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Puppy Training 101


As it is always said, animals are man’s best friends as they can understand you better than any of your friends; trust me and talking about friendship, how can we not talk about dogs. Dogs are the most preferred of all pets to be kept at home, and the most loved of all, they are the easiest to be trained. However, full-fledged dogs may create a little trouble. Still, suppose you are planning to bring or have already brought a cute furry friend home. In that case, you need to remember you are going to have to begin on a blank slate which means you are in for a lot of work and responsibility as you have to teach your new buddy a lot of things, and if you want to mold them into an acclaimed well trained well-mannered dog. The first thing you need to understand is that neither dogs nor puppies are easy; they require a lot of work. 


Training specialists and experts suggest that the new dog owners should do extensive research before choosing which dog to buy. Please don’t listen to people or decide by the physical appearance as you need to be truthful and strict to yourself and choose according to your lifestyle. Get a dog that will work with your personal lifestyle because a lack of exercise in dogs used to exercise can lead to behavioral issues. Owning a dog is a commitment and demands a lot of time and transition for both humans and animals.  But don’t worry, don’t get hassled, give both of you some time and then decide.


When people get a puppy and are neophyte owners, they jump to the intense training process. Still, you need to realize that like you, even that puppy needs time to adjust to the surroundings and you as well. Start by working on an exciting routine for you both for the coming months and other things to keep in mind for developing a strong bond. Spend a lot of time playing with them and interacting with them to grow your bond.


The next step with your fur friend is socializing. Some specialists emphasize socializing more than obedience training because it can be dangerous for the dogs if not done properly. Up until about 16 weeks, your four-pawed friend develops its personality, so it needs to meet new people, new experiences, and other dogs, and don’t forget to reward them on their achievements. You can look for puppy kindergarten or puppy socialization classes, which allow the puppy to meet new dogs and new people, obviously under specialist supervision, to form the character and them into a good dog in the future.

Potty Training 

Another very big necessity is how to potty train the dog so that there are no accidents. It is the fundamental wish of dog owners to train their dogs about this in the first place successfully. To do this, you need to regulate his or her routine, take him out for the potty breaks, and then increase the in-between time gradually though it will take a maximum of 5 to 6 months to train your dog effectively. A Doggie Lawn is something you can use, it is a protected natural green grass patch that allows the dogs to go potty inside on their own if you have to leave them alone for a longer duration, and this can come in a lot of handy for you to secure your fur friend.

Make Training Fun 

The experts suggest making training fun by creating a boundary and a routine at first and not offering them the whole house. Prepare a cozy place for them in the kitchen or living room. You need to also keep in mind that they too need their share of fresh air and exercise, so do take them out twice a day, once before leaving in the morning and one in the evening on your return. Your pet also needs to understand that every positive habit will earn it a treat, so on every positive characteristic of his, pet him, give him love and treats.


The specialists suggest a wait of at least 15 weeks before pushing your fur friend into the circle of obedience and leash training. Make sure you are quite bonded with your friend and initially work with them at home for a while. If you are playing with your puppy and they bite you, you can make an “ow” sound and take your hands away to teach them that biting is not okay. Soon, they will realize their mistake, and slowly, this habit of biting would dwindle off with time.


Though training your puppy is quite flustering and a time-consuming job, you will also enjoy the process and even realize that these furry friends are much better than humans to have as friends in life.


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