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Best Dog Bones For Tough Chewers

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Dogs of all ages have a natural tendency to chew. Sometimes they chew for fun and sometimes out of sheer boredom. They also practice chewing various objects and toys to relieve their anxiety at times. Since dogs spend a generous amount of time chewing on things, it is essential to give your fluffy friend the right kind of dog chew toys.

Aggressive chewers are known to destroy toys and other objects within minutes. If they are not given high quality, indestructible chew toys, chances are that they will chew onto other unwanted objects or even furniture for that matter to relieve their urge. To keep that from happening, you can consider getting one of the durable dog bones that you will find further in this article. Before that, let us address some commonly asked questions to establish a better foundation about the topic. 

How to know whether your dog is an aggressive chewer or not?

Often people tend to answer this question by considering the size or the strength of their jaws. Large breeds may have stronger jaws, but that does not imply that they are aggressive chewers. The best way to determine whether your dog is an aggressive chewer or a non-aggressive chewer is by observing them while they chew. If you find out that your dog chews with a lot of enthusiasm and impatience to the point of wrecking the object, then you certainly have an aggressive chewer. 

Which features should you look for in a dog bone or chewing toy for your power chewer?

  • Should not be too hard – If the chewing toy is found to be too hard, then it can cause harm to your dog’s teeth and result in oral injuries. As a basic guideline, if the toy hurts your knee after banging it, then it is exceedingly hard for your dog. 
  • Should not be too soft – Aggressive chewers tend to chew with so much excitement and energy that if the bone or toy is too soft, then they might shred it into pieces and swallow it. 
  • It should be washable – Since the toy keeps entering your dog’s mouth and then strays all over the house, it is crucial to have a washable toy so that it can be disinfected from time to time.
  • It should be of an ideal shape and size – If the toy is too small in size, then your dog may swallow it knowingly or unknowingly. The shape should also be suitable for the dog’s teeth and tongue because some dogs get their tongue stuck in the toy.
  • It should not be coated with artificial substances – An artificially coated bone may upset your dog’s stomach and result in serious health issues as well. 

Now that we have our basics cleared, let us dive into this thoughtfully curated list of the best dog bones for tough chewers.

Pawstruck Monster Braided Bully Stick

If your dog enjoys chewing onto bully sticks but wrecks them within a matter of a few minutes, then your dog requires a rigid bully stick such as this one. Pawstruck Monster Braided Bully Stick is essentially made out of eight smaller bully sticks that are plaited together to form one indestructible bully stick. It is available in three different sizes- 4, 7, and 8 inches long. You can easily pick the most suitable one by considering your dog’s size and jaw. It is made from organic components and is entirely free from artificial color and other preservatives, making it safe for your dog’s health. Another exciting feature is that this braided bully stick naturally keeps your dog’s teeth clean. It is low in fat, high in protein, and free of gluten, making it nutritionally sound. 

Nylabone Barbell Power Chew 

This barbell shaped chew toy has proven to last long even for aggressive chewers. It is made out of nylon, which not only increases the bone’s durability but also satisfies the urge to chew, which is naturally found in dogs. It has a peanut butter flavor, which is loved by dogs. There are three sizes available- Medium, Large, and XX-Large so that you can pick one as per your dog’s requirement. Besides, this bone helps in soothing the dog’s teeth and keeps them clean. It also promotes dental care and weight management. It is a typical purchase made by owners of aggressive chewers, majorly because of its durability and its comforting peanut butter flavor. 

Outward Hound Petstages Dogwood Stick

This dog bone is made out of natural wood, which makes it highly durable and dog friendly. It is free of lead and phthalate, which prevents causing harm to your dog. It comes in four sizes- petite, small, medium, and large, which allows a comfortable chewing experience for dogs of all sizes and breeds. It has a natural wood flavor and texture, which dogs find irresistible. With a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, this high-quality dog chew is a perfect chewing aid for your dog. Outward Hound Petstages Dogwood Stick has tons of positive reviews from happy dog owners who have finally found a durable and organic dog bone for their aggressive chewer. 

Devil Dog PetCo Antler Dog Chew

This is one of the best antlers for dogs to chew on. It is a premium, A-Grade product that is weighed, inspected, and measured to make sure that its high quality is maintained. These are natural, clean, and odorless, offering a range of essential nutrients. It has an Elk flavor, which keeps your dog physically and mentally stimulated every day. It also keeps your dog’s teeth clean by removing tartar from them. Many sizes are available such as small, medium, large, extra-large, jumbo, and monster. This makes finding the right fit for your dog a hassle-free job. However, there is one aspect to note. Since these are entirely natural, the size, shape, density, and color may vary. 

Pet Qwerks Flavour Infused BarkBone

This is yet another highly durable and long-lasting chew toy. It is a non-toxic and non-allergic dog bone that is made from nylon. It comes in sizes small or large, making it suitable for small and large breed dogs, and the flavors are BBQ or bacon. This toy also massages the dog’s gums and cleans their teeth as well. It has been designed in such a way that any dog can pick and hold it very comfortably, making it an easy-to-use chew toy. It is a durable and robust bone that aggressive chewers will not be able to destroy very quickly. There is no color or addictive component present, which ensures a healthy chewing experience. 

EETOYS Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers

This is an almost indestructible chew toy, made from nylon after considering all safety aspects. This bone can be layered with another paste such as peanut butter, which will ensure that your dog does not get bored very quickly, and the destructive behavior is controlled. Additionally, it also helps in soothing and cleaning your dog’s teeth, which will ultimately keep most of the dental issues at bay. Various sizes are available so that each dog gets the right fit. Along with that, interesting flavors like Bacon, Lemon, and Beef are offered. Also, in case your dog does not find it comfortable due to any reason, you can return it on Amazon within 30 days of ordering. 

West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Chew

This plastic made dog bone is an excellent substitute for wooden bones. It is a non-toxic and recyclable dog chew made in the USA. There are three sizes to choose from- extra small, small, and large. Besides, there is a variety of bright colors, such as aqua, tangerine, ruby, etc. These colors easily stand out among all the toys, making it convenient for your dog to find. You can disinfect this dog chew from time to time as it is easily washable. The toy is designed in a dog-friendly manner, making it very comfortable for your dog to pick and grip. Apart from being durable, it is also floatable, which allows your dog to play all sorts of fetching games in the water as well. All the above-given features have made this product feature in Amazon’s best-sellers list. 

In conclusion

Dogs enjoy chewing; therefore, their chewing toy is probably going to be their best companion. Likewise, finding a suitable and healthy chewing companion for your dog is every dog owner’s prime responsibility. A good quality dog bone will not only keep your dog content and occupied, but it will also ensure its dental hygiene and mental stimulation. 

There are numerous kinds of dog bones available in the market, each offering impressive features, flavors, and so on, but finding dog bones for tough and aggressive chewers could be much more challenging than you think. Only a stern, high quality, and long-lasting dog bone can meet their needs.