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First Aid Kits Must Haves For Your Dog


Safety is a priority for everyone. We all carry first aid kits when traveling outside, so why not carry one for your dog. A first aid kit is vital for your pet, as it would help you deal with almost everything, be it a broken bone or a splinter. Although well-prepared kits are available out in the market, it is wise to have one customized for your dog, considering its needs and requirements. It is a good idea to keep in mind your dog’s breed, lifestyle, and health while making its first aid kit. Consulting your vet or any other animal service while preparing the kit is advisable.

Tweezers And Scissors

If you and your furry friend enjoy a lot of outdoor sessions, then tweezers and scissors are your best friend. Tweezers can help you remove unwanted materials from wounds, and scissors can be beneficial when you need to cut any item trapped in your dog’s fur.

Ice/Hot Packs

We all use ice/hot packs to reduce pain. It serves as a great therapy for any painful injury. These packs also help your dog to reduce its pain in case of acute injury or sore skin. A tip to keep in mind is to ensure that you keep a cloth in between the pack and skin. If your dog suffers from swelling or inflammation, the ice pack can prove to be beneficial. The hot pack helps in the case of arthritis.

Contact Info

Emergency contacts like your vet, a nearby animal service center, animal poison control, etc., should always be kept handy, and the first aid box is a nice place to store them carefully. Do keep these contacts saved on your mobile phone, too.


What to do if your dog suffers from a broken bone or ligament? A splint is your savior. It would minimize its movement and keep it comfortable until you get medical attention.

Gauze (Or Vet Wrap)

We all use gauze as a bandage. You can also use it as a bandage for your dog. Since it is water-resistant, it stops bleeding. You can also use it as padding for splints. Do not make bandages so tight that it suffocates them.

Antibiotic Ointment

Just like antibiotic ointment is used to clean your wounds, it would help treat and sterilize your dog’s wounds. It can help you treat minor wounds, dry skin, rashes, and even allergies. Keep in mind that you do not let your dog lick the ointment.


Don’t forget to put a muzzle in your dog’s kit. Even if your furry friend is the best-disciplined dog, it can become irritated and aggressive in injury or pain. So a breathable nylon muzzle is an excellent option to keep your pet from biting and be friendlier.


Making a separate and customized first aid kit for your pet is a sign of your compassionate care towards them. Keeping these essential items with you would help you keep them safe and prevent any infection in case of any injury or emergency. A regular veterinarian checkup is also necessary. 


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