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Why Is My Dog Always In Front Of Me


Dogs are special companions that can be trained to do so many things. But there’s one thing, in particular, they always seem to want to do: walk in front of you when you’re walking them! It seems like nearly every dog owner has had this experience at some point, and it can get frustrating for both the dog and the human. Is your pup constantly leading the way? Read on for a few possible reasons why dogs might insist on being in front of their humans during walks!

Pack Animals

Dogs are pack animals and want to be in front of their humans because it makes them feel more safe and secure. They know where their pack/home/territory is, and they want to protect it. When a dog walks in front, they can see if anything is approaching, such as an intruder (although typically, your pup will likely bark at this person). This makes them feel like they’re the protector of the pack!

They Don’t Know Any Better

It’s important to remember that dogs learn from their environments. They don’t necessarily know any better when it comes to walking in front of you or not since they subconsciously pick up on human behaviors and act accordingly. That doesn’t mean your pup isn’t capable of learning new tricks, though! Keep in mind that pups usually learn best from positive reinforcement, so keep it fun!

Other Pets

If you have other pets in your home or on your property, it might influence why your dog insists on being out in front all the time when you go for walks. Dogs are pack animals, and when there is more than one dog in a family/pack situation, one will sometimes try to take control of the group dynamic. Or sometimes, if you have two dogs, one might try to claim territory in front while the other stays behind. This behavior is natural for these animals, so don’t worry too much about it!

Catching Food

Sometimes dogs tend to walk in front of their humans simply because they’re hungry! If you tend to feed them at the end of your walks or before they go out (or even if you only feed them after your pup does something good, like “sit”), then they may be walking in front of you on purpose. Of course, this isn’t true for every dog out there, but it’s certainly something to consider if your pup insists on always leading the way when you head outside.

Energy Levels

If your dog seems to always want to walk in front of you, this could be because they have a high energy level. Some pups might just need more exercise than others, and it’s important to be conscious of your pet’s type of breed and age. A younger and more active pup will naturally want to walk out in front and explore. Maybe your pup just needs a more intensive walk schedule! If you have a “high energy breed,” such as a husky, border collie, or Australian cattle dog, then make sure that you’re giving them enough exercise to help curb their constant need for activity.

Wants To Speed Up

Another reason you might notice that your pup seems to always want to walk in front of you is that they want to go faster! This could be because they’re very eager and excited about getting outside! If a dog has a fast-paced gait, they will naturally lead the way as they want to get from one end of their walk route to the other faster.

They See Something Interesting

Perhaps your pup is walking in front because they see something interesting! There could be a smell, another animal, or even an object that your dog wants to check out. If your pet is always leading the way rather than following you, then this might be what’s happening. 

You can train them by using commands such as “heel” and “follow” so that once they’re older, they will automatically walk behind you on walks.

Body Language

Dogs communicate mostly with body language, so when you’re walking together, your pup is trying to tell you something just by how they stand in front of you. Perhaps they want to play a game of chase! Or, perhaps they’re scared of their surroundings and want to go out ahead to find the safest path for them and their human. Many factors can influence why your dog insists on being in front of you during walks, but hopefully, this article has raised some things you’ll think about the next time it happens!


Why is my dog always in front of me when I walk them? There are many potential reasons for this, but hopefully, this article has given you some insight into the possibilities! Whatever the reason, it’s important to know that your dog is trying to communicate with you. Always be conscious of your pup!


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