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Best 7 High-Quality Dog Foods


When it comes to dog food, there are so many different varieties. What you need to keep in mind though is that every dog will have specific nutrient and dietary needs, according to their age, size, breed, amount of activity, etc.

All of that needs to be taken into account when giving your dog food. However, you don’t need to stress too much because most dog food brands today tailor the meals specifically to your dogs needs. Some are also much more affordable than the rest but you need to be careful of this because they may be using fillers instead of high-quality meat.

When choosing food for your dog, make sure that they use high quality fresh and natural ingredients that meet your dogs needs. To make it easier for you, we have made a list of the top high-quality dog foods.

Protein- A great ingredient for dog food

A high protein diet is considered to be great for dogs in general. This is especially potent for puppies since they are more active and burn more calories. Protein is a great source of energy. If they consume more protein it also means less room for other unhealthy ingredients, ensuring that your dog has a healthy diet. Unlike carbs and fats, protein will not put a strain on the internal systems or organs, which can lead to further health concerns. The foods mentioned in this article are high in protein using the best quality human-grade meats which will boost your dog’s energy.


If you are looking for dry food for your dog, then look no further. Whether your dog is a puppy, senior, large or small, Orijen will tailor their foods accordingly for them as they will for dogs that are on special diets. They have a variety of options that even the fussiest dogs seem to like!

This food made by Champion Petfoods is made from fresh ingredients that dogs are supposed to eat. The suppliers of this brand go through an intensive screen process before the food goes out to make sure that it’s fresh. Keep in mind that the food is made in house and is never outsourced to other factories or kitchens.

The Farmers Dog


A subscription home delivery service, this one is perfect if you don’t have the time to constantly prepare your dogs meals. You can count on them to send you fresh human-grade food tailored specifically for your dog’s needs and dropped to your door. It is cost-effective for owners of small dogs, however, if you have a large dog that eats a lot it may not be the best option. The food is formulated by nutritionists so you don’t have to worry about it not being healthy, it is made from the highest quality food.


Fresh dog food that is again human-grade and big on proteins, Ollie ensures that your dog gets just the right ingredients that are necessary for them. Their food is human-grade and contains no fillers. Each recipe is tailor-made for each dogs needs to ensure that they get the right amount of protein required based on their size, age, breed, etc. Ollie takes a personal interest in your dog, making sure they know everything needed so that they can prepare the ideal meal for them. The best part is that these healthy meals packed with nutrition are also super delicious and your dog will absolutely love them.

Blue Buffalo

This brand specifically caters to puppies. Since puppies are growing creatures they have specific nutritional needs, Blue buffalo uses high-quality ingredients that is a priority when it comes to this brand. Food is available in canned as well as dry options so you can take your pick. All of it is made using natural ingredients.  Each meal is tailored by breed size so you have a lot of options to pick the best food for your dog.

Taste Of The Wild

One of the more affordable options when it comes to dog food, this one uses high-quality ingredients. It is owned by a family who takes pride in what they do and makes sure that the consumer gets the best quality food. It goes a step further from basic meats, such as chicken and beef to trout and bison.

To ensure that the food is healthy and safe, this brand has many safety and testing protocols in place. You can be rest assured that the products are made without preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. You can get both wet and dry food with this brand and again for all ages. For those dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies, grain-free foods are also available.

Royal Canin

Just as the name suggests, this brand has food that’s fit for royalty! They consider your dog nothing less than royalty and offer food for all kinds of dogs whether big or small, young or old etc. You can choose between wet or dry options depending on what your dog prefers. This brand isn’t just about giving healthy food to pets but they also aim to be environmentally friendly. They have been operating since the 1960s and are still going strong, they have become international with food sold around the world.

Wellness Pet Food

Smaller dogs are much more active as compared to larger dogs which means that they burn more calories and therefore have higher nutritional needs. Their mouths are also smaller so it’s easier for them to eat smaller kibble. Wellness pet food highly values using natural ingredients that do not include any fillers. They have a great variety of options available which include both wet and dry for small breed dogs.


Each of these high-quality dog foods is highly recommended for your dog and will improve their overall well being. Choose one that is most suitable for your dog and go for it!