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Tips For Taking A Trip With Your Dog

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Have you ever set your heart on wanting to go on a trip with your pet on a family vacation? It is more fun than one can imagine. You want your dog to have a positive experience. Before you plan anything like a road trip, one would want to consider certain factors like mentioned below: 

Take A Mini Trip First

If this is the first time you have planned a trip with your dog to some exotic place, before planning the actual trip, you might want to consider taking a short trip with your dog before planning a trip that may extend for days and weeks. This mini-trip will be helpful for you to understand your dog’s needs. This will help you know how your dog will react to the trip, and also, you will be able to get away with your dog. 

Safety First!

Are you planning a solo road trip with your dog? Keeping your dog loose while driving can be dangerous as it is distracting and may lead to any mishap. To avoid such things from happening, you might want to purchase a dog carrier as it will help restrain your dog in the back seat. Keep in mind the carrier bag you are purchasing is too big enough so that your dog can stand, turn around, and be comfortable. One can also think of buying a car hammock as it prevents your dog from sliding. 

Bring A First Aid Kit

Trouble is unpredictable, but you can surely avoid it. You never know you will be facing a crisis. It’s always better to be ready. Carrying a pet first aid kit can save you from many unwanted circumstances. One can include scissors, saline eye solution, and adhesive tape. One can also add hydrogen peroxide solution. This will be beneficial if you need to make your dog vomit. You can keep antibiotic ointment along with some anti-nausea drugs and antihistamines if your dog gets motion sickness. 

Bring Medical Records

You might want to stay away from all sorts of trouble. It is always advisable to carry your dog’s medical reports, as they will be helpful in case of an emergency. It’s not always necessary to have the hard copy along; you can keep a soft copy of the reports on your phone. The medical record should contain certain essential information, including a list of vaccinations given to your dog.

Bring Your Dog’s Favorite Toys

You don’t want your dog to get bored during the trip while you’re enjoying the journey. It will be beneficial if you carry some of your dog’s toys which could help him keep busy and have fun. 

Plan For Potty Breaks

Dogs often pee every four to six hours. This might change due to road trips as your dog might become dehydrated easily and drink more and more water. Effective planning will be when you keep frequent potty breaks for your pet. It will be helpful for both you and your pet. 

Plan Fun Activities With Your Pet

A perfect trip with your pet is incomplete if you didn’t plan any fun activities for your dog. One could locate any nearby dog park or dog beaches where your dog could play and can enjoy. If you’re planning a cross-country trip, you could look for dog-friendly places. One can also look for national parks and sanctuaries which are dog friendly. 

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Make sure the hotel you book to stay in is pet-friendly before booking as it’s very important. It is your responsibility to follow the rules and regulations of the hotel. Keep your dog as quiet as possible. Keep your dog attended, don’t leave the dog. Seek help from management whenever you need it. Clear the mess before leaving the place. 

Flying With Your Dog

If you’re flying, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian ahead of time. You must present health certification to the airline no later than ten days before leaving. Certificates of rabies and vaccinations are also required. Keep in mind that each airline has its unique set of rules and services. You must make reservations for your dog while making your reservations. The number of animals that can go on each aircraft is limited. On a first-come, first-served basis, they are accepted.


These are a few essential tips you need to keep in your mind while planning your perfect getaway with your dog. These tips will help you, and your dog have a positive experience together. 


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