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Best DNA Kits On The Market


At-home DNA tests are a fantastic way to discover your favorite dog’s origin and get detailed information about their inherited diseases. It can be the best way to know more about your little friend.

Top 5 DNA Test Kits For Your Furry Friends

Embark Dog DNA Test

Cornell University, in cooperation with veterinarians, developed the Embark test. It can detect breeds that compose approximately 5% of your dog’s DNA breed mix. It provides the most accurate test and ranked top in the category of Dog DNA Test kit.

It also screens over 200 genetic diseases, including MDR1 drug sensitivity.


    • Tests for more than 350 breeds and 190 genetic diseases.
    • It provides an estimation of the genetic age 
    • Packaging is excellent 
    • Provides comprehensive raw data
    • Includes postage
    • One account can work for many kits.


    • It is expensive 
    • Results are a bit complicated 

DNA My Dog Canine Breed Identification Test Kit

If you are not ready to investigate big bucks, this kit fits your choice. An uncomplicated cheek swab DNA test lets you sneak into the unique genetic background of your pet to inform you about their breed, exercise level, and personality traits. DNA My Dog test requires only a few minutes. Then, the samples go to the labs and are processed through DNA My Dog’s database of certified dog breeds. You will receive a custom dog certificate with a photo of your dog mentioning its unique DNA composition.


    • It is inexpensive
    • Frame worthy certificate
    • Postage is included 
    • For managing canine wellness, extra life plan service is included in the kit


    • Database of breeds is less
    • No family tree view of the database 
    • Packaging is cheap

Wisdom Panel Premium

World-leading veterinarians and geneticists developed this DNA test kit. As a result, the Wisdom Panel Premium is the most comprehensive dog DNA test on the market. With more than 210 tests for an adult- mobility problems, notable eating behaviors, and other health conditions help you plan your dog’s needs at every stage of his life.


    • Identify genetics risks related to vision, weight, mobility, and many more diseases with 250 plus tests
    • You can consult with notable veterinarians 
    • It provides the most accurate breed detection
    • Tests for more than 350 breeds as compared to any other DogDNA services.
    • Provides with multi-generational family tree
    • More than 35 trait tests to understand eye color, ideal weight range, etc.


    • You cannot share data easily.

Orivet Dog DNA Test

Orivet offers a wide range of genetic services to veterinarians and breeders, including screening coat colors, traits, genetic disease, parentage confirmation, and much more. This dog DNA test also predicts adult sizes of dogs that are less than a year old. In addition, it supplies a customized dietary plan for your little puppy.


    • Accurate results
    • Easy to use
    • Query responses are quick 
    • Health risks are classified based on likelihood and impact


    • Expensive
    • You need to order two separate tests to get a health and breed report

Wisdom Panel Essential

As the premium version, Wisdom Panel Essential also looks for more than 35 traits, 350 plus breeds, and genetic diseases. However, premiums have comprehensive data covered about your pet while essential provides 200 plus genetic conditions. Therefore if your budget is limited and you are only keen on your pup breed makeup, this kit is worth buying. 


    • Provides a database of more than 350 breeds and varieties, including those found outside of the USA 
    • It identifies more than 35 traits 
    • The family tree is included


    • Sharing data with others is difficult
    • Does not includes genetic diversity 
    • It only uses 100,000 genetic markers

The Procedure Of Doing A Dog DNA Test

It is a simple and easy procedure. With the help of a home Dog DNA Test Kit, take out a saliva swab from your dog’s mouth, place the swab in the container provided with the kit and mail it back in an envelope. You will receive your dog’s DNA results within a few weeks.

Benefits of DNA Test:

    • It helps you devise a better health plan for your four-legged friend 
    • Knowing the mix in the breed tell you about the breeds genetic health concerns
    • To know how big your puppy might become
    • To anticipate the average lifespan of your beloved dog
    • Understanding and preventing common health problems of the breeds you own.

Pet Insurance Can Help You Cover Health Insurance

Suppose your pet is disposed to some health condition and not diagnosed yet. You may prefer health insurance for your dog to help you financially at the time if the dog gets ill. This way, you can reduce your budget and, at the same time, get good treatment for your dog. However, insurance has to be done before diagnosing. Otherwise, it will be regarded as a pre-existing disease.


Dog DNA Tests play a crucial role in determining your best friend’s health condition and breed composition. These tests can reveal whether your dog is at risk of developing a specific gene-specific disease or disorder. It not only helps you calm your fears but also provides you with a healthy plan for your dog. Check out the kits mentioned above for your furry friend and get to know more secrets about them.


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