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DIY: Building a Custom Doggy Door

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If you love your dog, you’ll want to provide your dog with all the comforts needed, but sometimes there is a lack of the proper guide that can enable us to do so. You would probably be thinking of constructing a custom DIY doggie door for your pet. You know the truth is, “creating a doggie door is much easier than you think.” Here are some of the creative dog door ideas that you can easily apply for your dogs.

1. Measuring the Dog Door’s Area

Taking the measurement must need your dog to settle in it perfectly. To ensure that you make the perfect fit for your dog door, you should start by taking your dog’s measurement. You need first to measure the underside area of your dog’s chest. Please leave more space than the actual size to ensure your dog’s convenience. Then start measuring your dog’s length from its head to the legs and again add more room for more ease and comfort. You can mark your measurements on the door using a ruler.

2. Make the Hole 

This is the task that will make the framing for your dog house. What all you need to do it is a pair of sawhorses and a power drill. Start by making the holes at the edges of your markings on the door off its hinges. Then start making a clear-cutting along the markings made using a power drill. It would help if you got yourself very much careful while you are working with a power drill as you can’t afford imperfect cuttings that are not coinciding with the markings,

3. Trim the Opening 

Avoid all the injuries to your dogs and avoid all the scratches. It would help if you trimmed the opening of the door. For this task, a silicone-based adhesive can be used, as it will correctly do the job. It would be best if you cut nicely along the edges, and for more perfection, you can once consult your home improvement for improvements and more suggestions.

4. Build the Flap 

When all of the above steps have been done, you need to install a flap. You can buy this flap or can make it at home easily also. All you need is a rubber mat and an aluminum strip or an auto floor for this task. You first need to cut the aluminum strip keeping the measurement of the door in mind, and then you have to cut the mat so that it can be fitted into the hole. Keep the aluminum on the top of the carpet and drill holes that will pass through both.

5. Attach the Flap

Here, silicon adhesive will correctly work for attaching the flaps on the door. You have to use silicone adhesive on the top of the opening and then hold the flap while you are screwing up the flap on the door. Make it firm and secure, and check whether the flap is entirely movable to assure that the dog doesn’t move in and out of it.

6. Secure Your Dog Door

After you have made your new dog door, this is the time when you should consult with experts to assure the firmness and the security your dog door will provide.

With these easy steps, you can install a perfect DIY dog door to your house. You can always be more creative by adding new designs and colors that your dog would love to have.

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