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Top Five Online Dog Training Services


Whether you’re excited about teaching your puppy or dog some tricks or want to try out some of the fantastic dog sports that are not available or practiced in your area, numerous online dog training services can help you out. There are plenty of fantastic dog training services out on the internet, from training a puppy to teaching a dog to stay or sit. Let’s surf through some of the best and trusted online dog training videos and trainers. 

Dr. Dunbar’s Dog Training and Behaviors

Dr. Ian Dunbar is a qualified veterinarian with a Ph.D. in veterinary surgery. Apart from this, Dr. Dunbar is a behaviorist who is a founder of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Although many trainers out there are more qualified and educated than him, his understanding and control with dogs and puppies have gained him the title of father of modern dog training.   

If you are interested in learning more about his work, buy a subscription package for $20 monthly. This subscription will provide you with: 

  • Dozens of informative online videos, webinars, and seminars related to dog training, and he also highlights essential behaviors for dealing with your puppy or dog during aggression and kid’s training.  
  • Four eBooks containing information on dog training 
  • Live online seminar and webinar 
  • Training logs and worksheets to record progress
  • Access to a Facebook group where only subscribed members can connect  
  • Personal email writing advice from one of the team’s experienced trainers  

How Cast With JoAnne Basinger

 JoAnne Basinger has completed her graduation at Dog Trainer Jean Donaldson’s Academy, one of the most prestigious dog training schools. Along with Dr. Dunbar, she is also an experienced member of the Association for Professional Dog Trainers, and she is also an experienced and certificated marine mammal trainer and behaviorist. She is a very skilled and educated woman.  

Now talking about her training video and materials, JoAnne makes videos that are short and on-point. She makes it very easy for viewers to adopt her methods as it shows the different options and methods for every skill in a short timeframe.  


There are no recorded professional credentials of Emily Larlham; just like many other trainers, her videos are very informative and useful. Her video will help you build a great and trusting relationship with your dog by adopting science-backed training methods.   

Emily Larlham (Kikopup) makes videos that demonstrate proper and easy training with various dog breeds. She has done an excellent job by training multiple dogs simultaneously, which is rare to find elsewhere. Her tricks and ideas for training are truly top-notch.  

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution 

While there are no recorded education credentials for Zak George, he is definitely on the same page as another professional dog trainer with a different methodology.  

 Zak George’s dog training videos are made for YouTube purposes; the videos are cropped into small tidbits, making them easy to understand and follow. As a trainer, he is very charismatic and cheerful, and all his training videos are developed and made in positive reinforcement. He has gained massive popularity by creating videos that promote positive training.  

Training Positive With Tab Shamsi 

Like Zak George and Emily Larlham, Tab Shamsi hasn’t provided any recorded professional affiliations, education degrees, or dog training certificates. But that cannot change the fact that his skills and training methods are excellent. He bases his training on the modern science of learning theory. 

Training Positive is the most earnest and down-to-earth method adopted by both Zak George and Tab Shamsi. His videos are effortless to understand and feel less frantic. His training style and skills are incredible.  

The Pros and Cons of Online Dog Training Videos

Online dog training has proven to be very beneficial for dog parents who are willing to brush their dogs’ basic manners and obedience by reinforcing training methods. However, online training has its limitations, and it is not as beneficial as in-person training. Listed below are the pros and cons of online dog training: 


  • Free or lower-cost 
  • On-demand format 
  • Location independent 
  • Access to the best of the best  


  • No feedback or reviews on your skills 
  • Difficulty in asking questions or problems 
  • Not well suited for all the learning types 
  • It might be algorithm-focused rather Than education-focused 


There is absolutely no shortage of informative and useful online dog training services and courses. These services and courses are very beneficial as they cover a wide range of topics and are taught by professional trainers. So, if you plan to try an online dog training service and course, give it a shot.