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10 Interesting Dog Facts You Did Not Know


Among all types of pets, dogs are preferred the most. They make the best pets because they are adorable and can keep your life filled with fun, love, and loyalty. You get plenty of reasons to smile if you have a dog as a pet. The best partner a person can find on this planet is a dog. They are your lifetime friends because they greet you with affection when you are back home from your office, and even if you take them to your working place, they help you relieve stress. According to medical research, it has been proven that dog owners have a lower chance of heart disease. They help you with lower blood pressure as they partner with you in workouts and regular exercises. 

As far as dogs are concerned, these animals suffer from high blood pressure because of tumors in the adrenal glands, chronic kidney disease, or Cushing disease. The symptoms of this disease are often silent, they may cause blindness, as the blood vessels rupture within the retina. Unlike most humans, dogs love you unconditionally and so people prefer to have dogs. There are various dog breeds, you can choose such as German Shepherds, Labrador Retriever, Border Collie, etc. So, let us focus on some of them one by one:- 

German Shepherd

This is the most popular dog breeds in America because they have unmatched courage and devotion. These alsatian dogs are amazingly intelligent and versatile. They are working dogs and can easily be trained to help the police and military department. Their obedience and faithfulness make them the best companions for handicapped people. They excel in services like drug detection, search and rescue operation, and herding.

Labrador Retriever

This breed is popular all over the world. They are energetic, affectionate, and easy-going dogs, very commonly bred for hunting purposes. Their eagerness, intelligence, and willingness to work has made them the world’s most versatile dogs who are good for services like drug detection, bomb, search, and rescue. They excel in dog sports as they don’t fear water. These are gorgeous looking pets who welcome their guests with affection.

Border Collie

These are herding dogs with special qualities like intelligence, energy, athletic, and acrobatic traits. They are affectionate and good family dogs. They are workaholic sheepdogs, very active, and smart. They love to chase moving objects like cars and bikes but are very reserved with unknown persons.


This dog breed has deep wrinkles all over the body and preferred by families for their devoted and protective nature. This dog can withstand a lot of exercises and mental stimulation due to its straightforward attitude towards regular training. Because of being strong-willed and territorial, they are not recommended as the best choice for fresh owners.

Training of dogs

Whichever breed you own, dogs can be trained by using popular training methods. When it comes to professional training, there is a disagreement about ethical and effective methods. Therefore, for better results, several methods are used.

Reward-Based Training

This method is purely based on positive reinforcement. It follows a straight forward theory, where the dog repeats good behavior when it gets a reward within seconds. This method requires signal consistency and the same command followed by a reward.

Science-Based Training

This method needs a lot of study and research to know about the dog’s psychology. As far as methodology is concerned, this training relies on understanding the dog’s natural tendencies and the relationship between reward and punishment. It focuses on improving the dog’s behavior without rewards.

Device-Based Training

This method is similar to positive reinforcement and relies on the use of a device like a whistle or a clicker which makes quick and clear noise to reach a dog for desired behavior. This involves a reward just after good behavior and helps dogs learn new tricks.

Electric Collar Based Training

This method is based on an electric collar which gives a shock or citronella spraying if your dog doesn’t work as desired. It needs a lot of personal restraint as its overuse can hurt the animal. The collar has a remote control to teach dogs to be inside the fields and boundaries.

Mirror Based Training

It is called model rival training, where a dog learns by observing to compete with an opponent or a rival by mimicking behavior. It is a comfortable technique that uses a dog’s natural instinct to learn by example.

All About Dogs

Dogs are considered to be the most friendly pets, despite their age, you love your dog for good reasons and fun facts, which are listed below:-

  1. Like the fingerprints in humans, the nose print of dogs differ.
  2. When dogs are overheated they reduce the sense of smell up to 40% which is still 10,000 times better than human beings.
  3. Spaying and neutering help increase their lifespan.
  4. Their feet are padded with sweat glands through which they sweat.
  5. Studies have proven that dogs dream like human beings. They replay their moments while sleeping.
  6. A dog’s nose is very sensitive and can detect odors. A wet and cold, moist nose indicates a dog’s health.
  7. Scientific evidence and study showed that regular health check, vaccination, parasitic protection, and deworming is very essential for all dogs in the world.
  8. Common health problems like cataracts, arthritis, diarrhea, obesity, cancer, broken bones, ear infection, and ticks can affect a dog’s health adversely.

Suggestions It is advisable that as a dog owner, choose the best breed of dog for your lifestyle, who can be your faithful friend and a lifetime companion. Before the training of any pet learn about the facts related to their life and the methods of training to be your helping hand in times of need. Families with small kids are suggested to keep their pets away. These pets are amazingly intelligent and loving. So, it becomes your duty to take care of them with patience and humanity.


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