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Top Healthiest Types Of Dog Foods


In the market, endless dog food varieties are available, and choosing among them can be tedious for the owner. The purchasing owner has to choose among various types of food according to his dog’s preference and health. 

The primary protein source and the first ingredient in any high-quality dog food should be meat. By-products are harmful to the dog, and many kibbles use preservatives and artificial ingredients that are not beneficial for your dog. It can be hard to know what kibble is of top quality for your furry companion. Here is a list of some of the top healthiest dog foods you should choose for your dog.


Orijen is a healthy dog food with small-scale production in Canada. Orijen makes their kibble with locally used protein as its source. Herring meal, fresh boneless salmon, turkey meal, fresh boneless chicken, and chicken meal are the first five ingredients used in Orijen dog food. The company uses airtight packing and the use of vitamin E to preserve the freshness of its product. If you want to choose your dog food, Orijen is the best choice one can make.


The primary three protein sources and ingredients in timberwolf are turkey meat, chicken, and chicken meal. In every twenty pounds of dog food, ten pounds is fish and chicken meal. Dried chicken liver, whitefish meal, and brown rice are also on the ingredient list. The company uses sources of vitamin E and mixed tocopherols as preservatives. Timberwolf recipes do not include vitamin K3 because of health risks.

Fromm Adult Gold

For meeting the dog’s nutrition level, Fromm Adult Gold dog food is the best choice. The first five protein sources and ingredients in Fromm Adult Gold are chicken meat, chicken, duck, brown rice, and whole egg. This brand uses citric acid, sorbic acid, and mixed tocopherols to preserve its products.


In the dog food market, Acana is the pioneer that focuses on high quality and advances in biological production. Free of chemical preservatives and by-products, protein-rich is the prairie formula of Acana. Chicken liver oil, turkey meal, chicken meal, green peas, and deboned chicken are the first five ingredients used in Acana products. The company uses fresh and locally sourced food in the manufacturing process.

Taste Of The Wild

Taste Of The Wild provides complete nutrition to your dog. Chicken, turkey, lamb, venison, boar, salmon, bison, and wildfowl are the variety of high-quality protein sources used in the ingredient while manufacturing this product. For dogs who have allergies to the protein used in dog food, the taste of the wild is an excellent choice. This product has several formulas for dogs according to their needs, breeds, age, and stomach sensitivity.


Primal uses human-grade ingredients free of steroids, antibiotics, and added hormones. Organic kale, organic carrot, ground lamb bones, lamb heart, and lamb livers are the five first ingredients in this product.  For preservation, Primal uses freeze-drying, a chemical-free method. 


Merrick is one of the top organic dog foods. Rabbit, duck, and venison are the deboned proteins included in these recipes. Merrick dog food helps in reducing inflammation and improves mobility. Merrick recipes are grain-free and use potatoes and sweet potatoes for easy digestion purposes. No additives, sweeteners, color, or fillers are in the manufacturing of the kibble.

Nature’s Variety Of Instinct Original

This company uses grain-free and cage-free chicken with no preservatives or artificial colors in its manufacturing process. Chicken, salmon, rabbit, and duck are the main ingredients in this dog food.

Blue Buffalo

For the healthy diet of your dog, blue buffalo dog food is the best brand. The first ingredient in this is real meat, which is very much beneficial for dogs. Its ingredients include a fish meal and deboned lamb. Blue buffalo also offer breed-based and custom age formulas. A blend of vegetables, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and whole grains is included in the ingredients list to create a healthy food option. It’s best for senior dogs. This product also helps in making dog coats shiny and maintain a healthy weight.

Canidae All Life Stages

Canidae is considered one of the most reputable dog food brands, and it doesn’t contain wheat, soy, or corn. It includes turkey, lamb, chicken, and fish meal. Antioxidants, omega-six, and omega-three fatty acids are the combination of probiotics used while manufacturing this product. It’s good for the dog who is a picky eater; the protein mix helps them devour food.

Diamond Naturals

It is a reasonable dry dog food with a high quality of healthy grain and protein. Sorghum, white rice, and real meat are the main ingredients while staying away from artificial color, corn, wheat, and fillers.  For healthy skin and coat, vegetables, fruits, plus omega-six and omega-three fatty acids are in Diamond Naturals.


This article brought you several healthy dog foods that help maintain your dogs’ strength and vitality. We know how much each of us loves our pets, especially when we consider them our family members. So, as we eat well to stay fit, our dogs deserve the best foods to stay healthy. Their happiness matters to us, and so, we wish to provide them with the best. By having these fantastic dog foods, we ensure that your dog will jump and run all through the day with you and be your best friend.


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