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Interactive Games To Play With Your Puppy

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Everyone needs entertainment in some way or another. It is essential to train your pet by playing with them as it will help them grow. If you have to stay at home during this coronavirus with your pup and you are unable to take it out, don’t worry because we have got you engaged in some great activities and fun games which you can play with your dogs. These will help your pup to get stimulated mentally and physically. Try these different fun activities that will keep you and your pet on your toes. There are numerous playful activities you can engage your pets in to boost their metabolism, and their health will also improve, as they need physical exercise.

Focus Games For Dogs

Below are various games and fun activities that will help your pet engage physically and mentally to enjoy these activities indoors.

Hidden Treasures

Your dogs have fantastic smelling abilities. They have almost 45 times more scent receptors than humans. So why don’t you use this to exercise that sense of smell by making a game out of it?

Collect some dog treats or bones and hide them around your house or hide them in empty containers. Then encourage your pup to sniff around the boxes. When your puppy eventually finds it, lift the boxes enthusiastically and then make sure you give them their part of a treat as a prize. As a result, soon, your dog would be familiar with the sniffing game to find the hidden treasure. Start increasing the difficulty level with time, so the game continues to be challenging. Add more boxes or hide the food in different spots so that your dog’s smelling power may increase.

Train Your Dog to be Obedient

Obedience training is teaching your dog to follow your instructions happily. It will help your dog improve their general skills and allow them to respond to your command positively. 

Obstacle Course

Helping your pet to navigate is an exciting thing as you are teaching them how to navigate obstacles. You can teach them to stand under a chair, a kitchen stool, or a box with two open ends. There are also many balance activities you can teach your dog, such as balancing on a sturdy milk crate, an object they can leap over, stand on a stool, and a hula hoop to jump through or a ball to catch. These activities will help them increase their focus and follow your command by responding to them.

Play- Wild Sits

This is a fun activity to do. When your dog is on a leash, you can cheer your pet in every way possible, maybe by jumping around, by exciting them, then in the middle of it, suddenly instruct them to sit. It may take some time, but once your dog gets it, you can be free as it will follow it whenever and wherever. This will teach them focus and how to go from a state of excitement to sitting patiently on your command.

Your Dog Can Help You Clean Up

Dogs can be trained to be helpful along with faithful. This game is easy and involves a lot of fun, especially when your dog knows where you put your things. To play and to teach your pet, you scatter all the things, for instance, your toys, all over the house and then tell your pet to go and pick each and bring it to you or put it in the basket. And of course, make sure to reward them. Once your dog knows the meaning of ‘put it away,’ it is easy to train them to carry toys, papers, and clothes. You can instruct them to drop the things into the boxes or the basket, and eventually, they will know you were to keep the items when they are scattered. This way, the dog can help you clean up the house. You can make it fun by increasing the difficulty level by spreading many different things around or putting them in separate rooms or even hiding them and instructing them to pick them up and ‘put it away’ in its place. 

Under, Over, and Through

This is a super great activity that helps your dog follow your command. This will mentally help your dog remain focused. You can perform many activities in this, such as giving high-five or lying down, and you can make it more interesting by including many different tricks of your choice. You can teach them to handstand, shake the hand, go up and down at your instruction, and teach them to go under and through things like a chair. Or crawl under some object, or walk round about an item or jump over it entirely. This will help engage their mind and build their listening power. You can include several other activities and then later reward them for their excellent performance. Later you can anytime increase the difficulty level by teaching them to roll or kneel, and you let your dog figure out the object himself and then respond to it. 


We know that you love your puppy so give them the chance to show them your love through these amazing games and fun activities. You can play these fun activities with your dog to increase your bond, and they will appreciate and show love to you. Just make sure you start with smaller and easy-going activities and, later on, increase the difficulty level. I’m sure your pets care about you, so it’s time to teach them something new which they will love and appreciate.