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DIY: Grooming Your Pet

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Dog Grooming For Beginners 

Where can you take your imagination levels and discover the craziest thing that you can do with your dog? Many of you might be lying on the very edge of the bed just because your puppy can enjoy stretching out and be comfortable. There might be others who will let their pet eat off even their plate as they can’t say ‘No’ to him. Some are waking up early in the morning every day to prepare a hot delicious breakfast for your pal.

Then you, my mate, are a dog owner who is excessively devoted and that is great! Spoiling your domestic animals! Even when you know that they try to fake the bathroom break just to get the reward, feed them treats! There is one thing that you don’t necessarily have to do with your beloved pet is to spend about $30 to $100 every four to six weeks on grooming. You can easily learn the way of grooming your pooch at home instead of spending copious quantities of cash on a grooming service. You will surely save hundreds of dollars within a year. 

Some tips to be followed

If you have a prize-winning poodle show that is adored for its lovely, poofy fur, this might not be the trick that will save your money. But if your dog is an ordinary one which only wants to be able to see through its bangs these tips and tricks will keep him looking new and clean at home and save you money in the process. And do not worry: your first few tries at cutting your dog’s hair will be a little unsightly but every time you try, you will keep on getting better. Initially, there is no need to try something too fancy. To keep your dog’s coat safe, take these measures while keeping your wallet healthy too!


Before you do anything else, you need to thoroughly wash the hair of your dog. Brush off any loose dirt and extra hairs, and then attempt to clear any matted spots. If you find that you are unable to comb through the tangles, just grab a pair of scissors and snip them out. You should also brush your dog between fur trimmings and baths.


Every dog owner has a bathing routine already down. Before every haircut, just be sure to scrub your dog down thoroughly and gently while not forget to wash behind the ears.

Buy Dog Clippers

Now it is time for you to do something or the other regarding that extra fluff that is weighing your dog down even after it is clean and all dry. There can be no perfect investment than a nice pair of clippers for your dog There is no need to spend $45 after every few weeks for the groomers to get your dog’s fur clipped, pay just half of the price only once for a pack of clippers and learn how to make use of them.

Learn to Trim Hairs

You do not have to worry about being a specialist when you are into home grooming. All the professional groomers need to know how to cut and trim hundreds of different kinds and lengths of fur. But you have to learn only one type or maybe 2, 3 but not more than 4 or 5. For a number of varying dog breeds, you can find advanced grooming instructions on the world wide web. All you have to do is just take a few minutes to research for the right strategy depending on your dog. As you get the right technique, with a little practice and time, you will keep on getting better at it.

Trim Nails

Again, a one-time investment that is going to definitely pay off, in the long run, will be the right tool for the nail trims, particularly if you own a small dog whose nails tend to grow very long without the ability to naturally wear down. Nail trimmers will get this whole work of cutting your dog’s nails finished under $15.

Do Not Forget Ears and Eyes

While you are grooming your dog, it is not uncommon to forget about the ears and eyes of your dog, but it is vital that you pay due attention to these areas! Clean your dog’s ears and eyes without any discomfort, securely, and with the help of devices that you already have.

Brushing the Teeth

Although you should clean your dog’s teeth every day, every time you go through their grooming routine, make sure that you at least brush them. Pick up a doggie toothbrush and then make sure to get a poultry flavored toothpaste which is specially made for dogs. Your dog might end up with an upset stomach if you use toothpaste made for humans.


Grooming your dog on your own at home is an amazingly perfect chance for you to establish strong trust in your pet and also ensure that you are mindful of any kind of behavioral differences or health changes, in addition to being beneficial for your budget. And with this, you have saved hundreds of dollars in a year on grooming charges with an initial investment of just $50 to purchase the supplies. Note that not every penny is worth your dog, you just wish to take advantage of savings wherever we can!

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