Top 10 Medium-Sized Dog Breeds


Medium-sized dog breeds comprise lots of different species, and they all make fantastic pets. They are the perfect and ideal choice for small homes and those who haven’t got much time for exercising on their hands. The medium-sized dog breeds are perfect for families, as they are mostly low maintenance and are super fun in just the right-size. While there are many medium-sized dogs out there, some stand out and have become favorites of many people. Medium-size dog breeds have more strength than smaller dogs. You may want to start with medium-sized dogs if you want a workout companion instead of the small ones.

What describes a medium-sized dog? Small dog breeds manage to go up to around 20 pounds, and large dog breeds begin about 60 pounds. Medium-sized dogs are great right-sized dogs between tiny and giant dogs. You can have the best of multiple dog breeds by getting a mixture, so be sure to do more research on the breed to see that it’s a fit for your family and your household.

Many dog breeds make excellent family dogs, while some are better suited for farm and suburban families than city households. Medium-sized family dogs such as Beagles, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and Australian Shepherds are protective and playful breeds. 

Here are the top ten medium-sized dog breeds that will make beautiful and fantastic additions to your house:

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are devoted dogs with a sporty streak. They require a family of zero couch potatoes. They want to spend lots of time with their owners, whether leaning against a leg or sitting on your foot. Their intense loving, gentle, and playful nature prevent them from ever getting rough, making them excellent with kids. They have a great sense of loyalty and excellent guarding instincts for their families. They are highly energetic. For grooming, weekly brushing is recommended. 

Basset Hound

This dog breed with little legs was bred initially in Belgium and France described as stubborn sometimes but always charming and admired for their efficiency in sniffing out prey during a hunt. People fell for their manners and personalities somewhere along the way. This dog breed is known for its simple style as they are gentle and patient, making them perfect for small kids and families. To keep a basset hound happy moderate exercise and a playful environment are required. Their different heavy and long ears need a bit of maintenance along with weekly brushing.


The Bulldog is a muscular, stout, and short dog known for its stubborn nature and short muzzle. They usually slow down a bit into adulthood, but young Bulldogs may have a lot of energy. They weigh around 40 to 50 pounds though they are low to the ground, mostly muscle. Bulldogs may require extra health care depending on genetics but make great companions. Bulldogs are friendly and lively dogs that make great companions. The wrinkly and distinct Bulldog makes a beautiful companion to small kids. These dogs are loyal and can live in any environment, and are happy to spend lots of time with their owners.


The Samoyed dog breed is a beautiful, friendly, intelligent, and always happy kind of dog. They fit well with a family as these dogs want to be around people. But leave them alone, and they’ll turn miserable. Samoyeds are naughty, social, smart dogs and are incredibly loyal and seek attention and approval from their owners. The Samoyed can become demanding if not appropriately trained, as they always like to have work to do. These pups need to be a fundamental part of your family. They need daily brushing as they shed a lot.


This pup is one of the easier ones to train and one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Their gentle nature is unexpected as they were bred for retrieving waterfowl and hunting. The Poodle dog breed is loving and generous with children and other animals. This dog breed lies at the medium-weight size list weighing around 60 pounds and is 27 inches in height.

Labrador Retriever

These medium to large-sized dog breeds are favorites of many people. They’re known for being enthusiastic, friendly, and can do anything like swimming, dress-up, fetch, etc. These dogs are as healthy and loyal as they come. They require lots of training and are known for their excellent manners. For grooming, occasional brushing and baths are recommended.


The Collie is perhaps best known as Lassie, the movie dog. The Collie has remained a comparatively popular dog breed known for vital intelligence, fierce devotion to its people, and regal grace. Collie owners need to keep the hair trimmed short or brush the thick coat regularly. Training is relatively easy, and exercise needs are moderate. The Collie craves the presence of its owners and is receptive to training. The Collie is one of the world’s most beloved dog breeds. They are wonderfully well-behaved house dogs as long as they have daily activity and sufficient companionship.

These dogs want regular aerobic exercise, like playing and running. They come in two types of coats- rough and smooth. Rough one requires weekly maintenance and brushing, and for the smooth one regular grooming is recommended. 

Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies were developed to be in packs, but most tend to get along well & enjoy family life, need a lot of exercises to be happy, and play with other dogs. This dog breed is known for trusting people they know and even with strangers. Huskies are excited and keen to play with children and are inherently gentle. They are usually described as friendly but also outgoing and alert. The Siberian husky is naturally clean with a little pup odor and could fit nicely into a household with a short grooming time, like a few baths and brushings. 


The Beagle is the best, favorite, moderately sweet, and activities for those who want a small or medium-sized dog. They are compact and durable dogs with a weight of around 20 to 30-pound that can go from outdoor playmate to couch potato in minutes. Feed them properly as they love to eat lots of food.


Whippet dog breed likes to relax and stretch out after long hours of exercise. We’re pointing to a Whippet’s habits, which looks a little like a greyhound, just a bit short. These dogs are suitable for city people as they are relatively low-maintenance and rarely bark. Whippet is a lovable companion athletic breed, has excellent speed, but does not need extended periods of exercise. They love cozy apartments as well as a fenced-in yard. They love running, so be prepared for lots of play forms and fetch on the regular. They require regular checks of their ears, prone to infections, and weekly brushing and baths are recommended.

Final Thoughts

For many reasons, families choose to adopt medium dog breeds. While selecting the right medium-sized dog breed for you and your family, you should consider your lifestyle, activity level, and temperament. When you have a kid at home, picking a dog breed should be done with consideration and care. There is a massive selection of dog breeds since they are defined by length, height, and weight, not just their size, as they lie at the top, and that is why mid-sized dog breeds are a great choice.