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The Best Ways To Keep Your Dog Fit Year Round


Your furry friend looks up to you every time. They love you immensely, so you have to make sure they live a happy and lovable life. As pet owners, you need to make sure that you set a proper routine for yourself and your furry friend to keep them engaged and physically fit to be happier to spend time with you. There is no greater joy than working outdoors. 

Yes, there might be changes in seasons that affect your pet’s lifestyle. So it would be best if you had to make a way out of it to keep your pets healthy. As you know, in the winter season, we become lazy and tend to pack pounds, and so for our pets, it is critical to stay active during winters. However, there is the opposite side in summers, but due to heat, you get drenched in sweat and burn your skin due to heat. It is the same with your pets. They, too, get irritated and tired soon playing in the sun. 

Do not worry, as, despite the weather changes, you can still keep your dog fit and healthy. There are some outdoor games available which you can modify on your own and still keep the blood moving in your four-legged animal. 

Stay Motivated And Safe

Making small goals are much easier to achieve than making the ones that take time to complete, and you don’t know when laziness will overcome you. However, even dogs with great endurance can’t move after a few miles. Moreover, the more you’re outdoors, you need to carry many things, such as water bottles, bowls. So keeping it short is sweet. There are many exercises like sprinting with your pet or interval exercises that will keep the heart rate up, and these are better than those exercises that will keep you out for longer. These exercises can be done irrespective of the weather. Whether it is cold or hot, it needs some minutes to keep going.

Give Your Dog A Balanced And Nutritious Diet

Your pets should be given diets that closely mimic their natural eating habits. There are dog foods made up of high protein, essential amino acids, fatty acids, and active enzymes to provide the necessary nutrients and many other health benefits. It would be best to have a proper diet after a good training session, so your pet. So make sure to give him adequate dog food after the physical activity.

Keep Breeds In Mind

As a dog owner, you need to keep which breed of dog you prefer. Greyhound? Boxer? Dachshunds etc. this is important because certain dog breeds are built for certain activities. For instance, if you have a dog whose breed has a smushed nose and short legs, you should not engage him in intense workouts. However, if your dogs are runners or shepherds, then such dogs have quite a lot of energy levels, and you need to plan certain energy-gaining activities so that they drench their energy in a good way.

Staying Hydrated

You may think that when it is winter, you may think that less water is required, but it is not true as you and your pet need to have time to time water breaks. Moreover, when you incorporate cardio with intensive activities, you can even sweat in snow. Don’t wait for you and your pet to be thirsty. Drink plenty of water as it is an absolute must for any physical activity. 

Physical Activities

 Some physical activities which you can play with your furry friends are-

  • Fetch-

Make your pet run after something, and it can be a small toy, a frisbee, or a ball. While your dog runs behind to get that thing, you can include new activities like burpees, lunges, jumping jacks so that you are keeping fit and your dog.

  • Bike Ride-

If you own a dog breed that can stay calm on a leash, then don’t you think it should be taken for a ride? Keep your furry friend behind or in front of the bike, and you both can enjoy sightseeing, nature, and sweat at the same time.

  • Obstacle Courses-

This is a blasting activity as it leaves you focusing on your fitness and your dogs to get trained. You can incorporate several obstacles and let your dog chase you while you can even concentrate on your running or your activity. This is fun to do as it engages both.

  • Chase Sprints-

Run! See how fast you and your pet can go. Go to the park or a place where dogs can keep up, and challenge yourself and at the same time engage your pet with you to run after you or with you. You can have fun along with the run at the same time. And you’ll both be out of breath soon. Which indeed is a good and healthy sign. 


Keep yourself, and your furry friend engaged in healthy and fitness activities and let mother nature take control over you. Embrace every opportunity you get with your pet. To have fun and enjoy fun activities in every changing season rather than letting it go as an excuse. 

Happy lives to you and your best friend!