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Can Cats And Dogs Get Along?

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Whenever two people fight, we often say that they are fighting like cats and dogs. We’ve heard for ages that a dog and a cat don’t get along. Many households keep both cats and dogs, and they seem to be like best friends. It is often quite common for an animal to behave instinctively in other animals’ presence, but you can change that. The first meetings of two different animals and time matter, so you have to keep that in mind and be patient.

Most cats can freely live with a dog in many cases if they get to know each other comfortably.

Introductions should be done calmly and in steps. Introduce both of the animals when they are relaxed. It won’t make the situation worse, and maybe after some time, you may find that your cat and dog learn to tolerate one another, and perhaps they will become friends. Use your best judgment for leaving them together, although, following are some steps and methods in these situations.


Introducing a Dog and a Cat

How you introduce a dog and cat matters, and there are many different ways to let them interact. First-time interaction matters a lot, and if it doesn’t work out, you can try another option. Proceed cautiously during the introduction; even if the cat and dog have lived with each other’s kind before. If you have more than one dog, then introduce each dog separately to the cat. Try to keep the situation calm and relaxed.

First Meeting

  • During the first meeting, keep the cat at the dog’s eye level.
  • Keep both the animals in your secure grip; this will provide them with a sense of safety.
  • If either dog or cat looks frightened or aggressive, separate them immediately and then try again later.
  • Please don’t force the situation; it will make things worse.
  • Give them a few minutes in a day, which will make them relaxed for introducing each other under your supervision.

No Alone Time

  • Never leave them alone until you’re entirely confident that they are comfortable in each other’s presence.
  • Never leave the dog and cat alone if the dog and the cat are still checking or looking at each other differently in your presence.
  • Dog and cat interaction should always be under your supervision only, especially the first few weeks of their meeting.
  • When they are left alone, your cat and dog may become aggressive and end up hurting one another.


  • Desensitization reduces the reaction of your dog towards your cat through continuous appearance.
  • Some dogs get too excited when they first see a cat, and sometimes their response makes the cat feel uneasy and scared.

Keep the Favorable Situation

  • During their interaction, don’t scold your dog under any circumstances.
  • If you do it every time your dog meets your cat, the dog might think it’s the cat’s fault, and it might increase the tension between them.
  • Praise your dog with a reward; if your dog is friendly towards the cat, this will inspire your dog to remain in a positive attitude towards the cat.

Go Slow

  • Sometimes the dog and cat become friends within a few hours.
  • But other times it usually takes time, because we all know the behavior of cats and dogs are different, and therefore they behave differently towards each other. It takes time for both of them to adapt to each other.
  • So be patient, and your cat and dog will get along eventually.


Animals with good behavior and environment often adjust with different animals quickly—other factors like past experiences, training, attitude, introduction, etc. If any of these factors don’t go well, it may take time for both dogs and cats to adjust. You can take help from professional dog trainers and consultants but don’t use punishments or scold them.