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Most Popular Dog Breed In America And Why?


In the United States, almost 40% of homes have pet dogs. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, it’s as accurate as anything- Americans love dogs! However, the question is which of the popular dog breeds? 

While someone may call a bull terrier the best, another claims none more trustworthy than Border Collie. Yet, as per the AKC or American Kennel Associations, some breeds have all dog owners’ hearts. This article is a one-stop for the most popular dog breeds in 2021 USA. So, let’s dive in and find you a best friend! 

Overall Popularity: Labrador Retriever

The United States citizens have ranked Labrador retriever as the best dog breed. The reason is straightforward. A lab is always up to spend some time with its owners. Whether playing a fetch game or swimming in a pool, these dogs are your go-to. But do you love hiking or just cuddling on a couch? No worries, a labrador is always ready!

This dog breed was initially bred in Canada as working dogs. They stayed alongside fishers. But these days, labs are well-known as companions and family dogs. Regardless of who you are- a stranger, kid, or another pet- a labrador retriever will love you. 

Apartment Pet: French Bulldog

A bulldog walking down a street makes everyone smile. Its big bat ears on muscular little bodies make French bulldogs too cute. Not just do they look appealing, but it’s one of the most popular dog breeds. These Frenchies are welcoming and quickly befriend people and other pets. Parisian elite classes preferred a French bulldog in the 1800s. 

To this day, city dwellers are fond of them. Perks of being their dog owners? Bulldogs seldom bark, and their small size fit precisely on the couch. The best part, they don’t even demand too much exercise. 

Security Squad: German Shepherds

Also known as military and police dogs, German Shepherds are well-employed. They are brave, loyal, and genius. For years, their ancestors have looked after flocks of sheep in the United States. Now, it is their time to take the plunge and protect humans. German shepherds were bred initially to keep an eye on the cattle. But they are also good with playing, especially in the company of kids. 

The best part is this popular dog breed has a patient attitude and calm demeanor. So, apart from working dogs, they make an excellent, well-socialized family pet. It’s just that they need a lot of exercises.

A-Class Family Dog: Golden Retriever

In the United States, people have loved this dog breed. Golden retrievers were originally bred in Scotland by hunters. Can you imagine your pet’s ancestors being duck hunters? Well, it’s true. 

Golden retrievers are people pleasers, share an optimistic attitude, and are easy to train. Compatriotsinitially, especially, are fond of them. You can keep retrievers as family pets. They will play fetch but love water sports. So, try to fetch in your swimming pool. If you seek an all-around pal, golden retrievers are born for you!

Brilliant Couch Potatoes: Bulldogs

If you think bulldogs are intimidating, be ready for a sloppy kiss. This popular dog breed doesn’t believe in snarls. You must have heard of bulldogs in association with World War I and Winston Churchill. 

Dog owners looking for a super chill pet can go for bulldogs. They love to lounge and don’t ruffle easily. These pets prefer shorter jaunts to longer walks. So, it’s for you to decide which popular dog breed is ideal. 

Low-Allergen Pets: Poodles

The resume of poodles is long. It is among the popular dog breeds that have been truffle sniffers, duck hunters, companions of French, and performers. Poodles are well-known for their poof-ball hairstyles. Here’s the background. Since these were originally bred for hunting, staying warm was more straightforward for them in the lakes. 

Interesting facts- Poodles are among the most miniature dog breeds, sharp, and easy to train. Their hair does not shed like other breeds. So, dog owners need not worry about allergies. Poodles come in standard, toy, and miniature sizes. So, you can pick your family pets. 

Best Hunting Dog: German Shorthaired Pointer 

Fondly known as GPS, German Shorthaired pointers are fantastic for outdoorsy folks. It is your furry friend who lives for adventure. From going for a run to swimming to hunting, they are always energized. If you are an active household, German Shorthaired pointers can become family pets. On top of that, this breed enjoys dog owners who love spending time with nature.

Popular Big Dog Breed: Rottweiler

The Roman empire originally bred these popular dogs. Rottweilers are slow to get friendly with strangers, but they are family pets. These working dogs have been protectors and herders for a long time. However, in the end, rottweilers always enjoy cuddles.

Because of their strength and size, experienced dog owners can choose them. You must have the patience and time to socialize and continuously train these dogs. If you want your pups to be healthy and happy, activities are essential. 

Best Small Dog: Daschund

This popular dog breed is everyone’s slight favorite. Yet, Daschunds are full of energy and spunk. If you’re planning to make their family pets, be sure the accommodation doesn’t have many stairs. These are usually independent dogs. 

But don’t leave your pet Daschund alone for a long time. Their barks are loud and are quite frank in being vocal. So, dog owners for this breed must be patient and carry a great sense of humor to match their pets.

Which Is The Most Famous Dog Breed In America And Why?

For some popular dog breeds and reasons why they can be your family pets, take a look. 

Great Dane

This breed originated in Germany, even though the name seems more like Denmark. The Great Dane is of an extra-large size. So, it’s fondly called a “gentle giant.”

But, never let their grand name and most enormous canines scare you. Great Danes are loving family pets. These dogs have friendly attitudes and big hearts. It was initially bred to hunt animals like wild boars and hunt bears. But, today, they are working dogs or guards for the nobility. 

Great Danes are fierce protectors. But, at the same time, they are loving companion dogs too. The aristocratic lifestyle suits them. In 1887, the American Kennel Club recognized them among the popular dog breeds. And today, a Great Dane is the 15th most fantastic dog in the United States. 

German Shepherd

Among the popular dog breeds in the United States is the German Shepherd. There isn’t a single dog lover out there who hasn’t heard of this breed! The story dates back to the nineteenth century when these dogs were bred in Germany as sheep protectors. 

In 1907, The German Shepherd first saw the light of day in America. It became the sixtieth recognized breed by the American kennel club. Today, the friendly nature, intelligence, and patience of the German Shepherd are loved by active dog owners. 

Boston Terriers

Popularly known as the American Gentleman, Boston Terriers make good family pets. There is a friendly glow in its round eyes, short-tailed, and compact dog. As per the American Kennel Club, their rhythmic steps make terriers an excellent pet. 

Boston is portable, sturdy, and people-oriented. This pet breed will also accompany you for a brisk walk. Best of all, dog owners will have a comic pet to entertain throughout! 

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

This dog breed is athletic, strong, and was initially bred as a herder. So, Pembrokes can make good companion dogs. Not to mention, these are the most popular herding dog breeds in the United States. They have muscular thighs and short legs. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is sensitive, agile, but bright dogs that turn into fantastic family pets. Not only do they respond gladly to training, but these dogs are also independent and fearless. So, dog owners who can provide their pets togetherness and activity may go for Pembrokes.

Cocker Spaniel

Are you seeking a beloved dog companion? Cocker Spaniel is your breed. It is labor-intensive to groom and carries a beautiful appearance. 

Cockers are bird dogs at heart and very amenable. Also, their cheerful disposition makes Cocker Spaniel a perfect family pet. As per the American Kennel Club (AKC), this popular dog breed has a balanced body and is ever-ready for brisk walks. Like many others, spaniels too were initially bred for hunting.

Australian Shepherd

The cowboy’s herd dog or the Australian Shepherd has a penetrating, keen gaze. It is a working dog breed whose coats look different. In most ways, these are agile and rugged but can be great family pets. 

They have a constant urge to herd dogs, kids, and birds. For sedentary dog owners, an Australian Shepherd can be hard to handle. However, this breed is brilliant and can con a novice owner. So, is anyone up for a tireless, brainy, trainable workout partner? Your search ends here. 


As impressive as pet dog breeds can be, picking your loyal friend is an important decision. You may even consider bringing home mixed breeds. But, the severe part is ensuring you have the energy and resources to keep it healthy and joyful. 

While family pets add to your lives, all they expect back is your attention. Ask yourself if you’re willing to care enough. If it’s a yes, go ahead! Choose a labrador retriever or a cocker spaniel. It’s all the same as every dog is unique.