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Easiest Way To Give Your Dog A Bath


Tips And Tricks To Make Bath Days Bearable For You And Your Pooch

If you are a dog owner, you can relate to the aftermath you witness after bathing your dog. The movie scenes or the perfect Instagram pic where the dog enjoys a splash, and the people are like a fairytale. The reality is closer to the hilarious videos where dogs don’t want to take a bath!

But here are some tips for you to make this weekly challenge hassle-free and smooth.

The Pre-requisites!

Before making your dog’s bath, make sure that you have certain things ready and at your service. Here is a list of things you must tick before taking your dog into the waters.

Brush Their Hair

If your dog has long hair, then this is a must prerequisite that you can’t skip over. The hairs get tangled, and once wet, they are a tedious task to detangle. Moreover, the hairs that fall off can clog your drains. Thus, detangling the tangles and a thorough brushing eliminate excess hair; it also keeps the drain clean. 

Block The Drain

No matter how efficiently you brush them, there always lies an unavoidable chance of the dog hair finding its way to the drain. Thus, block the drain with steel wool to prevent hairs from flowing into it.

Stock Up The Supplies

Ensure that all things you need while bathing your canine friend are at one hand apart to ease up the process and reduce the splatter. Make sure that the products you use are dog-friendly and do not harm them or their coat. If you are not sure, talk to the vet about the ideal shampoo for your breed.

Put Anti-slip Mats

Lay anti-slip mats on the tub walls so that your dogs can stand on them without slipping and avoid the spilling and splattering of the water.

Use Towels

Ideally, laying three towels (one at the bottom, the other to soak the splashing while you are grabbing stuff, and lastly to dry the dog) will ensure that there is not much water to clean off after bathing the dogs. 

Fill The Tub With Lukewarm Water

Your dogs don’t need water as hot as you need. With sensitive skin, they are comparable to baby skin. Hence, make sure that the water is not too hot so that it burns them. A tub would be the ideal place to bathe your dog, or you can also use the shower sprayer.

Prepare Your Dog

Most dogs have a hard time dealing with bathing. A simple step to prep up your dogs is to calm them and treat them to associate with the positive rewards. Another hack is to train them in the early years, so they don’t develop the aversion.

Now You Are Set To Wash Your Dog

If your dogs are not much fond of washing, then having the help of another family member to hold the dog down might make the process a little more convenient.

Make Sure You Follow The Four Steps:

  1. Soak: Before applying the dog shampoo, make sure that the dog is completely wet. This will make sure that the lather forms easily.
  2. Lather: Start from the neck and go down. Use rich lather to ensure that you don’t have to re-do it another time and all dirt and grease come off.
  3. Wash: Wash off all the shampoo, as there is a chance that it may irritate your dogs. Hence, thoroughly rinse off with water, and if needed, repeat the process.
  4. Dry: Soak up the water with the help of the towel or use an air-dryer designed for the dogs (if your dogs have long hair). Hot air from the regular hairdryer might be too hot for your dogs.  


Make sure that you thoroughly dry your pet’s ears. The water left in the ears is the main cause of irritation and infection. Moreover, if they are not very fond of water, make sure the dog’s face remains dry.

Your dogs may love the idea of running directly into a puddle after the wash. Make sure that your effort sees in the light of the day and avoid mishaps.


Pet grooming is an emerging industry. Leaving your pets at the hands of professional groomers once in a while is a treat to your pets. But to make the process hassle-free, make sure you follow the tips!


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