Top Family Friendly Pups

Are you thinking of adding a new furry member to your family? It’s vital to select a breed that is perfect for you and your family. Dogs are great pets for the family, and they mix up with kids of all ages. They can make an ideal companion to your growing children, and this way, your kids can learn about responsibility and unconditional love. A dog will never leave your side whether you want someone to cuddle or when you need a mood booster. Now you must be wondering which breed to pick for your family? The trick is to go for the one that can easily blend in your family atmosphere.


Fun Loving Dogs – Top 8 Family Friendly Pups

Some dogs adapt nicely to new places, while a few may take some time to adjust themselves. We’ve narrowed down your choices to 8 fun-loving and family-friendly breeds you can bring home.  


  • Golden Retriever – The Golden Retriever is a loyal, confident, and smart dog. It is one of the most fun-loving and friendly pet breeds. For kids, you may want a patient dog, and Golden Retriever fits that category. Your kids will fall in love with this dog as it is very affectionate and obedient.


  • Labrador Retriever – Another breed that should be apt for your family and kids is Labrador Retriever. They are very fun-loving, playful, and protective, and your kids will love them. The best thing is that labs are brilliant and take well to training. One thing to consider is that they require a lot of exercise, so if your family is up for the challenge, then only you should opt for this breed.

Labrador retriever

  • Boxers – Don’t let yourself fooled by the muscular look of this dog; they are incredibly gentle giants. It has a sweet and playful temperament that makes it a perfect companion for kids. Also, boxers have a protective instinct for the family that makes them family-friendly dogs. You won’t have to worry even a bit because these dogs get along with the kids so soon.



  • Poodle – If you or anyone in your family has allergies, the poodle is a perfect choice for you. They have a fluffy hypoallergenic coat that is great for people with specific allergies. You can also choose different sizes or colors in poodles as they come in small, medium, and large sizes with black, white, and maple-apricot shades. These dogs are known for their intelligence, and they take up things very quickly. Also, you’ll love to show off their distinctive haircut.

Poodle Pup

  • Newfoundland – These dogs absolutely love children and are very protective of them. All the qualities that are suitable for kids, i.e., kind, gentle, and patient, lie with these dogs. It’s like getting a nanny for your little ones rather than a pet. Both older and younger ones in the family will quickly fall in love with this pooch. Newfoundland is best for families with large open spaces as they drool and shed excessively. Also, their long coat furs demand regular upkeep.

Newfoundland Pup


  • Bulldog – This should be your go-to-breed if you want a patient and affectionate pup that creates a bond with your kids. Being an amiable dog, bulldogs get along with other pets, for that matter, dogs too. Just make sure you pay extra care to their teeth as their compressed jaws demand so.

Bulldog Pup

  • Irish Setter – The breed is known for its red coat. Being extraordinarily playful and energetic, these dogs love to play with children. Another impressive thing is that they hate to be alone, so they’ll be at their best behavior when surrounded by loved ones. If you have highly energetic kids, this dog will be a perfect match, as it requires a lot of exercise.



  • Bichon Frise – This dog will remind you of a little powder puff. Unlike other small breed dogs, this dog will keep up to the energy level of your kids. They are very loyal and affectionate, and what else could be best for a family. Just initial training and little grooming efforts, and a Bichon Frise would completely adapt itself to your family environment.

bichon-frise pup


With so many options, it could be a little challenging to choose. To make this process a little easier, narrow down your choice to a handful of breeds. You can select your dog based on a few things, such as what size do you want? If you want a small dog, you can choose from the small breed dogs that are best for younger children. If you want a giant, bulky dog for your grown-ups, you can choose from the breeds like Bulldogs, Labrador retriever, Newfoundland, etc. Choosing the size of the dog also depends on the size of your house and open spaces. You can also consider the energy level of the dog. The breeds we’ve discussed varies on the energy scale.

Most importantly, keeping in mind the care one dog will need is really important. No doubt, you’re going to be a dedicated and sincere owner, but every breed listed here has different needs. All of them need to be fed a nutritious meal, but some will eat more often. Every one of these needs grooming, but some will need it daily while the others not so often. Take your time in making up your mind because having a pet is having a longtime companionship.