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Top 10 Large Dog Breeds


Dogs are remarkable creatures and present in different species of small and big sizes. Some people like to have small dogs, while others prefer to keep giant dogs. Small dogs are cute looking, lovable animals, which eventually become one of the best companions. Once you are used to living with them, it is just not possible for you to even think about separating them. Giant breed dogs have their specialty; they provide a sense of security, along with love. There are several factors to consider before adopting a giant breed dog. You have adopted them out of love, surely you are going to take good care of your pet dog, and all their needs like food, medical facility, cleaning, vaccinations care have a high price. 

They are like family with how you care about them. The cost goes up as the size of the dog increases. A huge dog requires a large enough space of living to move around freely and comfortably. If you have already made up your mind for a huge companion, let’s figure out the best ten giant breeds of dogs. Typically big dogs have a shorter lifespan than small dogs. Most of them live only seven to ten years, and the average dog span of life is around twelve to fifteen years. 

Great Dane

Looking at this giant breed of dog, you can say that this majestic animal closely looks like a smaller horse than a dog. The Great Dane stands out in a crowd. Its physical appearance makes it an extraordinary companion. These big dogs are playful, gentle, friendly, and unimaginably faithful.

Breed features

Height: 28 -32 inches

Weight:110-175 pounds

Physical characteristics: The body is smooth and muscular.

Colors: Black, blue, fawn, harlequin, brindle, and more.

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is one of the taller breeds of dogs and the oldest breeds existing on earth. Although not apart of the working class, this breed was initially tamed to hunt down bears, deer, and wolves. 


Opposite to their massive bodies, they are soft-hearted, easy-going, loveable creatures. You have to keep a rag handy to clean up all the drool that drops from their enormous heads. Ensure that their large bodies shouldn’t knock over things and people. There must be ample living space for them to live freely, and obedience training is a must-have for these huge dogs.

Breed features

Height: 28 inches and more

Weight: 120 – 230 pounds

Physical characteristics: They have a broad head, short coat.

Colors: Apricot, fawn with a black mask, brindle.


The Leonberger is a giant looking working dog that typically has a soft, gentle composure. These dogs are well known to bond emotionally along with their family, and it is imperative to have a high intuitive sense when it comes to human emotions. Having this phenomenal human quality, Leonbergers are indeed excellent pets and fantastic therapy dogs.

Breed features

Height: 26-32 inches

Weight: 90-170 pounds

Physical Characteristics: They have a double coat with feathers.

Colors: Red, sand with a black mask, and brown.


In the mid 19th century, some breeders crossed the mastiff and bulldog to make a dog that is strong, powerful, and brave enough to stop poachers. At present, bullmastiff is a capable guard dog, but this breed’s specialty is that it is the most treasured creature as a companion. Despite having a muscular build, and its intimidating appearance, this dog is a soft-hearted giant that shares an emotional and incredible bond with the family.

Breed features

Height: 24-27 inches

Weight: 100-130 pounds

Physical Characteristics: It has a short and wrinkled face.

Colors: Red, fawn, and brindle with a black mask.


Newfoundlands are loving companions and, at the same time, efficient workers too. They have waterproof coats and webbed feet, which evolved them into ideal water creatures. They have helped fishers and have saved lots of people from drowning in water. It’s their fundamental nature to assist and serve wholeheartedly and protect people, specifically children, and always with a gentle spirit that makes them all the more lovable pet dog.

Breed features

Height: 26-28 inches

Weight: 100-150 pounds

Physical Characteristics: They have a broad head and massive body, flat double coat.

Colors: Brown, black, black and white, and grey.

Black Russian Terrier

They are famous for their strength, courage, and endurance. The Black Russian Terrier arose as a protector and a guard dog, a beautiful family pet. It is an intelligent breed that is excited to learn new things. You must expend your energy regularly through a physical and mental exercise in a positive manner. They are adaptable for both city and country life, given that it has enough room to run around. Black Russian Terrier is exceptionally affectionate towards families and does best with older kids.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

They have been employed for guarding and herding since the middle ages. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs act best when they have something to do and are highly active. They are famous for being gentle and are excellent protectors for families. More extraordinary Swiss Mountain dogs will require proper socialization from an early age since they are aggressive towards other dogs. 

Providing your puppy with attention and love throughout their lives is vital to raising a happy and well-adjusted dog in addition to proper socializing. Ferguson noted that it is vital to reaffirm your love for them no matter how big they get, even if they can no longer fit on your lap or in your arms. It is suggested to get down on their level for a good cuddle or hug to express yourself.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog is a versatile working and farm dog; they are strong, intelligent, confident, and an easy-going companion. They have a loving personality and a calm demeanor. They tend to bond well with children and can be aloof towards strangers. The Bernese Mountain Dog can adapt to city and country living, as long space is provided to them for daily exercise and running around. 

“The biggest issue giant-breed owners will discover is finding a home for their dogs is that they go home as cuddly, small puppies, and owners have to consistently remind themselves that these cuddly puppies can grow up to the size of 120-130 pounds, and more in some cases.”

Saint Bernard 

This is a unique breed of giant dogs that are typically used in search and rescue missions as service animals. Saint Bernards are big dogs with generous hearts. They are soft-hearted, gentle by nature, loving companions with family, and get along well with kids. There are a few exceptions, though; they don’t understand how giant they are physically, so training to keep them controlled is needed, or else they can be troublesome.

Breed features 

Height: 26-30 inches

Weight: 120-180 pounds

Physical Characteristics: They have a muscular body, dense coat.

Colors: Red and white, brown and white, and more.

Final Words

Have you been planning to bring a dog into your life?. The first and most important decision is to figure out which breed is best for you. Choose a dog based on your liking, preference, personality, and lifestyle you should decide since dog breeds are various to choose from. Take your time and select a particular dog to welcome into your family. Considering your preference like size, color, utility, nature, you should welcome a dog in your life and enjoy their company.

Bullmastiff, Newfoundland, saint bernards, Irish wolfhounds, Great Dane are all giant dogs. The only thing with these big dogs, they have comparatively less life span than small dogs. Once they are home, you have to take care of them, properly socialize your puppy, and provide them with love and attention all their life to raise a happy and well-adjusted dog. It is imperative to reaffirm your love towards them no matter how big they grow up to be. They also need constant love, good hugs, or cuddling so they can feel happy and satisfied. Just like humans, they have emotions, and their presence shall be nurtured and celebrated all their life.


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