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Ways to Keep Your Dogs Teeth Clean

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All the dog lovers want their dogs’ teeth to be clean. Oral hygiene is essential to avoid bad breath. It leads to plaque and tartar in the long run. Teeth cleaning for dogs is also vital because dental problems lead to life-threatening liver, kidney, and heart muscle damage problems. Canine Periodontal Disease is common in dogs because of neglecting oral care and hygiene.  

For a longer, healthier, and happier life for your dogs, you must clean your dog’s teeth regularly. You can easily do that even if you are a busy bee. Avoid plaque buildup by using the best dog toothbrush. If needed, hire professional cleaning services. You only need a few minutes per week to let your dog have fresh breath and pearly white teeth and remove the chance of dental problems. This article discusses the best ways to keep your dog’s teeth clean using the ideal habits and dog teeth cleaning products.

Use a Delicious Toothpaste for Your Dog’s Oral Care

Teeth brushing is essential for excellent oral health for both humans and dogs. It is perfect if you clear your dog teeth regularly. But if you do not have time, once a week would do. Initially, your dog may not like it. But, it’ll get into the habit. 

Use a toothbrush with soft bristles, angled handles, and sometimes many heads to reach every nook and corner of your dog’s mouth. There are kinds of toothpaste mainly made for dogs available in flavors loved by dogs like chicken, beef, and peanut butter. Human toothpaste should not be applied to dog teeth because it contains fluoride and xylitol. You can go for various combinations, but make sure to brush the teeth. 

Coconut Oil is a Natural Toothpaste

Dental experts recommend coconut oil for the teeth cleaning of dogs. It is a natural toothpaste that does not let plaque and tartar develop. Your dog will face no dental problems if you apply coconut oil to its teeth due to coconut’s antimicrobial properties.  

For the dog owners who cannot find a way to avoid plaque buildup, take a carrot, and make holes in it. Drop liquid coconut oil in the holes and keep the carrot in the freezer. Your dog can gnaw on its favorite vegetable and have its teeth brushed automatically. It is a sure and safe way to make your dog’s teeth healthy.  

Water Additives and Bully Sticks

 The water additives available in the market today have made oral care for dogs very simple. You need to add some liquid to your pet’s water bowl, and it will have perfect pearly white teeth. Water additives are made for dogs who dislike smell or taste. These dog teeth cleaning products in liquid form are useful for removing plaque and make it easier to maintain your dog’s oral health.  

Bully sticks are fantastic for those dog owners who want to offer their dogs a tastier dental toy and not a bone. It is one of the perfect ways to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and provide fresh breath. Dogs love chewing on bully sticks. It also helps in teeth cleaning and avoids tartar buildup. 

 You can keep your dog occupied and let it have a game to play for hours, in addition to eliminating the risk of plaque and tartar. You would love having this dog teeth cleaning product. Supervise your dog to be sure it does not swallow a large piece. Bully sticks have high calories. So, use it less and only for dental care. 

Dog Dental Spray for Oral Health 

If your dog has bad breath and wants to transform it into fresh breath, use dental dog sprays. You, too, don’t want to miss out on kisses and cuddles. Dental sprays are quick methods of the oral care of dogs. You can keep the teeth brushed and use the mist in the meantime or use the dental spray alone. It is one of the most healthy dog teeth cleaning products and prevents plaque buildup.  

They kill the bacteria in the mouth responsible for causing plaque and tartar, leaving your dog with a fresh breath. Clean the gums and teeth with the least effort and enhance the oral health of your dog. Give your dog food half an hour before and only an hour after the spray. 

Professional Cleanings to Clean Your Dog Teeth 

Professional cleanings are always a wiser way to maintain the oral care of your dog. A Veterinarian is an expert at preventing, identifying, and healing all dental problems in the teeth of your dog. It would be best if you took your pet for an oral checkup at least once a year to avoid any plaque or tartar buildup. You will get early signs of warning and prevent any serious illness. Periodontal disease is found majorly in Yorkshire Bulldogs, Terriers, and Dachshunds. So, they should be taken for professional cleanings twice a year. 

The health of tooth roots and jawline is determined using X-rays. A vet will give your dog anesthesia and scale or polish their teeth to remove any plaque and tartar. They may even extract a tooth if needed or fill the teeth. Although it is a time-consuming and costly method of teeth cleaning, it will clean your dog teeth and keep them healthy.  

Raw Bones and Tooth Wipes 

It is well-known that cooked bones cause many health problems. But raw bones help in teeth cleaning. Choose the bones of the appropriate size. It also satisfies their wish to chew something. If your pet is a Great Dane, make sure not to give it a chicken wing for chewing as it can get choked. Another breed, Yorkie, should not be provided with a cow femur.  

Some dogs do not want their teeth brushed but let you put your hand in their mouths. In that case, tooth wipes are great for oral health. You may not use a dog toothbrush if your pet does not like it. Tooth wipes are fantastic for removing bad breath, plaque and tartar, and any other dental problems. It avoids all life-threatening issues and keeps your dog’s teeth clean. Along with the teeth and gums of your dog, run a small cloth, and wipe the inner mouth. 

Dental Treats for Your Dog

Every dog lover and owner loves giving treats to his pet. Although, it is wiser to provide a food treat that will also help it in teeth cleaning. Regular brushing using a dog toothbrush is essential and treats should not be substituted for that. You love to treat your dog anyway. But other than your pet dogs at home, there are shelter dogs who have no one to look after. The company iHeartDogs has created an advanced and unique Triple Enzyme Dental Stick formula for dogs to prevent plaque buildup and tartar buildup.  

This dental care product is developed by the United States’ vets, which also provides your pet a fresh breath and helps healthy gums and teeth. These Dental Sticks are tasty and do a double action of cleansing and removing enzymes to clean your dog’s mouth. Your dog treats have flavonoid curcumin, peppermint for oral care, and are gluten-free, grain-free, low-fat, low-calorie diets for your dog. iHeartDogs gives a share of every treat you buy for the food of shelter dogs.  

Elk/ Deer Antlers and Natural Diet for Dogs

 Most dogs love to chew on antlers. Be sure not to remember to brush your dog teeth. But, along with, deer and elk antlers are fantastic for the dog’s mouth. It gives a smooth massage to their teeth and gums and helps remove any plaque or tartar buildup. One antler is sufficient for the oral health of your dog for several days and sometimes weeks. 

 Your dog also needs a healthy diet to have a fresh breath and proper functioning of the body. Dry kibble is not efficient in cleaning your dog’s teeth. Serve it a fresh diet every day with healthy ingredients that will help enhance your pet’s overall well-being and health. It will also keep all the dental problems away.

Using The Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Products 

Teeth cleaning is vital to avoid bad breath, plaque, and tartar and to prevent any life-threatening diseases in the long run. You can use the best teeth cleaning products available online and in the market, including dog toothpaste and toothbrush with a soft bristle, chewing toys, dog treats, and tooth wipes. Before buying, make sure that they are specially designed for dogs and not for any other pet or human beings. Removing plaque and tartar using a tooth cleaning product is also a vital part of keeping the dog’s mouth fresh and its body healthy. No matter how busy you are, it takes a few minutes every day and weekly to keep the dog you love and consider your family happy and healthy. 

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