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Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?


Why Is My Dog Eating Grass? Things That Every Dog Owner Must Know.

  • Is your dog nibbling on the grass on your daily outings?  
  • Are you worried that its constant adventures in food diversity might harm him? 
  • Do you doubt yourself whether you are providing enough to your pet or not?

Then fret not; we are here to answer your queries. The eating habit of dogs can are attributed to a variety of causes. Science calls the term of eating things non-food items as PICA. Frankly speaking, nothing is scientifically or medically stated about the reason. But some assumptions are associated with the uncommon behavior, which might cause harm if not controlled. The behavior of pets, especially dogs, is primarily centered around their owners. Hence, if you find any uncommon behavior from your pet, you know you might not have to look too far.

The Possibilities

Improper Diet

Yes, animal diet is now available in all sorts of ranges and flavors. But most of the time, it may lack proper nutrients and minerals, especially roughage. Roughage is vital for the diet as it aids in digestion and proper regulation of bowel movement. As we generally call it, roughage or fiber is often not sufficient in the daily diets of pets. Hence, to supplement the dietary intake, they often nibble on grasses.

Upset Stomach

Sometimes it is also seen that a dog might eat a lot of grass only to vomit later. This has led many to believe that maybe the dogs might purposely feed on it so they can vomit and be free from stomach troubles, much like how we sometimes subside indigestion or food poisoning by throwing up. Another question arises: do dogs vomit because they eat grass or eat to throw up. Nevertheless, only a tiny fraction of dogs are found to vomit after ingesting grass or show illness before eating it.

Anxiety And Other Psychological Factors

We clearly can’t ignore the psychological factors that might drive the dogs to do so. Just like few human behaviors have no validation but are a result of psychological factors like anxiety and stress. The most common example being fidgeting, biting nails, etc.

They May Enjoy It

Though it may not seem too likely, there also lies a slight chance that your dog might actually like this activity. Maybe they might love to chew on the fresh grasses or the new forming fresh springs. It might enjoy the taste and snack on it.


The dogs were not inherently domesticated beings. Though thousands of years of domestication might have evolved their physiology, they have that genetic factor ingrained in them. The early dogs hunted and fend for themselves. During the course, feeding on grass was a source of additional nourishment. Thus, if your dogs eat grass, it is an act that is performed by his nature.

Why You Should Worry

Though the act itself is not very harmful until practiced in excess, it is not healthy for the dogs. The grasses are a source of parasites that might be already there or picked up from the waste (especially the fecal waste of other animals). This might get your dogs to get infected and get sick too.

Another source of danger might be the chemical fertilizers and pesticides sprayed for the plants’ growth. These chemicals are hazardous and, when ingested, might harm pets. Lastly, the plants might be dangerous themselves. Some plants are toxic by their very nature. The animals generally have their way about things and get to know what to eat and whatnot. Sometimes this might not work as effectively. Hence it is a requirement that you should never keep plants that are toxic in your home if you raise a dog.

What Can You Do?

If the habit is because of improper diet, then you should consider adding foods that will cater to their nourishment needs. You can consult with a veterinarian and look for what you should include more. If the habit is self-medication for an upset stomach, you should not worry about it. But then look into reasons why the dog might have had an upset stomach. For the stress-eating ones, try to distract them with other things. Like giving them a chewing toy would suffix their craving a little. Spend more quality time with your pets and ensure they do not feel left alone.


Eating in a small amount is fine, but excessively might attract undesirable effects. Hence, keep an eye on the dogs. Make sure they do not cultivate this as a habit. You can train them or distract them by preventing them from eating grass.


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