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10 New Dog Accessories Of 2020


Bringing home a dog means an addition to your existing family and your responsibilities. Being the owner, you will be responsible for the dog’s actions, behavior, and health. That is why you pay so much attention to every single thing that may concern your dog because you know it’s your responsibility that your dog’s basic requirements are met.

If you’re bringing home your furry friend for the first time, you may experience a big jumble of emotions. You’re more likely to face a combination of these two emotions – Excitement of having a new family member and worry whether it’ll be able to mix up with the family. That is why we have come with some solutions to help you. For a modern dog owner like you, these gadgets will help make your dog’s life easier and strengthen his bond with him.

An Appropriate Sized Dog Collar or Harness

The first thing you’ll want for your dog is a fancy collar or harness where you can attach the leash. While shopping for the same, you select the appropriate size for your dog as he is going to wear it 24/7. Some dogs have sensitive necks like small sized dogs, and the collar may cause choking or thyroid issues. For such dogs, a harness is more appropriate. You can choose between a front or back clipping harness.

A Baby Gate to Restrict a Few Rooms

Whether you don’t want your dogs to go to the kitchen or laundry room or upstairs, you can use a baby gate to restrict such places. You can buy a gate according to the size of your door and the height of your dog. Some brands offer a little pass through at the edge in case you have a  cat or a little pup that may wanna get in.

You can choose your gate based on the design, material, or size of your dog. For instance, freestanding pet gates are best for small breed dogs or pups but aren’t suitable for giant dogs. If you’re willing to lock the stairs, don’t go for a pressure-mounted gate as it is not suitable and could be easily pushed by your dog. 

Interactive Ball Thrower for Endless Games

Your dog may love to fetch the ball very much, and you may end up with a strain in your muscles. To save you from this, we recommend you Interactive Ball Thrower. This ball launcher works on a rechargeable battery and helps your dog to play as long as it wants. You can put the ball in the thrower, and it launches at a predetermined distance for say 10 or 20 feet. If you want to train your dog, you can teach him to bring back the ball and put it in the thrower on his own.

Dog Bed to Let Your Pup Sleep Properly

Dogs simply love snuggling on the couch right next to their owner. But not all owners like their couch or bed to be covered with dog hair. If you want your dog to have a comfy sleep, it’s best to give him a couch of his own. You can choose between many sizes and designs. The cushion is removable and washable, so you can clean it regularly.

Special Doggy Water Bottles For Keeping Your Pup Hydrated

If you go out on hot days with your pup, you know how important it is to carry enough water for you both. If you don’t like sharing your bottle, this product is for you. These special doggy water bottles and bowl in one is very portable and easy to use. You can just squeeze the water, and your dog can drink it with the bowl. When your dog is done, you can release the bottle, and water gets back in the bottle, so no wastage at all.

Pet GPS Tracker For More Safety

It’s really hard to believe, but someone is indeed looking for their missing dog or pet every day in the US. What’s worse is the longer it takes to find them, the fewer chances remain to get them healthy and safe. We know it is a difficult topic to address, but as responsible pet parents, it’s our duty to consider every aspect and take measures to prevent any odds. You can get a Pet GPS tracker that helps to keep track of your dog. You can even set a perimeter for your pet and get a notification if your dog travels outside the selected zone. We advise you to get a tracker with long battery life and water-resistant features. 

Nail Grooming and Grinding Tool For Better Care

If you search online, you can see many rotating dog nails grooming tools. You can buy one that’s powerful and safe to use. We recommend to you the Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool that is lightweight and powerful. It comes with a pre-installed 60 grit sanding drum and two-speed setting, and battery life of 3 hours when charged fully. You can get this product at a very affordable price. Make sure you don’t compromise with the quality as it may harm your pooch.

A Snuffle Mat For Dogs Always in a Hurry

If you’re concerned about your dog not chewing his food properly and inhaling it directly, we have got your back. We recommend you to buy a snuffle mat. Many households are familiar with this concept, but it isn’t prevalent as it deserves to be. The concept behind this snuffle mat is keeping your dog busy. You can just lay the mat and load it with goodies or a regular diet for your dog. It’s a fun activity for your dog as it requires him to use his nose, which almost every dog loves. The dog spots his food and eats it. As we said earlier, if your dog is inhaling food, it’s a good way to stop him as he has to slow down the intake to search for more food.

A Flea and Tick Collar

You can buy flea and tick medications in many forms but the best to use gadget is a flea and tick collar. Fleas and Tick collars are for dogs at risk of getting fleas and ticks. It’s important to note that these collars are for prevention purposes and not for curing your dog. If your dog is infected, you can try other medicines, and once the dog is cured, you can make him wear this collar to prevent such things in the future.

Flea and Tick collars have two functions – some collars emit a gas that kills pests. In this type, a pest gets killed after he bites the dog. Some collars have medication that seeps into the fat layer and kills any pest or flea before they can bite once it comes in contact with the dog.

A good Ear Treatment for Ear Infections

There comes a time in every dog’s life when his/her ears get smelly, dirty, and itchy. These are common symptoms of any possible ear infection. According to the studies, around 20 percent of the dogs have some ear infections, and owners come to know about it very late.

If your dog is showing any of these symptoms, this should raise a red flag :

  • They are scratching any of their ears.
  • Bad odor from the ear.
  • It is crusting on the skin of any ear.
  • Dark discharge, etc.

If you feel the symptoms are indicating any severe disease, you should consult your veterinarian doctor. But if you realize the problem in the starting stage, you can use any over the counter pet ear treatment that helps to cure yeast, fungal, and bacterial infections in dogs.

The Bottom Line

For keeping your dog happy, healthy, and safe, you don’t have to go for a glamourous purchase, just a few necessary items, and your pooch will thank you like nothing else. We know how important your little furry friend is to you, and that’s why we came with these ideas. These modern gadgets bring ease to your dog’s life and strengthen your bond with your dog.

For the items mentioned in our list, you’ll find many options; some will cost less and some more. We recommend you to take your time to learn and select the one fitting your dog. We tried to cover the most necessary products, but many you can search and find online such as Paw cleaners, Car seat protector, Shammy towel, Paw balms, etc.


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