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Food Items To Never Feed Your Dog


As most of us are aware that human food is not a dog or pet food, many pet owners continue feeding their pets their own food.  You must stop feeding your pets anything without knowledge. If you love dogs and other pets, you must know the right food for them and what food items are lethal to your pets. 

Human Food Is Not Always Dog-Friendly

Many food items are suitable for the human body but are inadequate for dogs and other pets. The main reason behind this is the different metabolic rates. Metabolism is the process by which the food we consume is broken down into sub-categories to provide energy. Ensure you always check what you are feeding your dogs and only give them healthy food for their body. If you are uncertain about the ingredient, then do not do some research about it before you decide to give it to your dog. 


Alcohol is proven to be toxic for dogs. You must never let them consume alcohol on purpose. Even a small amount of alcohol can cause drunkenness and lack of mind and muscle coordination, but it may even lead to weak breathing and abnormal acidity. It may sometimes even lead to a state of stupor or death. 

Apple Seeds

The main reason why apple seeds are toxic for dogs is that they contain a compound called amygdalin, which breaks down and releases cyanide when ingested. Apple seeds are toxic only when consumed in a large amount and enter into the bloodstream when chewed by the dog. 


Persin is the toxic substance contained in the central part of avocados. If consumed by dogs, it causes diarrhea, vomiting, and even causes heart congestion. The avocado pit contains the maximum amount of persin, so if your dog consumes an avocado pit, call your vet ASAP. In case your dog swallows a small part of an avocado, then it is nothing to worry about, yet to be on the safe side, you must inform your vet. 

Candy, Chewing Gum, Toothpaste, And Mouthwash

We all are aware of the fact that dogs shouldn’t eat sugar. Candies and gums contain not only sugar but also Xylitol. Xylitol causes no harm to humans but is exceptionally harmful to dogs. Even a minimal amount of it can cause low blood sugar, seizures, liver failure, and sometimes even death due to the liver and blood poisoning. Even Peanut-butter contains Xylitol and is exceptionally hazardous for dogs. So make sure you check the labels before feeding your dogs. 

Coffee, Tea And Other Caffeine


Caffeine is extremely dangerous for dogs and other animals. Consuming coffee can even lead to death within a few hours. Early symptoms include mild to severe hyperactivity, restlessness, vomiting, blood pressure, and tremors. 

Cooked Bones

The main problem with cooked bones is that they easily splinter when chewed by your dog. Raw bones, on the other hand, are hard and much enjoyed by your dog. Raw or uncooked bones are much better for your dog’s nutrition and teeth. 


Caffeine and theobromine are the main contents of chocolates. Consuming this will speed the heart rate and stimulate the nervous system. The symptoms may vary depending on the amount and quality of chocolate your dog has consumed, including your dog’s weight. Symptoms include- vomiting, diarrhea, increased urination, tremors, and in some cases, it even results in death. Cocoa powder, unsweetened baker’s chocolate, semisweet chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate are the most dangerous categories of chocolates for your dog. 

Cat Food

Cat food contains essential proteins and fats that are nutritious for the cat but is harmful to your dogs. If ingested in a large amount, it may cause vomiting, upset stomach, obesity, and pancreatitis. 


Dogs can enjoy fruits except for citrus fruits like grapes. And when you give your dog any fruit to eat, make sure you remove all the fruits’ seeds.  Seeds contain arsenic which is a toxic element. 

Grapes And Raisins

Kidney failure is the main symptom seen in dogs after consuming grapes and raisins. Even a minimal amount can cause food poisoning in dogs. Vomiting, depression, and low energy are the early symptoms, eventually leading to death. So please ensure you never let your dog consume even a small amount of grapes and raisins. 


Small amounts of garlic are okay for dogs to eat, it is also a flea treatment, but if taken in large quantities, it kills the red blood cells of dogs and causes anemia. Symptoms include weakness, trouble breathing, and vomiting. 

Human Vitamins

Dogs can’t eat the usual human vitamins and supplements which we intake every day. Human vitamins mainly contain 100% of the minerals and vitamins, which is an overdose for your pets. Prenatal vitamins contain a very high iron dose, causing iron toxicity in dogs, and are the most dangerous vitamin for your pets


It is an ingredient in beer that is extremely dangerous for your dog’s health. Consumption of hops in a large amount causes vomiting, panting, increased heart rate, fever, eventually leading to death. 


Marijuana poisoning in dogs depends on the quantity you expose your dogs too. Its symptoms include dribbling urine, non-functional nervous system, hyperactivity, coma, and even death. 

Milk And Dairy Products

Milk and dairy products are safe to be consumed by your dog daily. Still, if your dog is an allergic reaction to it, you must immediately take your dog to the vet because it may cause nasty diarrhea and other digestive problems. 

Macadamia Nuts

These nuts are the worst and are lethal for your dogs if consumed even in a tiny amount. Muscle shakes, vomiting, increased temperature, and weak legs are the symptoms of consuming Macadamia Nuts. 


Tobacco is unhealthy for us and even for our pets as it contains nicotine that is highly lethal to dogs. Ingestion of tobacco can result in fast symptoms like vomiting, weakness, increased heart rate within an hour. 


Some food items that are not listed above yet are harmful to your dog’s health are- Fat trimmings, corn on the cob, liver, onions, chives, persimmon, peppers, peaches, plum pits, raw meat and fish, rhubarb, salt, sugar, tomato leaves, tobacco, yeast dough, citrus, coconut, and coconut oil. 

These were some fatal food items that you shouldn’t give to your dogs. To conclude everything that I’ve stated so far, I would recommend checking the labels and always researching before giving your dog anything to eat.