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Is Adopting A Pet Right For You


Animal shelters all over are typically overflowing with unwanted dogs and cats. Most of the shelters do not have the proper funding to keep these animals alive in safe living conditions, and so this causes some shelters to euthanize animals. The animals in these facilities are kind and loving and in need of homes. Some animals have a rough past making them shy or skittish, but with the proper time and research, you will be able to find a dog that will fit right into your home. 

Reasons That Prove Adopting Is Better

If enough people rescued pets rather than buying them, it may drastically decrease the number of killed animals. When you save, you rescue a caring pet by bringing them into your home and free up the rescue room for the next pet in need; the following examples demonstrate how adopting a pet gives them not only a second chance but also helps you.

It Does Not Cost A Fortune

Expect to pay top dollar if you look for an animal from a pet breeder. If the shelter does charge a fee (it requires funds to remain open, after all), it is much smaller.  Furthermore, you will be purchasing a safe and well-cared-for animal since they’ve been neutered and immunized in the shelters. Like every pet owner can tell you, it can be a costly operation, but you’ve already preserved money and time.

Indirectly, You Are Saving Lives

Every year approximately over a million adoptable cats and dogs are put to sleep. Many people search for a cat or a dog, yet they do not check animal shelters first. That leaves many animals in the shelters with fewer chances of being rescued. 

You Will Feel Loved

Animals can only have unconditional affection for you, but they are also physically, emotionally, and psychologically helpful to their partners. Trying to care for a pet will offer a sense of intent and satisfaction and help alleviate feelings of isolation. You should still feel good about adopting a creature in crisis whenever you adopt!

Some Are Already Trained

Several of the dogs in rescues and shelters are also house-trained so that you might be not only preserving a pet’s life but also your carpet. Adopting an elderly animal will give animals a second opportunity and be a great addition to your family.

Irresponsible Breeders 

There have been breeding operations that are essentially puppy or kitten factories to produce as many animals as practicable.  The kittens/puppies’ parents are in pens for the primary purpose of breeding new dogs. They, as well as their infants, are kept in deplorable circumstances. A breeding dog is killed, auctioned, or discarded until it has fulfilled its mission. Many kittens and puppies born in these factories will have undisclosed medical issues that will not become evident later in life. 

At that, it could be too difficult to rescue them, and therapy could be prohibitively expensive. Limited people are becoming aware of specific locations, and many are unaware that they have been unwittingly helping a barbaric business by purchasing their pet instead of adopting.


If you foster a pet, you are saving them from such a horrible death, you are not helping puppy factories, and you also get a grateful animal who will trust you for the rest of its life. Consider adoption for your next pet, and watch how your hard work pays off. Some of the dogs in shelters take months to years to feel comfortable in your home, so give them adequate time to adjust.


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