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Crowd Pleasing Tricks To Teach Your Dog

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Training your dog tricks might be complex and challenging at times, but consider how amazed your friends and relatives will be! All you need is a package of their favorite treats if you want your dog to be the most intelligent dog on the street. Stay tuned as we walk you through a selection of the most simple and amazing tricks you can teach your canine companion. 

Shaking Hands

To perform this trick, get down on your pet’s level, sit in front of it with a treat in your palm. Hold your fist near to your dog’s mouth with the reward inside. Sit with the goodie in front of your pet and wait for it to scratch your hand. Give your dog the treat and encourage them as soon as this occurs. Repeat this process until your dog paws at your palm for the reward on a regular basis. Remember to praise and treat your dog with a goodie at all times. They’ll soon be respectfully shaking everybody’s hand!

Ring The Bell

You might not hear your dog whine when it wants to go outside during the commotion of a party. However, you will listen to a bell. Training your dog to sound right when they want to go outside is not only practical but will also wow your visitors. To draw attention to the ring, use a teaching rod. Reward your dog when they touch it. If your intelligent dog boops the doorbell on its own, continue the reward procedure. 


For some dogs, rolling over is simple, while for others, it is nearly difficult. If your dog frequently rolls over or rests on its back, it may be able to get this done very quickly. Get your bag of treats ready and get your pet to lie down. It’s often easier to encourage them to sit and afterward lay on the floor from that posture. Massage the puppy’s hip area a few times until they roll it in. Take the reward and circle that around their face exactly they would make if they were to flip once they’re on their hip truly. 

Backward Walk

It’s hilarious to see a dog move slowly, and it’s even funnier knowing it’s a relatively simple trick to learn them! Slowly approach your dog while standing facing him. They’ll keep heading backward on their own, so reward them right away. By approaching your dog, you’ll soon only need to type the word “Back!” and hand signals, and your pet will magically run backward at any moment! They’ll expect a surprise every time they walk backward once you’ve done it on enough occasions.


It would be best if you taught your dog to sit first. Progressively lift a treat in your palm up even higher, causing your dog to rise onto their back legs slowly. Keep the food steady for a few seconds to ensure your puppy’s equilibrium. Your dog will then begin jumping around to maintain its equilibrium. Play loud music and take your dog’s hand for the sweetest dance you’ve ever seen! This technique is so entertaining that your pet will be ready for prom in no order!


Begin by instructing your pet to sit. Place a little piece of tape directly above your dog’s eyeball. Give your dog a treat as it lifts its paw to try to eliminate the tape. 


Dogs are better learners than we humans think or give them credit for! Grab some of its favorite treats, a trainer may be, and regular practice of all the tricks. Also, you might need more of these throughout the process, i.e., love, persistence, and patience. You are all set to teach your fur-baby the tricks and impress your friends with the coolest and smartest dog.