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Tips To Make Your Dog Stop Begging

Many dogs are genetically predisposed to begging for food. This behavior is activated when the dog’s owner prepares or eats a meal, and the smell of food triggers the animal’s instinctive need for sustenance. However, you can train dogs out of this behavior, but it takes patience and consistency on their owners. Many methods work well in training your dog not to beg, some more difficult than others, but all will take time and patience to teach your canine companion new habits. This article will give you some tips to make your dog stop begging.

Feed Them First

If you plan to feed your dog when you’re going to eat yourself, then make sure to give him his meal first. Dogs are naturally submissive and will not beg if they are already full. Feeding your dog first is the easiest method for stopping your dog from begging because it does not require any training or particular behavior on their part. Just keep in mind that there are times when your dog may get hungry before your mealtime, so it is crucial to be prepared.

Try Obedience Training

Obedience training is a must for any dog, but you can also use it to stop begging behavior with positive results. Obedience training can have many benefits for your dog, and it also works to stop them from begging. As the animal learns new commands, they will be less inclined to beg because they know that any instruction from their owner supersedes their instinct to beg. In addition, if a command is taught correctly, the dog won’t want to disobey their owner.

Use Treats As Rewards

If you decide to use treats as rewards for good behavior, you must give them at other times besides mealtime. Treats should only be used as a reward for obeying commands or other good behavior and not as a bribe to stop begging. Dogs will quickly catch on if you use the same treat every time, so you must reward them with different types of food. In addition, do not feed your dog from the table. This will only teach them that they can beg for food each time you eat, and it is a bad habit to encourage.

Change Their Diet

Another option is you may need to change your dog’s diet. If their desire for certain nutrients causes their begging behavior, they may stop if this need is met with different food or treats. For example, most dogs cannot process carbohydrates very well, which can cause an upset stomach and excessive gas. Foods containing a high amount of fatty acids and protein may help reduce begging due to hunger needs being met. If you decide to change your dog’s diet, make sure you do it gradually over several weeks, or else they will become sick.

Ignore The Behavior

If you are trying to stop your dog from begging, it is important not to give attention to the behavior. If you show that you reprimand this type of behavior, they will continue to do it. This does not mean that you should let them beg all the time because there are methods for making them stop at mealtime; just ignore them if they beg outside of those times. Over time, your dog should adjust to the new guidelines that you have set for them as long as they know there will be consequences for improper behavior.

Increase Exercise To Stop Begging

If you need to make your dog stop begging due to obesity, you must increase their exercise level. Giving your dog a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day will help improve their health and reduce begging behavior because they are not as likely to feel the need to beg when they get tired from playing hard. If they are not burning off extra energy by playing and running around outside, they will be more likely to beg for treats and attention. It is a good idea to take them on walks every day if possible and to play with them in your yard.


Dogs beg for attention because it is what they are used to. They are social animals by nature, so spending time with their owner is vital to keeping them happy. However, when you begin to give in to their begging behavior, it only reinforces the idea that they should beg. It is important to make sure your dog understands that there are times when they must stay away and not beg for food or attention. Give these tips a try, and at least one of them should prove effective at making your dog stop begging.