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Ways To Make Your Dog’s Coat Shine


As a dog owner, you must keep your pup healthy. It means you need to provide him/her the nutritious and good quality food, exercise, playing and must take care of their fur after all their coat shows their health and wealth. The shiny coat is the symbol of good canine health. It’s your responsibility to keep your dog’s fur healthy and bright otherwise, you and your dog face some health-related problems. Here are the five ways to keep your dog’s coat healthy and groomed.

Bathe Your Dog Regularly

A regular bath doesn’t mean that you should give your pooch one every single day. It could harm their skin and coat and also remove their skin’s natural oils. Once or twice within a month is sufficient to keep them clean and healthy. Especially in the case when your dog spends more time indoors. If they spend the most time outdoors, then within a week is sufficient. 

Add Omega Fatty Acids To Make The Dog Diet Healthy

To keep the dog’s fur healthy and shiny, taking care of their food is essential. Add healthy items and ingredients to help to make the coat healthy and shiny. While buying the food, you should take care of their food items and feel free to supplement a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the pup food, which gives them an extra glow.

Also, Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids both are good for dog health and fur. Omega-6 helps fight against infections, and Omega-3 helps boost your dog’s mood and reduce osteoarthritis pain. Make sure don’t go overboard with the Omega acid supplements, as it could overturn your dog’s stomach.

Take Grooming Seriously

Home Grooming plays an essential role in dog health and appearance. Brush your dog coat daily, even if it has long hair or not. Some pup owners don’t comb the dog coat regularly, and problems arise with their hair or fur; they give problems to the dog and themselves. 

You need to take care of their nails. Nail trimming is also essential for them. Use the proper tools like clipper blades for clipping fingernails, hedges, etc. Also, brush your teeth daily. However, the process of grooming your dog not only makes your dog coat shiny but also makes your bond stronger with your dog as well.

Give Your Dog a Spa Treatment

If you have ever questioned how you can give your dog a spa treatment, you should consider incorporating your dog into the process. It can be as simple as giving the bath in a tub or even by rubbing some aloe or essential oils on the body. It all depends on whether you want to give your dog a quick rub down before you go to work or if you would like to spend some time massaging and moisturizing your best friend.

When you bathe your dog or rub it with coconut oil, it improves the skin condition by hydrating the cells. It’s also improving circulation and removing any buildup that may have occurred due to excessive dryness or exposure to harsh elements such as pollution and heat.

When you give your pet a complete skincare treatment, you help reduce the chances of developing skin issues or the buildup of bacteria and dirt. You can elect to do this regularly or once in a while. It’s depending on your dog or how often you feel like getting your pet groomed. 

Ask for Professional Advice

Do you know that asking for a professional groomer or advice to make your dog’s coat shiny and beautiful is very common among pet owners? It is already evident that dogs are just like human beings; they want to keep themselves healthy and clean, and thus, they try to do everything to attain these. It is also evident from research that most of the cases of dog collar scratches and injuries are done by the owners themselves. 

For example, when you are playing with your dog, he accidentally hits his head on a hard object, or when you are bathing him, he might put his paws or elbows in his bathwater, etc. These things happen very often, and hence, it is essential to take proper care of your dogs to avoid these kinds of accidents.