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Top 10 Quietest Dog Breeds


Dogs bark and that is a universal truth. It’s your dog’s way of communicating with you, but if you live in a condo or apartment, then the constant barking can be an issue with your neighbors. Plus, it would help if you also had your peace of mind to relax from the hustle and bustle of life. So choosing or adopting a calm dog breed becomes a priority when adding a four-legged family member to your house.

Do some dogs bark more than the others? 

According to the scientists, it’s all because of the genes. The barking of the dog dramatically depends on the genetics they have inherited. The breeding of the dog was done with keeping in mind the barking capabilities of the canine. Some were bred to bark out loud, while some were bred to bark less. Studies found that the wolf breeds were calm dogs and barkless compared to all the other species.

Great Danes

The ‘gentle giants’ or ‘Apollo of dogs’ are some of the most beloved family pets. They are considered as one of the most gentle, graceful, and quietest dog breeds. Although being a great size, they don’t have any bullying behavior and are very intelligent too. They don’t bark much and are never a nuisance. 

Basset Hound

The basset hound is short in height but looks very graceful and beautiful and makes a great house dog. It was initially bred as a hunting dog, particularly for hunting hares. It is a devoted, tenacious, easy-going, sweet-tempered, and affectionate dog. It may become a bit unruly and erratic when left alone for a more extended period. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian ridgeback is an emotional dog and is very protective in temperament. Known as one of the best guard dogs and are immensely popular in South Africa are bred for this very reason. They protect the farm and cattle from predators, even the large ones. They are suitable protectors and are super loyal to their owners. They are a super silent dog breed and only bark when there is any prominent threat. 

Shiba Inu

It is a Japanese bred hunting dog. They are spirited dogs and have agility like cats. Shiba Inu adapt perfectly to apartment living and are quiet. This breed is affectionate and is exceptionally friendly with kids. A highly intelligent dog Shiba Inu is perfect if you are looking for a silent dog for apartment or condo living. 

Irish Wolfhound

As the name suggests, these were bred in Ireland for hunting. These dogs have an imposing height; these are among the tallest dog breeds in the world. Despite their significant size, these dogs are noble, sensitive, gentle, and easy-going. They live a quiet life, and if, once in a while, you take them out for a run or a walk, they are content to lay in the quiet. The only thing is that you would need a large apartment or room to keep this fantastic dog. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a very affectionate, loving, playful, and petite breed of dog, which affectionately loves its owner. It is so attached to the owner that when left alone, it feels scared. They live a healthy and long life based on the condition that you take care of them with proper food and regular exercise. Their size is what makes them perfect for apartment living. They are couch potato dogs and often lie lazily on the couch. They are also very silent and quiet and are not much of a problem. 

French Bulldog

The French bulldog is one of the cutest dog breed present on earth. Donning the large bat ears and its small size, it melts the heart of whoever sees it. It makes them one of the most popular dog breed choices for city dwellers. It is adaptable, playful, alert, and of course, downright irresistible. It doesn’t bark much and doesn’t need many outdoor activities, making it perfect for city dwellings. 

Clumber Spaniels

If you are looking for an intelligent, adaptable, affectionate dog that makes a super family companion, then a clumber Spaniel would be the ideal choice. Bred as a retriever dog, these dogs are super intelligent and agile. They adapt well to the environment, making them the perfect choice for people living in apartments and condos. It is a very trainable dog and is friendly towards kids. The clumber spaniels don’t create much noise or fuss and only barks when needed. 

Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish deerhound, as the name suggests, were initially bred to stalk and assist in hunting the wild red giant deer. These are one of the tallest dog breeds around the world. It is an affectionate, athletic, and super loyal dog breed. They are also very playful and gentle and make great companions and family dogs. They are silent and seldom bark, making it a very prized family dog. 


The fascinating features of the shar-peis make it one fantastic companion and guardian canine. Its unique feature with a blue-black tongue, sunken swollen eyes with a frowning expression, folds of skin on shoulders, neck, and head, tiny triangular ears, and tapered tail makes it a unique yet spectacular dog breed. They are intelligent, loyal, and silent dogs, but they are not friendly with strangers and can pose a threat if provoked. 


All ten of these dog breeds are known to be pretty silent dogs and excellent companions. Keep in mind the dog’s size and its needs when looking to get one, and make sure your lifestyle suits it. All of these breeds are a fantastic option; after all, a dog is a human’s best friend. 


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