Smartest Dogs to Teach

The Best Guide to Dog Breeds 

Indeed, dogs are considered to be one of the most perspicacious and intelligent animals of the animal kingdom. A dog’s intelligence can be present in various forms, and trainability can be one reason to increase their intelligence and cleverness. Overall some behaviors like attentiveness, the ability to absorb information and surround quickly, and regular routines maintain a dog’s behavior. Some dog breeds are motivated by their strong desire to please their owner. 

In contrast, other dog breeds are smart from instinct and have their natural abilities. An intelligent dog is the result of pet parents diligence for putting in the time and effort to train their dog properly. After all, well-adjusted and brisk dogs are the smartest dogs. So if you’re looking for top intelligent dogs to join your family, listed below are those canines who have passed the test. 


 Top 10 Smartest Dogs Breed


1. BORDER COLLIE: Border Collie

Border collie is a workaholic, premier sheep herder, intelligent, with extraordinary instinct, and wondrous working intelligence and abilities. Border Collies are tested to be the world’s smartest dog breed when we choose obedience and working intelligence. It’s the world’s single most intelligent dog was a who knew over 1,000 nouns, and because they’re highly adaptable, and demanding dogs breed with amazing herding intelligence. These dogs are much of a family dog and are quite protective when it comes to young children. Interestingly, this protective manner comes down from their territorial instincts, which prompts them to protect their master.

2. POODLE: Poodle

Poodles are not only adorable but are also quite energetic. This curly-coated dog breed grabbed the silver medal for working intelligence in the American kneel survey. In fact, in the list of the most intelligent dogs in the world, the fun-loving family dog also grabbed a seat and is also known for being one of the most energetic dog breeds. They are fantastic jumpers, and with such a high level of intelligence that they acquire, they only need little encouragement to wander outside in your back garden. After all, the poodle does look cute and knows how to “act cute” and grab its owners’ attention. Poodle thrives on this interaction and makes the perfect companion and best breed for a family pet.

3. GERMAN SHEPHERD: german-shepherd

German Shepherds are known for many better reasons, along with being one of the most intelligent and most muscular dogs in the world. This breed was also awarded third place by the American Kennel Club in an intelligence survey. These dogs were considered so smart that even the Nazi’s used their intelligence for various nefarious reasons. A German shepherd needs a lot of training and exercises every day. When you combine their physical superiority, you can see why they are often preferred to be used as police dogs and military dogs. That being said, they are also equally quite good at herding, rescue, guiding, or acting as a watchdog. Some German shepherd’s owners have claimed that this breed is much easier to train than other dog breeds.

4. GOLDEN RETRIEVER: Golden Retriever

One of the world’s most beloved and required family pets also grabbed straight A’s in the intelligence survey. While this dog breed originated in hunting, Golden retriever also enjoys acting like straight-up goofballs in a while. They are relatively easy to please and are highly positive. The Retriever is also known to be among the obedient breed when it comes to training and exercising. For the most part, they are popularly known as family pets, rescue dogs, and commonly used as service dogs for disabled individuals. With this in mind, we can see owners train their Golden Retrievers to perform various menial tasks or fun tasks around their homes, such as fetching the ball or other items, closing the doors or searching out their shoes, etc.

5. SHETLAND SHEEPDOG: Shetland Sheepdog

Smaller than collies, these fluff balls hold their skills in herding, agility, and obedience trials. Popularly known as a family dog worldwide, the Shetland is one of the easy-going dogs on the list, and their owners often need to encourage them for training and exercise. As mentioned above, they have acquired a soft personality and enjoy nothing more than pleasing the people around them. The Shetland sheepdog is such a hardworking dog breed and can also be called farmers’ best friend. Smart on the field and obedient in training, this wonderful breed is one of the best animals to have in the countryside, but they acquire so much intelligence that their charm and kindness is enough to find them endearing and loveable.

6. DOBERMAN PINSCHER: German Pinscher

Doberman is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world and a fiercely loyal companion to their owner. Due to their extraordinary physical strength, they prefer to move around as much as possible. Still, their high level of intelligence also means that they enjoy mental stimulation better than nothing. Social and quite obedient, when young Doberman can be easily trained by their owners to be very careful and gentle with young children in particular. As compared to other breeds on the list, Doberman responds well to positivity, and their intuition is quite evident. The number Doberman pinscher we see in the military or police units of today is quite surprising. Furthermore, this beautiful and intelligent creature is also a popular choice for rescue dogs and therapy dogs. They are probably also best known as watchdogs.

7. LABRADOR RETRIEVER: Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever is one of the most intelligent dogs. As such, we know they’ve ranked the 7th smartest dog breed when it comes to obedience, working intelligence, and abilities. But what makes them intelligent and outstanding is their superior retrieving instincts and their ability to adapt to changing environments and situations. Not only are Labradors Retrievers super-obedient dogs, but they’re also quite highly intelligent in other aspects of canine intelligence. There are many reasons that make Labradors some of the smartest dog breeds in the world. Labradors are quite friendly, social, and energetic dog breeds. They have all the ideal qualities of a good family dog and are quite gentle around children. So it’s no surprise that they’re the most popular dog breed in the world.

8. PAPILLON: Puppy Papillon

Despite their small size, these dog breeds are highly active and make brilliant watchdogs. The original purpose of training Papillon was to be a ratter and get rid of pests. Papillons are small dogs but are highly intelligent and are the number one toy breed in obedience competitions. These breeds also excel in the mini versions of virtually every dog sport, making them excellent and competitive for every outdoor dog training. This smart dog breed even has a very sophisticated French name – ‘papillon,’ which means butterfly in French and derived from its shape. The Papillon is an alert, friendly, and a delighted dog. They aren’t shy or aggressive and are relatively speedy and versatile athletes trained to do all kinds of tricks and tasks.



Rottweiler’s are brilliant dogs. Though these dog breeds excel in obedience, they’re also known for having high adaptive and instinctive intelligence levels. Rottweilers are relatively rapid learners and very obedient dogs. When we talk about Rottweiler, they’re famously known to be one of the most protective and loyal dog breeds ever. They were primarily branded to be some of the most feared dog breeds among the dog kingdom. Because they have initially been trained and developed to be drovers or protectors of farms’ livestock, they have an inner instinct to protect and defend their owners.

10. AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG: australian-cattle-dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is a brilliant, active, and sturdy dog breed. This dog breed is quite loyal and protective of their owner or family, though wary from outsiders. They were originally trained to guide and protect farms and cattle. Besides herding work, they also do well at various dog canine sports, including agility, obedience, sports rally, fly ball, and even flying disc competitions. Novice pet parents and apartment dwellers should beware; there is a dog breed that requires a lot of mental and physical activity to stay happy and healthy, which will help you to prevent their boredom and destructive behavior. If you have a home with a large space and plenty of room to run around, you can keep such an active pup.