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Tips To Teach Your Dog New Tricks

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Dogs are amazing animals. They make great companions, and they’re always there for you when you need them. If you treat your dog well, they will return the favor a thousandfold! When it comes to dogs, some owners can teach their dogs more while others struggle. If you’re one of the latter people, don’t feel discouraged! You can still learn how to train your dog to do something new! Here are some tips that you can use when teaching your dog new tricks.

Be Patient

This should be your number one rule when teaching your dog something new. Don’t rush the process; take your time and give your dog frequent breaks between practice sessions. Even if you follow all of these tips and use excellent training methods, it can still take a while for your dog to get the hang of what you’re trying to teach them. Most dogs won’t learn a trick in a day, so you will have to be patient with them while they are trying to learn. So if you find yourself getting frustrated, it is best to take a break and come back later.

Use Positive Reinforcement

One of the best and most effective ways to teach your dog something new is positive reinforcement. This means that you praise and reward your dog every time they get it right, which will let them know they’re doing a good job. Remember, your dog wants to make you happy, so it’s important to show them that you are happy when they are learning something new! Positive reinforcement is one of the most important tips to ensure your dog learns well and does not get discouraged or agitated during the process.

Keep Sessions Short And Interesting

Another vital tip to keep in mind is to keep your training sessions short, especially when you are teaching them something new. Short sessions will help increase their attention spans and stop the process from becoming dull. You can also make your training sessions more interesting by incorporating games and treats, which will keep their attention and let them know that they’re doing a great job! If you find it difficult to get your dog interested in what they are learning, it may be time for a break and to try again another time.

Be Consistent

Something else to keep in mind is to be consistent with what you’re teaching your dog. Don’t do it half-heartedly if you’re trying to teach them something new. When you teach your pup this new thing, you can’t just expect them to learn it once and never try again. Your dog needs to know that you’re serious and dedicated about what they’re learning, so they will put their full effort into it too! If you’re not consistent, your dog won’t take the training seriously, and it will be much harder for both of you to reach the desired result.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Continue practicing beyond your initial training session. Just like with humans, dogs need to continue practicing new tricks and commands if they want to keep them fresh in their memory. You can practice anywhere, anytime, or on any day. For example, you could play games with your dog while practicing the new trick so it will not become boring for them! Your dog can forget even older tricks you have taught them, so it’s good to keep practicing old tricks. This will also help keep their minds fresh and more willing to learn new tricks later.

Use Different Methods

Something else to keep in mind is to use different training methods and styles. When you’re teaching your dog something new, it’s a good idea to change your strategy or approach so they don’t get bored. For example, if you’ve been using treats as a reward during one training session and it isn’t working very well, take a break and try other things instead. You could try petting them as a reward, or maybe playing with them instead! If you continue to use the same method every time, your dog will start to get bored and not take training as seriously.

Just The Basics

When teaching your dog something new, it’s important to keep things simple. When teaching them this new thing, don’t make it too complicated or over-stimulating for them! Keep in mind that when you are training your dog, they need to pay attention and be attentive the entire time. If something is too complicated or new for them, they will become confused and won’t know what you want. So if you are stuck on how to teach your dog something new, keep things simple!

Don’t Punish Them

Make sure that you completely avoid any punishment when training your dog. While it may be tempting to punish them, especially if they are doing something wrong, this is not the proper way to train a dog! When you punish your dog, they will only become afraid and unwilling to learn new things for fear of being punished again. Just make sure to give them ample time alone so you can calm down and remember that you’re just teaching them a trick! If you feel frustrated, try giving them some time outside instead.


Training a dog new tricks can be hard work! When you’re teaching your dog something new, make sure you remember these tips. Don’t let them forget what they’ve learned, and continue practicing the tricks they know! Keep your training fun and interesting with different approaches and games, and remember that consistency is key! If you are consistent and patient with them, they will be able to pick up the new trick in no time! So if you’re trying to teach your dog something new, they will likely need some time before it starts working.