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The Body Language Of Dogs


Most people love dogs. It is fitting to say that dogs are man’s best companions, but since our dogs cannot talk, we need to understand them through their body language. We must know what they want and what they do not like. Some signs are obvious, while others are some that you have to pay attention to. The signs may not be the same as people. If you can understand your pet, then both of you will be happy. Do you know why your dog wags his tail or the hair on the back of his neck stands up? Like this, dogs have many signs in their body language that reflect how they feel. 

Tail Wagging

Tail wagging is a common sign that everyone understands. Even if you do not like dogs, you will still know about this body language sign. When a dog wags its tail, it means that it is happy or exciting. Your dog may wag his tail when he knows that he may get food or if he knows that you are coming to meet him. You can understand how excited the dog is by seeing how fast the tail moves. Sometimes, the dog’s tail might sway slowly, but it will move very fast when he is excited. If the tail is between the legs, then it means that your dog is scared. 

The Mouth

When a dog is relaxed, it may pant with its mouth open, but if threatened, it might show its teeth to you. The dogs might look at you with their mouth open and big eyes when they want something. Some studies show that dogs yawn when they are stressed. Try and listen for sounds as well. When a dog barks, look for the expressions along with it. Are the dog’s teeth bared with his jaw clenched? Does the dog look angry, or is it just a playful bark because he wants something, or you just came home, and he is excited to meet you?

Dogs bark when they are excited, angry, or feel there is a threat. You must learn how to pair different signs together as one sign by itself can mean many things, but two of them together make it easy for us to understand what is going on. You may also hear the dogs whining. This could mean that they are in pain or that he wants something. If your dog barks too much and he bites a lot of things for no reason, you might want to take him to a dog trainer.


When a dog is relaxed, the ears might be down, but its ears might become erect and stand up when a dog is alert. If a dog feels threatened, the ears do go up. It also happens due to aggression. You might be able to see your dog’s ears up when they think they hear something. Sometimes one ear might be up. Other times both the ears might be up. 

Raised Hair

Sometimes, the hair on the back of your dog’s back/neck may rise. This can be a sign of aggression when they are fighting with other dogs. However, it might not always be for something negative. It can be the same way people get goosebumps; dogs have hair that rises on their back and upper shoulders.  


Posture is very important in people, and it is important in dogs as well. If a dog cowers in a corner, it could mean that the dog is scared. If he looks fully puffed up and upright, he might be trying to look bigger and aggressive. A dog may roll over to show they are submissive or want to get a belly rub. 


Dog’s eyes can be important in understanding how they feel. If they stare at you hard, then it could mean that they feel some threat. If your dog is stressed, then it may simply avoid looking at you. This is not your dog ignoring you. It could simply mean that your pet feels stressed. If you feel your dog is not comfortable, you can pat him a little and play with him or give him a bone. If you show him some love, he will be happy soon. 


It would be best if you tried to look at all these signs because many of them might happen together. All the signs fit together to show you how the dog feels. Do not provoke any dog because even though they look cute, they can be vicious if you threaten them or the ones they love. You must understand the signs that your pet gives you because it will allow you to communicate better and understand your pet. You will develop a good bond with your pet if you understand them, and it will make you closer.