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Top 7 Dog Harnesses


Even experts agree that walking your pet with a harness is far better than a collar. A harness gives you peace of mind knowing there is no extra pressure being put on your dog’s neck if they pull. In worst cases, when the owner pushes the collar, it may cause tracheal collapse. Here are many options you can choose from, but first, let’s understand why a harness is better than a collar?

Collars create a strain on your dog’s windpipe and may lead to choking. Also, small dog breeds have a very sensitive neck, and the collar may cause severe problems for them. 

Every dog is different in terms of fitness, appearance, behavior, and size; hence it’s vital to pick a good-fit harness for your dog. It should fit perfectly so the dog can’t come out, be of very good quality, yet comfortable. We have included the best harnesses for every kind of dog. 

PetSafe 3 in 1 harness

For the cost, PetSafe 3 in 1 is the most versatile dog harness on the market. The harness is fully adjustable and would fit your dog. There’s an additional strap on the back for car rides; most seatbelts go easily through the loop keeping your dogs safe. It has a V-strap design best for dogs who pull on the leash. When the leash is attached to the D-ring on the back, it doesn’t restrict the dog’s front leg movement, which is why it’s ideal for taking your dogs on a walk. Also, it’s a perfect fit for those who prefer a double-ended leash. 

The Petsafe 3 in 1 harness comes in four sizes, from extra small to large, and five points of adjustments around the neck and chest. Three buckles on the harness, one on the neck strap, and two on the chest strap. You can also choose from three colors – teal, black, and plum. 

The harness is a good deal at such an affordable price with so many great features. However, the only disadvantage is the complexity of putting it on correctly.


Puppia Ritefit Harness with Adjustable neck

For adorable little puppies, Puppia Ritefit is a perfect choice. It’s lightweight, soft, mesh, and extremely comfortable for small dogs. The Puppia has always been ideal for small dogs, and now the company has upgraded its design with Ritefit. It is a more adjustable model that can fit more appropriately. 

Puppia Ritefit is made from polyester covered in tiny holes for better breathability. For those who need more options, it comes in nine different colors and four different sizes. With four points of adjustments, you get two buckles around the chest and one around the neck. Suppose your dogs love to roll in the mud, no worries, as you can wash it in a regular washer. Puppia Ritefit Harness is a comfortable, affordable option for most small dogs that is secure and perfect for walks.


Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness

The Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness stands out from the crowd due to its vest-like shape that doesn’t constrict a dog’s neck like other harnesses do when you try to pull your dog’s attention away from a stranger walking around. The harness is made from durable material that doesn’t get torn from your dog’s nails. You can have greater control over your dog with the dual attachment points on the back and lower chest. 

The best part, Kurgo Tru fit is very easy to put on and needs to slip on the front loop over the head, then clipping the chest loop to the strap around the back. Available in five sizes and four basic colors, it can fit dogs up to 110 pounds. The Kurgo Tru Fit also gives a lifetime warranty against material defects only. 

With high-quality materials, five sizes, four colors, and four points of adjustability, Tru Fit is a comfortable and reliable option for walking your dogs. Just a downside that it doesn’t come with reflective accents. 

Pet Love Soft Leash Padded No Pull Harness

If your dog doesn’t pull and doesn’t need support for a strong head, the Pet Love Soft is the best option to keep them comfortable during the walk. The harness fits tightly under the dog’s belly with padding and comes with a three-month warranty. For a better fit, it comes in 7 different sizes perfect for dogs from teacup to Doberman. With five different colors, you get reflective detailing and a big handle on the top. 

Though it’s not ideal for stronger dogs who need more control, we’d recommend Pet Love Soft for older dogs who don’t need as much control as the younger ones. If your dog has arthritis or needs extra help, the wide handle does the job. 

RuffWear Front Range All-day Adventure Harness

It is an all-rounder and the best hiking accessory. This harness is perfect for more control, comfort, and durability with both back and front clips. You can use the back attachment for leisure walks, while the front attachment gives you more control over your dog. According to the owners, the front clip is perfect to train puppies who pull a lot during walks. The extra padded belly and chest panels don’t cause chaffing during walks or hiking. 

RuffWear comes in 10 different colors and sizes from XS to XL that perfectly fits most dogs. If you want a top-of-the-line harness to keep your dog happy and comfortable during walks and hiking, RuffWear is the best you can get. 

Hurtta Weekend Warrior Harness

If you’re someone who loves to have a super active day with your pup, Hurtta Weekend Warrior Harness is a perfect fit. For an active day, your dog needs extra support and comfort to keep him going all day. Hurtta Weekend Warriors keeps your dog comfortable without restricting its movements at even very rough terrains. 

It comes in five different sizes that can fit dogs as tiny as 16 inches to a hefty 47 inch one. You get four points for adjustments with soft padded straps, two on the chest strap, and two on the neck strap. Buckles on the chest strap means you don’t have to pull your dog’s legs to get them into the harness. Apart from this, the harness is made from a soft, lightweight polyester covered with a weatherproof material to keep the harness from soaking more water during the rains. 

You might find the harness a bit pricey than regular harnesses in the market, but you can get assured that you’re spending your money on quality and comfort. So if your dog loves to go outdoors and can’t keep itself from rolling in the mud, bring home a Hurry Weekend Warrior Harness. 

RuffWear Web Master Harness

We’ll end our list with RuffWear Web Master Harness best suited for injured or senior dogs. When you have an injured or aging pet, you have to keep a few extra things in mind. It’s because even regular tasks like climbing the stairs or jumping into the car could be an enormous task for them. Here, Ruffwear gives your dog the extra help it needs. 

It comes with a padded handle to lift your dog when needed. The harness is made comfortable enough for your dog to wear it the whole day. It comes with padding sewn on the panel that rests on your dog’s spine and also on two of three adjustment points. The harness is extremely flexible and lightweight and can be clipped to any five places according to the need. With five sizes, the Ruffwear Web Master fits almost every dog. 

Though the price is quite high, it wouldn’t matter when you’ll see your dog having comfort and easy life. There are no downsides to this harness except for the fact that you only get three color options. 

At a Glance

If your dog has a sensitive neck or thyroid issue, a harness can help a lot. It’s because a harness disperses the pressure in a large area, whereas a collar is restricted to the neck only. 

While buying harnesses, make sure you consider your dog’s weight, height, stamina, and whether he has some injury. There are different harnesses in the market, and if you do proper research, you can find the perfect one for your furry friend. We picked our options keeping in mind many things like activity level, age, mobility, size, control needed, etc.