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What To Do If Your Dog Gets Stung By A Bee


A bee sting can be very dreadful for a dog. When a dog is stung by a bee, it might have various symptoms. Even though a dog getting stung by a bee isn’t very common, this doesn’t mean it never happens. This can happen especially during summer as it gives you more opportunity to be out with your pet, and as the flowers are blooming, bees are present everywhere. Your dog getting stung by a bee is not quite a rare probability. They are normally stung on the dog’s face, snout, and paws, and they can happen anywhere in the body. 


Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms your dog might show after getting stung by a bee. 

    • Mild symptoms: One might observe their pet have small swelling where the bee has stung. The effective sight might appear red, and it might be itchy. The dog will become sensitive to touch. 
    • Moderate symptoms: The swelling might have spread to nearby areas.
    •  Severe symptoms: Swelling spreads throughout, especially in the face or neck area if the dog is stung on the front. Welts start forming on the face or anywhere on the body. This might cover a large portion of the body. Be careful if your dog is constantly itchy or keeps scratching the sight again and again. Your dog might start continuously vomiting and even have diarrhea. This might also cause respiratory issues. 

Suppose your dog is experiencing any severe symptoms; the best decision is to take him to the nearest vet and consult a doctor. The treatment is done quickly to avoid shock, circulatory deterioration and prevent damage to the organ system. 


If you find a stinger on your dog’s body, remove it by brushing softly. Avoid your dog scratching the infected area, as it will not spread the venom. One must consult a doctor before giving any medicine to your dog, as your dog might be sensitive to certain chemicals present in the drug. One of the ways to treat your dog if they are stung by bees is to give them Benadryl, also known as diphenhydramine. Do so with caution since you may not know if your dog is sensitive to Benadryl if they have never had it before. If you do not observe any improvement or the allergy might have worsened, contact your veterinarian immediately. 

Don’ts If Your Dog Is Stung By A Bee

    • Don’t bandage the site. 
    • Do not suck out the venom. 
    • A cold compress will increase the swelling. 
    • Do not apply any ointments without consulting your veterinarian. 


If your dog is stung slightly, then it might recover within two days. The veterinarian might also give some additional medication for your pet, including steroids, as it will help reduce the bee sting reaction. Treating a mild to moderate bee sting might cost you up to anywhere between a hundred dollars to three hundred dollars. If the sting is severe, the treatment may cost you up to one thousand five hundred dollars. The cost is subjective and might change due to various factors. If you have a pet and beehive closer, you might want to keep your pet at a distance as both of them are equally important for our ecology. You can call a beekeeper and get the beehive removed safely. 


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