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Top Working Dog Breeds


 Dogs of different breeds, sizes, and shapes attend intense training sessions to help their owners in many ways. Many working dogs have severed our society by performing various roles. Dog breed organizations and kennel clubs have categorized certain dog breeds into “working dogs.” Some dogs traditionally fulfilled various physical activities like guarding and herding, but those dog breeds may not perform such services today. Multiple dog breeds and even various mixed dogs can perform many different roles.  


Boxer is an active, bright, agile, and strong dog breed that completely straddles the list of working dog breeds. Germans originally bred boxers for performing the activities of guarding and hunting. This dog breed is not highly aggressive, but they surely have a strong protective instinct.

Great Pyrenees

The great Pyrenees are called “Pyrenean mountain dogs,” these dogs might be huge but are very gentle towards their owner — but they also have a very protective fierce streak. The Great Pyrenees were originally bred to perform the role of livestock guards. They are a highly courageous, loyal, and intelligent breed, making them a perfect choice for people and property guards. 

German and Doberman Pinscher

Over the centuries, the word “Doberman” connected with the word “guard dog.” German Pinscher is closely related to Doberman Pinschers, and these dog breeds have developed their reputation as vicious and aggressive guardians. With proper training sessions and attention, these dog breeds can also provide an intimidating defense. 


Rottweiler has also been a famous guard dog breed. Much historical evidence has suggested that rottweilers were livestock guards during Ancient Rome. They are highly renowned for their endurance and are extremely powerful. However, they are also associated with other aggressive roles like military and police services. Rottweilers are also highly intelligent and even-tempered, making them the perfect champion for dedicated and active owners. 


Siberian and Eskimo Huskies, along with Alaskan malamute, are renowned as quintessential sled dogs. Their excellent endurance, speed, and strength allow them to carry loads for a greater distance, even in subzero temperatures. However, with the advancement of technology, dog sleds are rare anymore, these dog breeds carry a long history of travel, and still, people organize dog sled races for recreational purposes.  


Akita’s are powerful and large dog breeds. Much historical evidence has linked their presence to early Japanese history. During that time, having a pet of this loyal and dominating breed was considered a sign of high status. However, Akita’s are a very independent and reserved dog breed. Their fearlessness and loyalty as a guard dog are highly legendary. 


Bloodhound is a breed that is highly recognized for its excellent tracking ability, so much that the word “bloodhound” has been added in the English lexicon for describing the skillful investigation and single-minded prowess. This dog breed is highly skilled at tracking that any testimony based on bloodhound’s trailing results is acceptable in courts of law. Much historical evidence has linked bloodhounds to medieval France, where they track and hunt wild game.  

Golden Retriever

However, AKC has not strictly classified golden retrievers as “working dogs.” Still, they excel in many working jobs, from search-and-rescue and law enforcement to service and therapy tasks – that they have earned a special mention. The golden retriever is highly intelligent, and their good nature and boundless enthusiasm make them a popular choice for working professionals and families alike. 

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers have many common traits, and both breeds are not categorized as working dogs. Still, they are highly popular for police work, search-and-rescue, and therapy and service jobs. Labrador retriever’s friendliness and trainability have made them a popular choice among American families.  

German Shepherd

German shepherds are a hallmark K-9 police unit dog, but they are also popular for guarding livestock, property, and people. Many records and contexts of the jobs performed by this dog breed may unfairly tag this dog as extremely aggressive, but in reality, they are highly obedient and intelligent. However, they are less suitable for performing household ownership in comparison to some other breeds.


Working dogs are usually purebred dogs trained and developed to execute tasks like guarding properties, fetch shot birds and animals, rescue people, pull sleds or carts, herding sheep/cattle, and so on. Some of the best working dog breeds are Boxers, Rottweilers, Akita, Huskies, Great Pyrenees, Doberman, and Bloodhounds. 


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