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The Best De-shedding Brushes


The most disgusting thing about pets is bundles of hair floating all around the house. It’s on your bed, on the sofa, and even on your dinner plate. There are no two ways about it; your fur friends will shed those hairs. But several de-shedding tools can help you keep the mess away.

Know The Brushing Basics

You don’t have to look for some expensive ultra-professional brushes or combs for your pets. The best professionals also use the same tools that most pet owners use.  A few essential tools that come handy are: 

    • Rubber Brushes

These have rubber tinges and come in different shapes and sizes.

    • Pin Brushes

They are made of metallic pins or even wooden pins shaped like bristle brushes.

    • Bristle Brushes

These are similar to pin brushes, except they are natural or synthetic bristles.

    • Metal Combs

They are simple combs built on rubber or wooden handles with metallic bristles.

    • Slicker Brushes

They have delicate metal tinges made on a rectangular frame.

    • Wide Toothed Brushes

These have widely separated teeth, usually metal or plastic.

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

One of the best picks in the slicker brush with an ergonomic design and self-cleaning feature, Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is ideal for pets with a thick coat. The slicker brush has thin wire brushes set on a rectangular frame. It is helpful to remove tangles and mats from a dog’s coat. 

This brush proves to be a great buy because of its versatility for different coats and a self-cleaning function. A sturdy design, comfort, and maximum head coverage make it a great choice to remove loose hairs as well as dirt.

FURminator De-shedding Tool

FURminator de-shedding tool is easy to use for dogs of all shapes and sizes with any coat. All dogs shed, while some dogs shed more than others. Even if you brush your dog every day, it will keep shedding. Deshedding tools help getting rid of dead loose hairs from a dog’s coat.

FURminator de-shedding tool will help reduce shedding almost by 90%. It has a stainless-steel advantage that reaches underneath the coat, removing dirt, dangler, and loose hairs. It also has an auto-clean button to clear the bristles. The tool is available in different sizes for various breeds.

Pat Your Pet 2-in1 Glove

Some dogs enjoy brushing, while some pets never will never like it. A good way to groom your dog without spending hours of brushing is by considering a grooming glove. Pat Your Pet 2-in-1 Glove has soft rubber bristles and will fit into your hand for easy access. It also has a strap for added comfort. 

The evenly spaced rubber bristles glide effortlessly through the pet’s coat and remove all dead loose hairs along with dirt. It is perfect for dogs with short hair. It can be used for daily grooming and also removing furs stuck on furniture and carpets. 

Glendan Slicker Grooming Brush

It is not vital to buy a high-quality de-shedding brush for your pet. Glendan Slicker Grooming brush is an economical way of doing the job. It has a non-slip rubber handle with stainless steel bristles, available in two sizes, large and small, ideal for all dog sizes. The company offers a ninety-day guarantee with above a four-star customer rating.

The grooming brush is easy to clean and removes hackles, mats, dirt, and dead hairs. It leaves your pet’s coat soft and shiny.

Le Salon Rubber Dog Brush

Le Salon Rubber Dog Brush is a perfect companion for shedding loose hairs of puppies. The brush is ideal for gently circular motion to remove clumps, mats, and thick furs. It comes in handy while bathing your pet for extra scrubbing. The twisted handle gives a good grip while your fur friend enjoys the massage. It is best suited for short-coat pets.

Kong Zoom Groom Grooming Brush

Kong Zoom Grooming Brush is perfect for everyday grooming and bath time. It is rubber and removes dead and loose hairs from a dog’s coat. It effectively removes dander and dirt with its soft combs that penetrate loose hairs and keep the coat smooth and shiny. The gentle action stimulates the skin, producing natural oil in the dog’s coat.

The grooming brush is suitable for massaging sensitive areas like ears and face. It can attract hairs like a magnet. It is best suited for small breed dogs and puppies.

Safari Wire Pin Dog Brush

Safari Wire Pin Brush is ideal for removing tangled and loose hairs. The brush comes in two convenient sizes and is one of the best choices for shedding. The brush pins make it easy to distribute and even brushing for a soft silky shine. The pins also rekindle the skin to excrete natural oil from the dog’s skin. 

Shiny Pet Dog Comb

Shiny Pet Comb is sleek but sturdy. It is practical to stand against all kinds of tangles and mats. The teeth are made of durable metal and have rounded edges that won’t irritate your dog. It effectively removes dead hairs and also pulls out dirt and dander.

A rubber grip prevents slippery accidents keeping your dog safe and easier to handle than most groom tools. It has been designed to massage with an anti-scratch to boost blood circulation.

Safari Pet Dual-Sided Shedding Blade

Safari Pet Double-Sided Shedding Blade is one of the best brushes for shedding. It is excellent for removing loose hairs, suitable for dogs having a thick coat. Using it with handles makes it convenient to address smaller areas and chests. The handles also come in handy when penetrating inside the coat. It is great to pull out hair with ease. Just be careful not to apply too much pressure as it may cut through the skin.


It is excellent to own a pet, but it takes a great deal of responsibility to be a pet parent. Grooming and keeping your dog neat is a tiring and monotonous job. The biggest concern most pet parents have is the shedding of a pet’s hair.

Try these nine de-shedding tools on your pet. Choosing the right tool according to the size of your dog is also essential. 


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