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How To Prepare Your Dog For A Flight

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If your dog travels in the plane with you, we need the other passengers to enjoy a pleasant flight without contending with an unpleasant dog’s vocalizations or conduct. So you and the pet will be less stressed if you prepare your pet. A well-behaved dog makes an excellent vacation companion. It’s crucial to learn about the process so that your dog stays happy and comfortable while on the road.

Before Your Travel

  1. Vet-check

Has your pet been inspected by a professional for a travel medical certificate? Create two copies of the document and keep one with your registration documents and the other attached to your dog’s container. Ask your veterinarian if you have any special concerns regarding your pet’s ability to travel by plane.

  1. Be aware of the rules

You must understand the restrictions for taking your dog on an airplane. When it comes to pets, each aircraft has its own set of rules. In general, your pet should be at least 12 weeks old, have current immunization certificates, be in excellent health, and be given plenty of drinks and snacks for longer flights.

  1. There are no web reservations available.

Buy a ticket in person or online for yourself. Notify the customer service representative if you will be traveling with a dog since there will be an additional charge. Smaller dogs can normally stay in their cage below your seat, while aggressive dogs usually ride in the luggage section.

  1. Purchase a dog carrier

During the trip, you’ll need a harness and a carrying case. Invest in a dog carrier that allows your dog to turn around securely. Label the box with your name and address and the words “Live Pet” on the top edge. 

  1. Get your dog ready for the carrier.

Make sure your dog is comfortable in the crate he’ll be traveling in ahead of time. You might try putting your dog in his carrier regularly. Allow him to become accustomed to being confined for increasingly longer amounts of time. Place your pet in the carrier, get it a ride in your car, and make it used to the motions of travel.

Flight Day

  1. Double Check Everything

Make a final double-check that your pet’s international system is included in your boarding supplies and taped to his carrier. Also, double-check that the airline is wearing all of the required labels.

  1. Water and food

At the airport, finding a restroom is difficult. Give your dog no food for around 5 hours before the trip, though a small amount of water is fine. If your dog will be in the cargo compartment, attach a water glass and a food bowl to the carrier’s interior. If there’s a disruption, tape a dish of meals on the carrier for airline staff to utilize.

  1. Arrive on time

Come at least 1 hour sooner than suggested, and tell airline staff that you are traveling with your pet. If your dog isn’t staying with you on the plane, ask personnel to inform you where the cargo compartment is offloading. It will help you save a significant amount of time (and stress).

  1. Before departure

Keeping your dog as busy as possible before boarding is a smart method to prepare them for flight travel. This will assist your dog in releasing excess energy and anxiousness. If your vet recommends it, resist the desire to give your dog a narcotic. It will be preferable for the both of you if you can make your dog’s travel experience as pleasant as possible.

Extra Tips

  1. Pet-friendly airports are available.

Even for us people, flying isn’t the most pleasurable experience. However, many airlines are catching on and providing pet-friendly facilities. It’s always a good time to check the airport’s site to see whether they have any particular animal areas or guidelines before taking your dog on an airplane.

  1. GPS device and ID tag

If you wish to take your dog on vacation with you, you should get an ID tag and a GPS pet tracker. Some pets are more thrilling than others, but you never know when yours will bolt to explore the neighborhood. 


Keeping everything all set before you leave for traveling is a sign of good travelers. If you are a parent handling dogs, these pre-requisites stated above are necessary for your dog to feel safe, comfortable, and easy to take a flight. Start preparing your dog a couple of weeks before the flight, get it checked by a vet, and keep the Id tags and GPS device in hand. The most important one is to report an hour before the departure, whether with a dog or not. Have a fun and safe vacation with your dog!