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Reasons To Consider Pet Insurance


Many pet owners struggle with the decision to purchase pet insurance. When your pet is relatively healthy and young, you may not have to worry about expensive veterinary sessions. A single visit to your wait for a daily checkup can be quite costly and then put the burden on your pocket. 

Why You Should Consider Pet Insurance

Annual and routine veterinary care costs are usually between $200 to $400. On average, every dog owner visits vet clinics about 1.5 times every year. Many veterinarians have suggested that every pet owner bring in their pet for a checkup at least twice a year.  

Pet insurance does not work in the same manner as human insurance. Some wellness options do cover the expense of routine care. Pet insurance works similarly to car insurance – it helps pay for unexpected veterinary costs, operations and surgeries, dangerous emergency care, and expensive treatment. If any such situation arises, the insurance will make payment after you have cleared all the veterinary costs.  

The estimated cost of unexpected vet visits is usually between $800 and $1400.  

However, some procedures, surgeries, and treatments may cost about $1000. According to specific research, one in three pets require emergency vet care each year.  

Average Veterinary Costs For A Dog 

Dogs are always considered a member of the family, but keeping a dog is not cheap. The average cost of maintaining essential pet wellness can reach up to $1500 a year. Your dog will require nutrition, food, a collar and leash, grooming, and toys. Apart from all these expenses, one-time payment on puppy training can add another thousand dollars. Unfortunately for owners, these expenses do not include any unanticipated costs.  

Due to their genetic makeup, breed, and age, some dogs can suffer from various health conditions. Small dogs can suffer from knee and breathing problems, whereas large dogs may be prone to arthritis and hip dysplasia. These conditions are treatable, but they can distract your pet’s quality-of-life if not addressed on time.  

Even if the cost of treatment listed below may be affordable, other injuries and illnesses can cost $1000 and more to treat. Some many injuries and diseases are highly uncommon, but it is safe to assume your dog will require some significant operation or treatment during its lifetime. Those expenses would be quite tricky for most people, as most American citizens cannot pay $1000 at a given moment. With a pet insurance plan, you can quickly pay a fraction of what is required.  

Reasons For Getting Pet Insurance 

As mentioned above, emergency veterinary care can be quite expensive. If you don’t think you can paint thousands of dollars, you should get pet insurance.  

Apart from saving money, there are also many reasons to get pet insurance that you might not be completely aware of. 

The Lifespan Of Dogs Is Increasing

You must have likely seen many reports stating that owning a dog can make you live longer. According to the American Heart Association, dog parents are 24% less likely to die from any significant causes. But it is not just the dog parent who is living longer, but dogs are also experiencing longer lifespans than usual. Dogs’ life span has also increased because of the healthcare and nutritious diet provided to them. Nutrition-rich and prescription dog foods make sure that canines are supplied with all the essential nutrients that a body requires to live long and grow.  

The longer the lifespan, the more the veterinary sessions. Older dogs are more likely to suffer from significant injury illness. When a dog reaches eight years, the dog is considered a senior. Senior dogs require more care and veterinary sessions, and pet insurance can quickly help you uncover all these expenses without breaking your bank account.  

Pet Insurance Can Cover Prescriptions

Although pet insurance is considered ideal for unexpected and emergency expenses, it also helps cover the routine cost, such as wellness care and the prescribed medicine. Prescription medication for pets is comparatively less expensive than humans, but the expense can quickly add up if your pet requires daily medication. Medication coverage can quickly reimburse the pet parent with the cost of that medication.  

Most of the insurance plans do not provide wellness coverage unless it is included as an add-on. However, it will be worth the investment if you are taking your dog for regular checkups. Regular checkups are essential for every senior dog or those suffering from chronic illness and require regular medical attention.  

Provides Peace Of Mind

While wondering whether to get pet insurance or not, one must measure it in terms of money. After all, the only purpose of pet insurance is to provide pet care at affordable prices. There are also various added benefits, such as providing peace of mind to pet parents. Even during the ordinary veterinary session, you can feel less worried knowing that your pet insurance will cover all the expenses. Even your veterinarian, I will feel comfortable as there will be no problematic conversations regarding money.  

Pet Insurance Guarantee Your Pet’s Access To Emergency Medical Care

If something worse happens and your dog requires life-saving medical care, you wouldn’t be worried about the cost. Also, you don’t have to worry about impossible decisions such as whether you should euthanize your dog because you are concerned about the treatment cost. With pet insurance, no such struggles or scenarios can affect you. You can quickly pay the price of your pet’s medical care, and later you will be reimbursed for a fixed percentage.  

Common Canine Illnesses And Injuries Covered By Pet Insurance

Most pet insurance plans are known as illness/accident plans, which means that they cover injuries caused by accidents such as broken bones and other common illnesses. One can also choose an accident-only plan, which only covers the treatment cost and exam fee of injuries.  

Some pet owners do not realize that various illness/accident plans will also cover congenital and hereditary conditions while getting pet insurance. Some dog breeds, significantly larger dogs, are prone to suffer from diabetes and dysplasia. If a pet is suffering from a congenital illness from birth, you can buy pet insurance to cover such conditions. 

It would help if you kept in mind that no pet insurance covers any pre-existing health conditions. That’s why it is necessary to purchase one when your pet is young and healthy. By this, if any such situations arise, they will be covered by the insurance company.  

Listed below are some of the illnesses covered by pet insurance plans: 

  • Cataracts 
  • Cancer 
  • Chronic conditions 
  • Deciduous enamel, cysts, teeth, and other unerupted issues  
  • Diabetes 
  • Dental cleanings 
  • Infections 
  • Heart disease 
  • Upper respiratory infection 
  • Thyroid disease 
  • Periodontal disease 
  • Nervous system issues 
  • Liver disease 
  • Knee disease 

Make sure to check what is not covered and what is before signing any legal insurance plan. 


Most pet parents treat a pet as a family member. We let them sleep in our beds, include them in weddings, and even celebrate their birthdays. Pets have always been an irreplaceable and valuable member of every family. When your pet is relatively healthy and young, you may not have to worry about expensive veterinary sessions. A single visit to your wait for a daily checkup can be quite costly and then put the burden on your pocket


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