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Best Dog Foods For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs


Are you having a tough time with your fur friend’s upset stomach? No matter how many brands you have changed, the problem doesn’t go away. We know finding the right food as a pet parent can be challenging.  If this is a persistent problem, it can be due to the food or some disease. You should always consult your vet as it can be some medical issue. In some cases, the cause of an upset stomach can be a food allergy or some intolerance. In this case, a simple switching of food will solve the problem. With so many brands available off-the-shelf, it can be a real challenge to pick the right dog food for your pet. We have done the hard work comparing hundreds of brands and picked out the best ten brands. All these brands have been evaluated keeping in mind a sensitive stomach.

Purina One – Sensitive System Formula

Purina One SmartBlend dog food has a sensitive system formula specifically for dogs with sensitive stomachs. This dry pellet adult food contains barley, rice flour, and salmon. In addition, the food will be easy on your pocket. Salmon is a great source of protein that will provide needed nutrients and is easy to digest. The food contains omega-6 fatty acids that are incredible for your dog’s coat and eyes. In addition, vitamin E boosts up health and regulates digestion. Vets recommend the food as one of the best quality foods for pets. Apart from the dry variant, the food is also available in a wet formula. It is one of the best dog foods for dogs with an upset stomach.  

Hill’s Science – For Sensitive Stomach And Skin

Hill’s Science sensitive dog food contains prebiotic fiber. The food’s top three ingredients are chicken meal, brewer rice, and chicken. It is one of the favorites picks for dogs with sensitive digestion. The vet’s recommended formula makes it even better. Dogs having a perpetual upset stomach will benefit from this tailor-made solution. The KSP is the prebiotic ingredient that keeps the gut soft and encourages digestion. The fiber in food keeps digestion active and your dog’s poop soft. It eases out the disposal process without agony and worry. In addition, rich proteins and vitamin E keeps your dog’s coat smooth and shiny. The product is made in the USA and is worth trying for your dog, especially if your dog has a sensitive stomach.

Canidae Dog Food – All Life Stages

Canidae dog food consists of brown rice, lamb meat, and barley. The dry food formula is best for your dog’s all life stages. In addition, Canidae comes with an array of recipes catering to different dog breeds. The food is full of nutrients and does not contain soy, corn, or other cheap fillers. The food is suitable for all ages and has loads of great antioxidants for your dog’s health. In addition, the food is rich in fatty acids making it a great choice.  

The product is also available in a small pack of five pounds. You can try the food, and if it suits your fur friend, you can opt for more. Once you are sure the food is soft on your dog’s stomach, you can buy a 44-pound pack.

Royal Canin Dog Food – Gastrointestinal Low Fat

Royal Canin wet dog food is suitable for all life stages of a dog. The food has pork liver, pork by-product, and brewer’s rice. The wet food is available in a pack of 24, and you do not have to bother about buying cans repeatedly. Pork may cause problems for your dog since it is not suitable for all dogs. The best is to buy a can and try it with your dog. If it suits your dog’s stomach, you can buy more cans.

This tasty wet food is a good choice for healthy dog food. The food is suitable for dogs with GI issues and does not miss on the essential nutrients. However, try out first and then decide.

Natural Balance – Limited Ingredient Diet

Natural Balance LID dry food is suitable for all life stages of a dog; the product has pea protein, beef, and peas. It can help your dog’s upset stomach with its limited ingredients in manufacturing. Since chicken is a known cause of upset stomach, the major ingredient is beef. The content contains tons of protein at 32%, which is highest in any dog food. Even when the protein content is high, the food is nicely balanced and not hard on the stomach. The food does not contain any cheap fillers, preservatives, or grains. The food has good reviews and is also liked by dogs, but it is slightly expensive. Overall, it is one of the best choices barring the cost.

Nulo Dog food – Limited Ingredient Food

Nulo dog food with limited ingredients is suitable for dogs with an upset stomach. Its dry formula contains turkey meals and chickpeas. The food keeps your dog satisfied and resolves gut issues due to the minimum ingredients added. A single source of protein has as much as 30% of it. The food does not have cheap fillers or preservatives. In addition, it also does not contain chicken, soy, or corn. It is one of the best dogs foods for dogs having sensitive stomachs.

Wellness Simple – Limited Ingredient Food

Wellness simple dry formula dog food is suitable for all life stages; the food ingredients contain turkey, meat, and potatoes. This food is a great option for wellness foods. The limited ingredient formula is proven to be great for a sensitive stomach. The protein comes from a single source – turkey, which has high value and taste. Surely your dog will love it. Although the product is produced in a facility producing grains, the food is grain-free. The food contains probiotics that are good for your dog’s digestion.

NatureVet Dog Food – Advanced Probiotic

NatureVet dog food is soft and chewy, suitable for all dog stages and breeds. It contains glycerin, dried potatoes, and brewer’s yeast. In addition, the advanced probiotic formula is ideal for a dog’s sensitive stomach. The chewy base makes it possible to absorb maximum nutrients. It delivers good bacteria essential for a healthy gut. In addition, the USA product comes with a satisfaction guarantee clause. If you are not happy with the product, you can return it and get your refund.

Blue Buffalo Basic’s Dog Food – Limited Ingredient Formula

Blue Buffalo Basic’s dry formula with life source bits is suitable for all ages and all breeds. The limited ingredient formula is ideal for dogs having digestion issues. Since turkey is the main ingredient, you need not worry about chicken intolerance. The food is best suited for small breeds. The food does not contain any cheap fillers or preservatives. In addition, it contains many antioxidants giving a boost to your dog’s immunity.


You must be aware of people allergic to some food or having lactose intolerance. The same goes for dogs. Some dogs are sensitive to certain food. Changing your dog’s food brand can solve much of this problem. In some cases, if the problem persists, get veterinary advice as soon as possible.