

The above-listed dog car crates and carriers are the products that have passed the CPS car crash test and study, which makes them an excellent choice.  

If we have to select one, it would be Sleepypod Mobile Bed Pet. The Sleepypod carrier is widely recognized as a highly durable, comfortable, and stylish dog carrier for car travel and other similar activities. They are also an excellent choice for comfortable and secure car travel and adventure. Apart from that, they are highly affordable, considering the safety and quality your dog will receive.  

The only drawback of this product is that it cannot carry large dog breeds. For more giant dog breeds, Gunner Kennel Carriers are highly recommended.  

How do you measure your dog for a carrier and crate? 

Your dog crate or carrier must be big enough for your dog to stand and lie in it comfortably. You should start measuring from the dog’s neck till the end of his tail. Later, add a few inches to the measurement, and that’s the length of your ideal crate.  

For height, you should start measuring from your dog’s shoulder to the floor. If you plan on buying a soft-sided crate, you should add 3 inches in the derived measurement. But for the hard-side crate, make sure to add 5 inches.  


Crates and Carriers are the best things you can buy for your dog’s safety. Investing your money in a carrier and crate designed to withstand harmful car accidents is something every dog parent should consider. This is especially essential for those individuals who frequently plan a road trip with their dog. In this article, we have recommended the best crates and carrier brands to buy.