Top 10 Cutest Puppies


Puppies- the cutest ever creature and the most fascinating one for almost every single person. Most of you already will be having one, two, or even more in your house while there are others who are still desirous of owning one. You must be fantasizing about going on a walk with your dog, taking him to the garden playing with balls and frisbees, taking numerous selfies, taking it with you to bed, cuddling, and whatnot. Dogs are just simply amazing, spreading a good positive vibe wherever they go.

Here is a list of the 10 cutest puppy breeds for all those dog fanatics out there who are planning to buy a puppy.

Golden Retrievers

Goldies, which fully grow up in 3 to 5 years are known to turn any frown upside down any day. They possess a great deal of intelligence, kind behavior and not forgetting the soft coats which feel as if they are made of pure sunshine. Throughout their lifespan, they tend to possess an adorable syndrome by the name of Peter Pan.

Jack Russells

It is the only breed, which, if you have one, is no less than owning a dog for the next 15 years. Dogs belonging to this breed are too much into stealing people’s hearts with its tiny size and giant personality. But, if you are a faint- of- the- heart kind of person, this breed is definitely not for you. This breed demands training when young, otherwise, the dogs turn quite aggressive if you don’t put efforts to make it socialized in a proper manner. Therefore, it is essential that you reinforce your desired behavior in your pet at an early age just with jerky treats for amazingly tasty and appealing rewards.

Shih Tzu

They are simply cuteness overloaded, stay small and not grow bigger than the size of a dust bunny, in contrast to the breed’s pet name ‘lion dog’. Even they need to be trained just after you purchase them. A fun fact is that sometimes they may shock you with their smartness while on the flip side, at other times may start acting stubborn.


Commonly known by names like Rotts or maybe Rotties, have always been a point of misconception among people. They think of them as strong and muscular besides being confident. But, the point to be noted is that they are extremely affectionate, loving, and also unstoppable if they make up their mind to cuddle with you. Training from the very beginning will help in honing their social along with protective instincts that come naturally to them. Bully sticks, the most durable of chews are the perfect training rewards for big dogs like this one.


As soon as you look at the face of a puppy Mastiff, I can bet you can’t resist yourself from saying “Aaahhhhhh”. They are one of the favorite family pets and come on the list of some of the most giant dogs on the planet. But at the same time, they come with a very gentle temperament and a love for chewing and digging. You will have to buy a lot of chews for their training as well as to keep them engaged.


This is the cutest dog breed ever, credited to the silky and soft fur, sweet face, and floppy ears. Those proud dog- owners call their dogs ‘noses on four legs’ due to the fact that they are really persistent in performing the task of tracking scents of humans as well as of other animals once detected. People in the early time and age bred this breed to hunting dogs.

Labrador Retriever

If Beagles are in charge, labs grab the honor of holding the torch. They can be said as being a furball of sunshine- what bliss to have them around you! This breed loves playing and is jolly too, which makes it a perfect service dog, being good with kids as well as other dogs.

German Shepherd

They are awkwardly adorable as well as incredibly smart among all the working dogs. They are very playful. If you are an active person, German shepherds are just meant for you. Just give them a bunch of treats they deserve to train them to become a perfectly fruitful dog when they grow up.


If you still believe a fully grown Corgi butt can be cute, go and see a baby corgi butt. Your opinions will surely change. The list of top 10 most adorable puppies cannot be completed until and unless I don’t include the name of this cute Corgi breed of dogs. The dog has an excellent personality and the most- wanted goofy spirits, which has very well overshadowed the short legs it has. If you are a dog lover, make sure you check out their pictures and videos online. You will be tempted to keep them.


It is not at all a big deal if their size doesn’t grow adequately as years roll by, but the personality grooms to a large extent. The only three things without which they can’t survive are mischief, crinkling bags of food as well as its owner. Obviously, I don’t need to mention food, water, air, and other things. You will never feel lonely or out of love if you have a Dachshund with you, always pouring, affection, happiness, and positive vibes around the house and family members. They are always eager to please their master by being cute and doing stuff that makes you happy.


Every one of you reading this has your own choices and personal favorites. Also, with innumerable breeds of dogs available, narrowing down the top 10 was definitely not an easy task. Therefore, it is essential that we give some honorable mentions over here, besides those above in the list. These are French Bulldog, Yorkie, Basset Hound, Huskies, Chihuahua, Pugs, Great Danes, Pitbulls, Dalmatians, and the list goes on endlessly. These dog breeds too are incredibly cute and will surely serve you with immense viewing pleasure. Now when you are well versed with all the cuteness present in the world for you, go and quickly grab yours before it’s too late.